50 Ways to love your garden: Nine – secondary paths

Posted by on April 5, 2010

2008Portland Or 131A journey down the garden path is poetic and practical.

Paths play an important role in the garden.  More than a map through, paths fill a void in the garden, particularly in the winter, give sturdy passage, and invite you into the garden.

Chances are, you’ll know where to put a path.  Over time, a path will make itself.  Cut across the lawn enough times to smell the roses and you will begin to see where a path may go.

Casually sketch your house and garden.  Map out where a path might lead.  Adding curves will slow the pace and reveal the garden slowly.

Know the purpose of the path and how it may be used.  This will help plan the width and path material considerations.  Will your path be used by two to journey though or is it for easy access for the wheelbarrow?

The path width is best determined by its use.  If the passage is to only be used as a service area, such as a path from the front yard to back yard, enough space to allow the passage of a single person is all that is needed; therefore, a width of 2 – 3 feet will be fine.

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