Here’s a gardening trick that works…Stabilizing with rebar

Posted by on May 30, 2013

Gardening with Confidence CoopMost of my summers, at this stage of my life, have me home-centered around the kid’s activities and taking care of life in general. Long gone are the days that I took off for the beach on Memorial Day, and spent every bit of my free time walking, surfing, and sitting with the waves, only to settle down towards the end of September. But I still gravitate towards that foot-loose and fancy-free lifestyle, and patio palms make me feel like I’m in the tropics even though I’m still 2 hours from the ocean.

One of the problems I’ve found with patio palms is that they can be top heavy and catch the wind, so unless they are in a heavy container, they’ll easily blow over. As such, I stake my pot–plant and all–with a section of rebar (reinforcing bar used as a tensioning device to reinforce concrete) sunk into the ground and through the container’s drain hole. I  push the plant right on through the rebar until it reaches the bottom of the container. I promise you, the plant can take it. It seems harsh, but it works like a charm.



All season long, as the summer breezes blow through Helen’s Haven, I can take care of business and still feel like I’m in the tropics.


Gardening with Confidence Coop


4 responses to “Here’s a gardening trick that works…Stabilizing with rebar”

  1. LaJuana Dunn says:

    What a great idea Helen! I can do this with my hibiscus standards which are always a challenge to keep upright on a windy day. I’ve resorted to placing them close to the house, grouping them among smaller heavy pots and using heavy rocks as “mulch”! This will be so much simpler! Thanks Helen!

  2. HelenYoest says:

    Yea, glad I could help! Free the hibiscus, let the wind rustle her leaves.

  3. Wow! I love that chicken coup!

  4. HelenYoest says:

    Glad you like it Arthur. Come see it! H.

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