Gardeners Roll Call: Monday January 2, 2017

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Monday (I think), 0.1 in

Thursday, 0.6 in

Sunday, New Year’s Day, 1 in



No walk today. I cleaned. And cleaned some more. Aster cleaned his own room. I got to all the rooms but only half of mine and not my office. The best part of ALL of this: Lily and Bud both thanked me, separately, and not even at the same time. Any mother reading this KNOWS how odd and wonderful this is from an teenager.

Boxing day. It’s interesting. Boxing Day is a British holiday, but I see it ‘everywhere’ lately. Why do we want to do that? Should we? Could we? Does it make sense for us to add a new element to Christmas?


We walked! And the distance was a new normal: 12k steps. That comes to 4.21 miles. Whoa! I love Christmas break!

Mulch load

David didn’t need the Ford 150 pick up today, so I made haste. The Mixed Boarder needed mulch. I thought it would only take one load, but it took two. Good news? It was two for one pricing at the City of Raleigh Yard Waste Center. I got the first load down with no problem. The second load, wore me out. Fortunately, my husband and son helped load and dump where I pointed. That was a HUGE help! After the walk and first load, I was just too wore out.

At the end of the day, I had nothing left 😉


Elizabeth and I did walk today, but it was a short one. We reached 4K steps. My back was killing be from my crazy day yesterday. E. took pity on me, and I didn’t object. I couldn’t bend over, so the two times I dropped something, she picked it up for me. <3

I still ended up with 13,188 steps once the garden was added in.

Today, I had the task of cleaning the truck after the mulch coated ever inch of it. One of the biggest problems with these loads is getting the mulch out that gets stuck in the back of the tool box. So I had a great idea. I made a protector, a board, to cover that open area. (See below)Ford 150

That saved a lot of time.

I had another full day in the garden today, but it was not nearly as grueling as Tuesday.

Transplanted some dwarf mondo grass, Ophiopogan japonicus, from the front to the back porch path.

Finally pounded in all the rebar support of all the chicken fencing.

Had a nice fire.

Raked a little.

Blew a little bit more.

I even swept!

Made pallet logs. What are pallet logs you ask?


I end up with pallets from time to time, and as long as they aren’t chemically treated. Heat treated–with the marking HT–are good to burn. There are pine and oak pallets. When I burn the the pallets, I pry the boards apart. Well, at least I do that with those made of pine. Pine is a soft wood, so the nails are somewhat easy to get out. The oak? Not so easy. It got so bad trying break these apart, I even asked my husband for a little help.

He said he could do it, but mentioned, knowing I like doing things myself, that I use the chain saw and make pallet logs. I understood immediately, so that was I did. As I was making the logs, I couldn’t help thinking how he got out of giving me a hand. Argh. Well, at least I was able to do it on my on!

I then cut these in half, and they really did make great logs!

My Baker Seed order arrived.

We had this massive cast iron pipe on our property since we moved here. Finally. Finally, I loaded it up on the truck and hauled it to the dump. The attendant directed me to the scrap metal container. I did it. This was one heavy sucker.

As I was approaching the attendant, I could see a look of caution on his face. I believe he thought I was going to ask for help. Little did he know who he was dealing with 😉 I explained I had this pipe on my property of 19 years, and today was the day I decided to get rid of it. One he hear that, he relaxed some and said, “Today is the perfect day for you, the metal scrap container is last on the left.” And no, I didn’t need help. Why the power of the pivot. As long as I could rest the pipe on a service, I could pivot it to where it needed to go; then I only needed to give it a shove.


No walk today; we were expecting rain and we got it! We needed it too!

No gardening today; but that’s OK. I was caught up outside. Now to get caught up on errands.

OK, I take that back. I sowed poppy and larkspur seeds.

The errands included:


I know exactly where I going to hang lights in the xeric zone of the Tapestry Hedge. In a few days, I’ll install. I’ve wanted lights in that area for some time, but it took me forever, it seemed, to decided the look. It came to me yesterday. They will be supported through the limbed up branches of the Leyland cypress. Excited. 2017 will be the year of details in Helen’s Haven. There really isn’t much  more I can add, but all the details will be reviewed and refined for maximum pleasure. It’s gonna be a very good year. Speaking of gonnas, here are my thoughts for 2017.


Elizabeth Galecke with her #eyeswideopen

Walked with Elizabeth. This day we walked the Dorothea Dix grounds. Now owned by the City of Raleigh, I’ll be excited to see what good things will become of the land. BEST view of downtown Raleigh.

#LivingTheLifeOfRaleigh Downtown Raleigh; view from Dorothea Dix

Still working on comparing car insurances. I finally sorted it all out, and Erie is about the same as Progressive and Geico. It was worth looking into, but no need to change.


Walked with Elizabeth Galecke! We beat our own record and went 13,342 STEPS!!! What a great way to end 2016! When we first started, just a couple of months ago, we were happy with 8k steps. These walks have made a huge difference in our strength, both muscle and mental.

Umstead Park

It was a good day at the Raleigh Flea Market. Not many vendors, but those who were there, the pickings were awesome!

burlap coffee bean bags

I have a great source for burlap coffee bean bags. Today, I put a couple of them to use: A curtain for the chicken coop and insulation in the Garden House.



Wow, 2000 is 17 years old today! I feel a good year ahead.

Santas at Helen's HavenTime to take down all the Christmas lovelies. This year, I arranged my Santa collection differently. I liked it a whole lot better; and the thought of putting everything away no longer burdens me. This year was the longest I every kept Christmas decorations up.

No walk today. Rain, rain, rain. The good news, I believed the forecast, and did all that I could outside yesterday. Now I can focus inside as I hear the rain falling softly on Helen’s Haven.

It is my hope the new year will bring you comfort and joy!


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