Troy-Bilt TB30 Neighborhood Mower – product review

Posted by on May 16, 2013

NV284171_0Troy-Bilt product review

With only a half-acre lawn, it may seem like I’m crazy to want a riding mower, but I’m not. I’m a practical person with logic that could decry the best trial attorney. Good thing I’m not on trial, though. I’d hate to have to show somebody just how good I am!

My readers know me as an rabid avid gardener. I even mentioned in my book,  Gardening with Confidence–50 Ways to add style for personal creativity; that I’m …. a lifelong outdoor enthusiast who would much rather spend a day in a garden than anywhere indoors. This is true. I’m the happiest when I’m actually gardening, not so much doing yard work.

I only get to spend one day a week in the garden, and I need to make the most of it. Sundays are my day; it’s my only day I have between family and my business, and that time has to be shared with yard work. Yep, yard work. To me, a necessary evil to make my garden look good.

Just because it’s an outside activity, it doesn’t mean it’s gardening. Yard work, to me, is a left brain chore–edging, trimming hedges, and mowing. I garden with my right brain–designing, deadheading, weeding, and planting. While I can clearly see the difference, my family does not. They think if I’m outside, then I’m gardening.

It takes me 50 minutes to mow my yard with a 22” deck push mower. After 10 years and an estimated 850 mows, my Briggs and Stratton engine mower just keeps on going like an Energizer bunny. It doesn’t need replacing, so I didn’t really need a new mower.  But I did want more hours in the garden, so I was looking to buy time.

To be clear, I like to mow, and I love the bit of lawn I have. I’ve been mowing the lawn since I as a kid after I made a trade with my older brother, Jack. He hated yard work, I hated doing the dishes. It was a good trade. (To this day, he prefers cleaning the inside of the house; I prefer the lawn and garden.)

But as much as I like yard work, I like gardening more. As my garden grows, so does the time I want to spend in it. I needed to figure out how to spend less time doing yard work so I could spend more time gardening.

This is where the 30” TB30 Neighborhood Rider comes in. It shortens the time I spend mowing the lawn, leaving more time to garden. Even if I can cut off 20 minutes, that is 20 minutes of more time gardening, and less time doing yard work. Does this seem like a selfish reason to ask for a riding mower?  Not really; I am buying time.

I got a Troy-Bilt riding mower to save time, but I soon learned there were more benefits from having one than I’d anticipated.


  1.   The lawn looks better after mowing; it’s smooth, professional looking
  2.   It has a 30″ side discharge mowing deck; less passes
  3.   With a 6-speed transmission; smooth ride
  4.   And a manual PTO for fast and easy blade engagement; easy to operate
  5.   There is a fuel sight window allows you to check gas level; able to prepare
  6.   And a 344cc* Single Troy-Bilt® engine; will last a very long time
  7.   With a 2-year limited warranty; good to know

The time I save mowing now allows me to spend more time with my family and in the garden, deadheading, pruning, and generally digging being outside.


NOTE: Yes, indeedy, Troy-Bilt gave me the new TB30 Neighborhood mower as part payment for being a 2013 Saturday6 blogger. That doesn’t mean they own me or my opinion. I’ll share my experiences with you straight. There is no point in being anything but honest, and Troy-Bilt wouldn’t want it any other way. 



3 responses to “Troy-Bilt TB30 Neighborhood Mower – product review”

  1. We bought our first riding mower this month. Hubby thinks it’s fun. Little does he know the whole reason I agreed to it was so I can use the trailer attachment for hauling soil and mulch. I, too, would much rather be outside working in the yard and garden than cleaning house. Outside work is my gift, not inside work. Hubby has that down pat. That’s a snazzy mower you have. Hope Aster doesn’t enjoy it too much.

  2. HelenYoest says:

    You are one smart cookie! Now that you mention it, I have a hill I need to climb with my wheel barrel…hmmm….googling Troy-Bilt attachments now ;~\

  3. Great review Helen! I love that your son wants to mow now, that a huge bonus! It’s fun to drive isn’t it?

    That’s hilarious about you and your brother!


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