Here’s a gardening trick that works…Pinning with landscape pins

Posted by on May 23, 2013

I figured out a little trick. When my new chicken coop was finished being built, I began adding ground cover and other pretty plants as accent. The coop is in a shady part of Helen’s Haven, and because the chickens need fresh water ever day, the garden design took advantage of being in an oasis zone.

From an old project, I used stepping stones that were no longer being used, but then quickly realized I wanted to soften the area around these stones with a ground cover.  Since the area was in shade, I choose one of my favorite plants–dwarf mondo grass  (Ophiopogon japonicus) ‘Nana’.

Pinning a plugBetween the dogs, me, and the kids going back and forth checking on the chickens, we kept tripping over the new plantings, pulling them out of the ground. I had some landscape pins left over from securing wire for the underground dog fence, and I thought they would be the perfect thing to use to help hold down the dwarf mondo. Sure enough, We’ve not had a problem sense.
Gardening with Confidence Pinning a plug


Pinning a plug


3 responses to “Here’s a gardening trick that works…Pinning with landscape pins”

  1. Carol Krawczyk says:

    Thanks, Helen! I just acquired three Bantam hens and will be putting them out in the garden once I build a taller fence. I have been watching them pull up some grass and wondered what the garden would look like if I put them there!

  2. HelenYoest says:

    Don’t you love your hens! And boy or boy do they love my garden lol

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