Gardening Tricks That Work: Water Spigot As Garden Art

Posted by on May 27, 2014

As I travel for work scouting and writing about gardens for books and magazines, I come across many great and useful tips and tricks I learn from other gardeners. Not every detail of these great gardens make it in a story, so this column on my blog, Gardening With Confidence, is a place for me to showcase some of these great ideas. ~Helen Yoest


Faucet garden artThere seems to be something nostalgic about an old fashioned water spigot in the middle of a garden bed. I have one that isn’t even hooked up to water, but I like it because I like the look of what it represents.

It’s not watering I like, but rather the symbol of water. ~@HelenYoest Click to Tweet!

I like knowing water is there is there, even if it isn’t. There is just something comforting (to me) about the sight of a spigot, and frankly, it becomes a work of art when painted a fun and festive color. So, if you see an old hose pipe with a cool handle, but don’t think it will work in your garden because you don’t want to invest in supplying water to the back 40, then consider getting it for the image it depicts. It could be a cute addition to your garden bed.


Helen Yoest

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  1. One of my favorite garden accessories is a brass faucet whose handle is a quail. It drips continuously into a birdbath.

    It isn’t difficult with a minimum of plumbing skills to rig a spigot on a pipe with a hose attachment at ground level and a spike to steady it so that water can be run a ways without major expense.

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