Le Creuset and P. Allen Smith — where the P stands for pumpkin

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As a Southerner through and thru, I wouldn’t be worth my salt if I didn’t have at least one good all-around cassole in my potluck-making ability. You know, during those times when saying, “I bought it myself” just won’t do.  The kind of recipe that shows you care. The same one that is taken to a Church potluck, a 4th of July picnic, Thanksgiving dinner, Easter supper, or any number of the occassions we gather with friends and loved ones.

A long time ago I gave up acting like I could bake. I leave that to the ladies in the garden club who all seem to know how to make the best dag gum peach pie on earth; or blueberry pie, apple pie, or even a Red Velvet cake. Instead, I learned to make the best baked beans I could muster.

When I attended the 2nd annual Garden 2 Blog event, hosted by P. Allen Smith, Le Creuset graciously offered the attendees any…as in ANY, piece of their cookware.  For me it was a no brainer. I’ve had my eye on the Pumpkin Cassarole for a very long time. So that is what I chose.

I know I’ll soon be starting a set, asking for a piece for Christmas and birthday gifts, but I also knew the orange Pumpkin Casserole would go with anything. So that is where I started my collection.

As it happens, I also like orange, as you can see from my logo:


Going forward, I’m going to  get a set in this green. Love, love, love this green called Fennel:


Helen’s Southern OMG-These-Are-Good Baked Beans 

1 awesome Le Creuset Casserole dish. I recommend the Pumpkin.

A bit of butter or a good EVOO

2 16.5 oz cans of Bush’s original baked beans

1 large green bell pepper

1 large yellow bell pepper

1 large red bell pepper

1 onion. Size is a matter of taste

~1/4 cup brown sugar

A few dashes of tabasco sauce.  Add as many dashes as you desire. I dashed 4 times.

A big squirt of ketchup

A bigger squirt of yellow mustard. Reverse your squirt size, if you so desire.

A piece of left over ham from Easter dinner (hopefully stored in your freezer for these times.)

Cut the peppers and onion to about half-inchish sized pieces. Sauté in a bit of butter or a good EVOO.

Put beans into the casserole dish, add sautéd items in with the beans along with everything else, and stir.

Bake in the oven at 250 degrees F for 2 – 4 hours. It really doesn’t matter. The longer you cook ’em, the more time you can spend on your mani-pedi and be able to say to the ladies at the potluck, “Why, I cooked all day.”

I hope you try my recipe. And I wish you well. Don’t be fooled when others tell you Southerners are known for leaving out an ingredient from their recipes. No sirree, don’t you believe them for one minute.


P.S.  Le Creuset is one smart company. They were careful to offer any piece of cookware. If they said any piece, I would have been ALL OVER this awesome bike.


Dear Santa, I have been a very good girl. Right after I posted the Le Creuset and P. Allen Smith’s recipe share for Helen’s Southern OMG-These-Are-Good Baked Beans, I made sure every ingredient was added to the recipe AND in the right amounts. Helen

Helen  Yoest is an award winning writer and speaker through her business Gardening with Confidence ®.

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14 responses to “Le Creuset and P. Allen Smith — where the P stands for pumpkin”

  1. Jeavonna says:

    Sounds tasty and easy. Too hot to bake right now. Might try it next week.

  2. HelenYoest says:

    It is tasty, Jeavonna. Next will will probably be cooler, but baking at 250 is so bad….

  3. Carolyn says:

    Heck with using the oven—break out the crockpot!!! That is what I’m gonna do.

  4. HelenYoest says:

    Hey Carolyn, I’m not too worried about the heat from the oven since the temp is only set to 250ºF. I am, through, now and forever be afraid of crockpots. Ever since I experienced an electrical fire as the result of one, I will only use a slow cooker via the stove or oven.

  5. Kim says:

    This recipe sounds delicious! I will be trying it at our next family gathering… thanks for sharing with us! 🙂

  6. HelenYoest says:

    Thank you for stopping by, Kim!

  7. JR says:

    I just can’t understanstand why anyone would take the degree of time and ingredients that your recipe does but yet start with pretreated canned baked beans. Where’s the texture???

  8. HelenYoest says:

    I wondered that too, until I made them. Add your own twist. Personally, I’m not a fan of texture in my beans. I used canned beans in my chili. I’ve tried it with dried, but I always go back to canned.

  9. Julie says:

    Try raspberry vinegar for additional kick.

  10. HelenYoest says:

    Mmmmm, sounds yummy, Julie!

  11. Kathy says:

    I will use my great grandma’s bean pot to make Boston Baked Beans. Corn relish and piccalilli (green tomato relish) are made fresh until harvest time. If I could find the right can, I would make brown bread.

    I have found that bakeries made baked beans are delicious and the stores sell beans on Saturday. One church in town has Bean Supper one Saturday each month; stops for summer. The meal consists of two style of baked beans (kidney and pea), ham, potato salad, cole slaw, brown bread or roll, and slice of homemade pie. I have seen baked bean sold at farmer markets but I haven’t try them yet.

    Next weekend, Lowell Folk Fest in Lowell, MA is good time to try different ethnic foods, arts / crafts and music / dance and explore ethnicity of Lowell. University of MA – Lowell and Middlesex College both have campuses downtown.

  12. John Querry says:

    And if you don’t like the consistency of the beans when you are done baking just take the lid off and let them cook a bit more and they will thicken very nicely!

  13. Jeanne says:

    My husband makes the most amazing baked beans. They start out with bacon, chopped green pepper & chopped onion then pork ‘n beans are added with ketchup and then they are put in the smoker. They are so yummy!!!

  14. Arthur says:

    I love that pumpkin pot!

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