Here’s a gardening trick that works: adding crystals and coral to your container garden designs

Posted by on October 24, 2013

Top dressing containers has never been more fun or interesting then when adding an elegant touch. I spotted this container in Coles Jackson garden located in the mountains of North Carolina. Coles used pieces of amethyst geodes called clusters and some pale blue original coral that she found when scuba diving off a deserted atoll in the Caribbean. Intriguing, isn’t it?

I asked Coles how she got into collecting gemstones and coral. She says, “I have since childhood shared an interest in rocks and minerals with my father, who encouraged me in this subject. Therefore, I have quite a collection of rocks and minerals that I use in my pots.” Coles further adds, “The color of the foliage of my plant material determines the colors of the minerals and other rocked that I add to the pot for substance.”

Coles bought the rock at a local gem and mineral show in Spruce Pines, NC, held in August each year.  Raleigh has one of these shows around April each year. I think I’ll check it out next April to create something like this in my home garden, Helen’s Haven. However, I did find a source for amethyst clusters on-line. It might need to share this with my family in case they were wondering what to get me for Christmas.

This container was particularly well done. The succulents are faceted like the amethyst and both the amethyst and soapstone have a nice color echo bringing more life to the plants and the decorative rocks.

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6 responses to “Here’s a gardening trick that works: adding crystals and coral to your container garden designs”

  1. So clever! …and I never liked these “rocks” until I saw this post. Lovely idea.

  2. Ilona Erwin says:

    I’ve always liked interesting stones and seashells added to plants in containers. This is a particularly elegant idea if you have the beautiful crystals. Wish I did! Love it.

  3. Linda Chin says:

    Where do you purchase your rock clusters? Please?

  4. HelenYoest says:

    These are collected by the homeowner many years ago. Check on-line.

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