Orange is the new black: orange balls hit rock bottom

Posted by on November 10, 2013

Orange is the new black: Helen's Haven Rock Garden

Orange is the new black: Helen's Haven, Gardening with Confidence


Inspiration comes to me from many directions, even a furniture store. During the holidays last year I shopped a store new to Raleigh called Arhaus…and by “shop”, I mean walking the store see if their corporate buyers/designers/stylists had anything old that I could use in a new way. It’s a habit of mine. It’s free and a useful way to see design in 3-D. (You’ll find me often doing the same at Anthropologie.) Pinterest is good for new ideas, but I also need to touch and feel.

Arhaus (pronounced Our House) had these great looking orange balls to use for Christmas decorations. I didn’t buy them at first, because that would defeat my purpose of just getting design ideas. I thought about them for a week or two until I couldn’t stand it any longer. So, I returned to buy  all the orange glass balls they had. (They were a very, very good price; I should have gotten the green balls, as well.) The idea was to hang  the glass balls in the Lagerstroemia indica x fauriei ‘Natchez’ at the entrance to my home. When paired with winter-white lights. also hung hung in the tree, the reflection of the lights would give the balls a sense of illumination, particular in the evening hours. It was love at first sight. They looked great hung in the crape myrtle.

As fall neared, and the bark of the ‘Natchez’ showed her true colors, the orange balls became even more interesting as a color echo. @HelenYoest Click to Tweet!

As I planned for the holidays this year, I wanted the color theme to be solid red–a classic Christmas red–that bright red that said, “Santa Clause is coming to town.”

Down came the orange balls, at least until after the Epiphany, or that is the plan, anyway. In the meantime, I tried them on for size in the rock garden, and fell in love all over again.

Orange is the new black: Helen's Haven Rock Garden

These balls hit rock bottom and will serve their time in the rock garden. Where to next? Who knows. It’s only an art whim away. When pairing with nature, the possibilities are nearly endless.

So here’s a garden trick that works. Take ornaments that are made for one purpose and repurpose in your garden at home!


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