New book: Gardening with Confidence–50 Ways to add style for personal creativity

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Gardening with Confidence® — 50 ways to add style for personal creativity is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Shipping will be on or about September 15, 2012.

This book project was in me to do for a very long time. I wanted to write a book I felt was missing in the gardening community.  A book that explained the why-to and where-to garden—not just a how-to. Yes, I do realize how-tos sell, and are what editors and publishing houses want to back; but I believed my readers would be interested in understanding where and why to add elements in their garden, elements that would make their garden sing. To complete their design.

It only took me three years. It’s true. Between working full time (as a garden writer and coach), caring for an aging parent (for part of this time; my mother has since passed), raising 3 kids (now ages, 11 – 15), I had to squeeze in time where I could. Then there is the rest of my life….But I was motivated. Motivated despite many editors telling me they wanted to work with me on a book, but not this book. However, for my first, this is the book I wanted to write.. I will write another; one that may coached by an editor in a publishing house, but for now, 50 Ways  is the book I want to share with you. I do hope you will be interested in reading 50 Ways. Your feedback will be welcomed.


Raleigh, NC (August 2012) — Gardening with Confidence® — 50 Ways to add style for personal creativity (GWC Press, September 2012) is designed to give you insight on the basics of adding and arranging the components of your garden. The confidence you’ll gain in knowing how to add design features, while developing your own personal style, will help take your garden to the levels seen in the fantastic gardens that inspired you to begin your own work of art.

Helen Yoest, field editor to Better Homes & Gardens says, “Each of us brings a unique quality to everything we do. While garden types are definable—cottage, formal, contemporary—your personal style will make your garden unique. There are some gardens that make me feel like I’m in the pit of a well orchestrated symphony, with each instrument—a flower, a shrub, a tree, an accent—insignificant on its own but lyrical within the arrangement. These gardens may not be expensive, but they are thoughtfully arranged, with each addition carefully considered.”

“The rhythm, the scale, the color echo—it all works well together. Nothing dominates or upstages the other important players. Considering the garden as a whole allows it to sing. Knowing what makes a garden work, what makes it sing, begins with understanding the elements of a garden. You can give your garden a voice once the use and placement of various elements, an arbor, a trellis, a bench, are understood.”

What people are saying about Gardening with Confidence®:

Excerpt from the foreword–Gardening with Confidence provides all of us an overview of garden style without dictating what it should be. Helen helps readers explore, discover and express what their own style actually is. She helps us through this voyage of self-expression laid out not as a designer would approach the subject matter–but as an enlightened guide who over the years has worked through the obstacles. It’s obvious that the author has practiced what works and what doesn’t.
P. Allen Smith
Helen Yoest articulates her garden lessons and describes all her practical experience in the most accessible way, writing from the heart based on years of trial and error. Her account of the learning process includes not only the successes and realizations of dreams but also the changes of heart as her garden style evolves. Helen’s Gardening with Confidence invites readers to share in her green-hearted wisdom and the vision of a true garden maker. Helen Yoest is an acknowledged expert on gardening in harmony with nature—and a true friend over the garden gate.
James Augustus Baggett
Editor,  Country Gardens magazine
Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Media


Gardening with Helen Yoest is like working with the best teacher you ever had in high school. She speaks clearly. She explains carefully. She meets you at your level of expertise. She instructs from personal experience gained day-after-day in the garden pulling weeds, placing stones, and planting flowers. Her mission is to help you to your first little success, and from the confidence gained from that move on to bigger and better things. Helen isn’t interested in impressing readers with how much she knows. Rather, she’s concerned with readers impressing themselves with how much they can accomplish once they believe they can.
Steve Bender
Senior writer for Southern Living magazine


Book Specs:

Gardening with Confidence® — 50 Ways to add style for personal creativity

ISBN 978-0-9854168-0-5

$24.95 S/$27.50 CAN

Softback, 224 pages 


About the Author

Helen Yoest is a Raleigh-based, award winning, lifestyle writer, stylist, and garden coach. She is a contributing editor for Country Gardens magazine and Carolina Gardener magazine and field editor for Better Homes and Gardens, Traditional Home , and also scouts gardens for Southern Living magazine. She has authored articles published in more than 40 outlets, including Martha Stewart Living, The Christian Science Monitor  and Fine Gardening magazine, along with pieces for P. Allen Smith and many others.

Helen served for five years as the regional representative for the Raleigh-area Garden Conservancy’s Open Days tour, with which she is still actively involved, and is a member of the Board of Advisors for the JC Raulston Arboretum. Learn more about Helen at: Gardening with Confidence

Helen Yoest is an award winning freelance writer and garden stylist.   Her work regularly appears in Country Gardens magazines, Better Homes and Gardens magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Southern Living magazine, Carolina Gardener, Triangle Gardener, and many others.

Helen also curates garden art, serves on the board of the JC Raulston Arboretum, is a past Regional Representative of the Garden Conservancy Open Days tour, and is an 2012 inductee honorary member of Pi Alpha Xi.

You can follow Helen on Twitter at @HelenYoest and on Facebook at Gardening with Confidence.

Helen is the author of Gardening with Confidence–50 ways to Add Style for Personal Creativity

Helen  Yoest is an award winning writer and speaker through her business Gardening with Confidence ®.

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