Posted by on April 14, 2013

Yes, it is that time of the year again. Time for the annual rite of gardening. Helen’s Haven gets a new blanket of mulch. It’s actually late for me this year; I normally like to lay my mulch in January or February. But things get in the way of schedules sometimes. This was one of those times.

For everyone that follows my antics on Facebook, you’re probably not surprised I decided to make my column this week about mulch. It’s all I seemed to be complaining…err…writing about this week.

A Gardener’s Guide to Mulching: Benefits of Mulch

Most gardening tasks do one thing. You prune or shear or deadhead, and it has one benefit, an important benefit, but just one, nevertheless. When you mulch, there are many benefits. …read more.

A Gardener’s Guide to Mulching: Mulch Types

 A fresh layer of mulch also improves your curb appeal as the mulch defines and tidies up your garden’s appearance. When used generously, a layer of composted organic mulch will also add nutrients to the soil as it continues to degrade.…read more.

A Gardener’s Guide to Mulching: Mulch Varieties

There is no denying the benefits of mulch, from laying a two- to three-inch layer around your garden bed once a year, but choose what will best fit your price, locality, and need.…read more.


A Gardener’s Guide to Mulching: How-to Apply

Mulching brings good news by preventing weeds, moderating soil temperatures, retaining moisture, and preventing erosion along with giving a tidy appearance…read more.


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