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It may seem like a departure from what I usually write, but I’ve decided to write about general gardening topics as the gardening expert for Answers.com.

Answers.com just launched this new role, and I am honored they asked me.

Each week, I’ll give you a teaser here, in case you’re interested in learning about the topics I write for them. Each Sunday, I’ll post links to the posts I wrote about during the week.

Rest assured, my Thursday posts will continue as I address garden gifts, garden design, garden art, and garden travel. H.

Changing the color of a French hydrangea bloom
The allure of blue flowers in the garden is powerful, yet true azure blossoms are uncommon, making French hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla) a desirable addition to your flower bed. …read more.

Pruning hydrangeas
There is no denying the beauty of a hydrangea and the value it adds to a landscape. Knowing when to prune these woody plants, if at all, depends on the type of hydrangea.…read more.

Why didn’t my French hydrangea bloom?
Nothing says summer like the big blue or pink blooms of a French mophead hydrangea. Also known as bigleaf hydrangea
(Hydrangea macrophylla),…read more.


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