Gardening with Confidence–Renewing my vowels

Posted by on September 27, 2012

My blog has been a good friend for many years. We’ve had ups and downs, not visiting each other as often as we’d like, but I always knew I could write and she would respond–never judging, always validating–like a true friend would do.

I’ve been blogging for almost seven years, and one might think that was a nice run and I earned a good rest. But do we give up on friendship after a certain number of years? No. True friendships last a lifetime, even if we take a break now and again.

For me, blogging didn’t start out as a garden diary, as most blogs seem to. Rather, my blog focused on garden maintenance for the Mid-Atlantic region. (I began writing about this topic in 2001 when I started my business and the Gardening with Confidence® website.) Naively, when I started blogging, I didn’t know a small blogging community existed; I just started blogging. Those blogging before me, found me, as now I know they would.

Each day, I count my blessing to be gainfully employed as a full-time writer.  Lately, I’ve struggled to find the extra time to write for myself, but with my book finished, I’ve decided to make the time. I am re-committing to providing interesting content to my personal blog. You could say I’m renewing my vowels with a dear friend.

Going forward with this renewed commitment, a fresh look was in order. I turned to  Mitch Canter of Studio Nash Vegas. Mitch was recommended to me by my dear friend Shawna Coronado. I asked Mitch for something clean, crisp, simple, and oh, since I write primarily for magazines, I wanted a similar format. Frankly, the standard wordpress themes were all starting to look alike. I wanted something different. Seven years of blog reading and writing will do that, I suppose.

I gave Mitch a list of features to add. One of those features was to have a place for corporate ads since I’d been approached by many companies to buy ad space. I needed to figure out how to add those links and widgets in a clean format without me looking like a NASCAR race car driver.  I also wanted a retail shop to sell my book and other goodies as my business grows.

Another main feature was adding a daily tip box for maintenance advice.  I started out writing about maintenance, but wanted an efficient  way to display it. You will now find a “Helen’s Tip of the Day” box on my blog. I hope you visit each day to learn what to be doing in the garden today.

Thank you to all who were patient with me in getting my book written. I’m now back having coffee each morning with my blog, as old friends will do. We tap, we chat, we share pictures to laugh, cry, and delight in gardening as only like-minded friends will do. I’m honored that YOU are my friend too.

Helen  Yoest is an award winning writer and speaker through her business Gardening with Confidence ®.

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  1. Jayme B says:

    You never left! The book is GREAT!

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