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Posted by on March 10, 2013


Every once in a while I have a recurring dream where I need to get busy gardening so I can commence growing with plants, while growing the home garden, with visions of being in the rainforest, but doing it along side an Arizona plant lady. The whole while, we are  gardening with confidence. Like all dreams, it’s a crazy hodgepodge, but this dream came true.

Blogging has been good to me, and frankly, it has opened doors in ways that I can’t imagine could have been opened any other way.

I started blogging as a way to spread confidence–to share with others that gardening is about getting outside and being part of the rhythm of the seasons, not following a formula or dogma to dig in the dirt. Gardening, to me, is about the experience.

IMG_3002Blogging introduced me to many other like-minded people–people who enjoyed gardening so much, they spent their off-time, not only gardening as six sigma stalwarts, but who also wanted to write about it, and share their experiences with others. So when other bloggers get together, as you might imagine, there is a link and a synergy. Hooking up with this group was no different. We had an immediate connection with one another, like one might have when finding out that we each attended Woodstock or remembering where we were when Heronswood closed.

As a leader in the lawn and garden community, Troy-Bilt brought together a group of bloggers to get feedback about their company’s products. The group is called the Saturday6, and although I didn’t know the other bloggers well, I knew who they were–a group of dedicated six-sigma gardeners, writing about their experiences, and crazy enough to show up in my dreams.

However, there is something very special about this group–we each went beyond the connection and into friendship. There was a immediate liking of one another. We spent three days together, learning, laughing, eating, drinking, and talking photos of any plant that presented itself.

Over the course of a year, each Saturday6 team member will be communicating for Troy-Bilt through Facebook, Twitter, our blogs, and the Troy-Bilt newsletter, The Dirt.

IMG_3004I feel very fortunate to be apart of this team of incredibly talented garden communicators, and the Troy-Bilt marketing group.

This should prove to be an exciting year sharing with Amy Andrychowicz of  Get Busy Gardening, Matt Mattus of Growing with Plants, Dave Townsend of Growing the Home Garden, Noelle Johnson of AZ Plant Lady, and Steve Asbell of The Rainforest Garden. I remain, Helen Yoest where I’m Gardening with Confidence.






2 Responses to “Troy-Bilt Saturday6”

  1. I just read this again, it’s such a great post! I love how you start out talking about your dream, with all of us incorporated! I almost feels like it was a dream. :-)


  2. HelenYoest says:

    Hi Amy, it did feel like a dream; almost too good to be true. It was the best little new friends encounter I’ve had in a very long time. Long live Saturday6 2013!

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