Gardeners Roll Call: Monday, January 9, 2017

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Monday, 0.8 in

Friday, 1.0 in


Saturday, 1.0 in



New Year’s Day observance.

With rain most of the day, Elizabeth and played it by ear concerning our (mostly) daily walk. We saw a break around 3 and set you. So glad we did. johnson-lake #LivingthelifeofRaleigh


Such thick fog today! Elizabeth and I took a short walk, chasing fog.  Busy, buzy with Bee Better, so it is OK.


Today, we made up for it with a very brisk power walk, reaching 11,279 steps. Woo hoo!


Finished a handout for the Davidson Symposium. Excited to be speaking there in March. And you should see who all will be there. If you love the Earth, this is one to attend! This hand out includes about 250 butterflies and their host plats with both common and Latin names. Next up? A plant list for hummingbirds!


Short walk today; Elizabeth and I both had 10:00 meetings in another county.

My meeting went well. Always and forever fun to talk with other gardeners.

Fearrington Village

Thinking I was ahead of everyone else preparing for the snow storm, Helena, I went to get groceries after the meeting. Others before me left the shelves bare. The good news was that I got plenty of milk and bread earlier in the week, and my husband is on a kick of making sourdough bread. So we were good.


Super excited about the pending storm, I thought it would be nice to hang lights in the back Tapestry Hedge. I mulled over in my mind how and where they would go. It finally came to me. It often happens that way. The lights were strung through the limbed-up Leylands. I had two strings, enough to do three passes. At first I thought I needed to light the entire open area. If I did that, it would require the purchase of more. I wasn’t hip to that. Now that it’s done, I realize it was all I needed. Love it!

I also got the girls sorted out. In case I wasn’t able or willing to walk out there in deep snow, I put in fresh bedding, topped off their water, and put out feed and lettuce. They should be fine. Speaking of the girls, these ladies are good layers. I still have one bantam left, and in the past, my bantams stopped laying by now and didn’t resume until spring. But the new tenants lay a lot and even now. Because of that, I suppose, the bantam is still laying. I have so many eggs, I’m sharing them with friends and making a mean quiche!

Went back to the store to pick up ingredients to made some snow comfort food incase we were house-bound. Transplants from the north to this area don’t seem to be happy about the snow. Most of the southerns I spoke with are happy indeed. We are not burdened by a lot of snow, so if we are safe in our homes and don’t have to trek out, we relish a fall.

It poured most of the evening, then it turned to sleet.


With coffee as my companion, I’m looking out the Reading Room window. I see ice building up on the coral bark maple. It’s pretty, but I know it can be destructive. We southerns aren’t ever happy with an ice storm. We’ll have to wait this out to see what Helena brings in the end. Even though the early morning didn’t bring the snow predicted, there is more to come. For now, I lit an Anthropologie candle, have books to read, and of course will do some writing. Maybe later, we will get more and Elizabeth and I will get out there. Actually, Elizabeth is out now. I told her to take her phone. If she slips, David can go help her. He’s from IN, and can handle snow better than I. Of course, no one can handle ice, but he is brave at least. I’m staying put.

Oh, the artist, the lengths they go for the perfect moment. I can’t wait to see Elizabeth’s digital results!


Elizabeth’s pictures yesterday were more than wonderful; they made we wish and wonder why I couldn’t pull myself together to go with her. She was out there for four hours, and shared many of her snow shots on her Facebook page. I hate that I missed. True, I got to see the results, but I missed the hunt. Watching an artist search for just the right shot, something I most often miss, is mesmerizing.

Today was the perfect day to work on the presentation I’m giving at the Davidson Symposium, March 7, 2017. The theme for this year is What’s In Your Garden? The speaker line-up are like-minded thinkers, just like me, where the environment is concerned. Plus, there are some heavy hitters. I’m humbled to be in the line-up with Thomas Rainer, Doug Tallamy, and Nigel Dunnett. Jan Johnson will also be speaking about harmony in the garden. Another topic near and dear to me. Why garden or have a garden if you can’t have peace? That’s why I do it!


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