Gardeners Roll Call: Monday, January 16, 2016

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It was one of those North Carolina winter weeks when the temperatures ranged from the frozen tundra to trade wind tropics.


Wednesday. I don’t know how much. The rain gauge cracked in the sub-freezing temps.



Snow day!

Worked on the Davidson presentation.


Black ice day!

Was reminded by the Wake Forest Garden Club that I was speaking there on Valentine’s Day. Pulled that talk together.


Icy school parking lot day!

It was time to organize. The first Bee Better forum is Saturday. I needed to put a list of plants together to discuss. These forums will follow the most recent piece in the Triangle Gardener. This quarter discussion is about winter interest in the garden, particularly berry-producing plants such as native hollies.


Finally, the kids are back to school!

Tour Helen’s Haven to identify the winter-interest plants I want to discuss during our first Bee Better forum.

The kids and I went to see La La Land. We LOVED it! This is not a spoiler, but La La Land was full of fancy, romance, Life of Pi, and The Butterfly Effect. And nothing like those films at all. La La Land was a complete original.



Tidied up loose ends in the garden.

Added the second layer to the worm composter. It’s amazing how big it looks just by adding another floor of cinder block.

Worked on the night lighting. I was out of the accent lighting bulbs. Not sure how that happened. I’m usually good about keeping inventory. Each out light or spot light needing repair was flagged. I’ll work on that some more today.

Lost another chicken. It’s particularly bad in the winter with the tree canopies gone. I need to make a protected run for them.

There is something that I’ve been working on for a long time, or so it seems. The inquires started in mid-December. Last night, Greg Fitch at Fearrington Village called to offer me the gardener position! If you read my annual I’m Gonnas, you won’t be surprised. Over the summer, I dreamed of working in a public garden. One that was all about the experience, not just the plants. I can think of no better fit than Fearrington.

To my readers, fear not! My writing will continue. The position offers the flexibility to continue with my writing. I’m even hoping to expand my scouting into Chapel Hill.

To my Bee Better sustainable bird, bee, and butterfly friends, no worries. Over the summer, I finished the BIG commitments so that I can spend evenings and weekends producing, in the hope this day would come.

Friends have worried about overcommitting. Truth? Working full time and focused on this blog, Bee Better, and producing stories actually gives me more time. Writing full time means half your time is looking for the next gig. My focus now is so clear and direct. I start Tuesday!!

I am beside myself excited. The team is amazing. Check them out here. I’m taking over for Deb, so you can read that and see where I’ll be.

This is EXACTLY where I want to be. It must have been all those super-moons Elizabeth Galecke, conversations, and good vibes on our morning walks. Thank you, E, for always being so supportive!

It’s also interesting to think, this position will be the last position I hold. Hopefully, anyway. haha. Let me get through the 90 day probation period. I hope they like my work.


We had our first Bee Better forum for members!! It was a huge success! I worry about these kinds of things–making sure members felt it was worth their time, too much food, not enough food, etc. I thought we would meet for about an hour, 1.5 hours tops! We stayed together for 2.5 hours! No one left early, no feet shuffling, no looking at their watches or some other time piece. I’m already looking forward to the April 8th, 2nd Quarter forum.

Our family needs another car. The mom mini van will go to Lara Rose, so it will now be the mini-me mini van. 😉 Lily will get the Buick. Both of these cars are 2001 models. Oh, yea, we do like to hold on to our cars.

I have a lot of homework to do. There have been so many changes sine I bought a car last, in 2001. 😉 I know I want a hybrid. I’m looking at the Ford Fusion Hybrid Eco-boost or the Hybrid Energi. The latter will go twice the miles, but it also requires plugging. Not as often as the pure electric, and given I’m not looking at a family car, but just one for commuting, the partial plug-in charge seems like a good choice. This is something I’ll do over the next week to ten days. It will be an interesting journey. I’m also looking at the Honda Civic Hybrid. I LOVED my Honda, but I need to research all this.

I picked up a 120 foot roll of welded wire. I’m gonna make a chicken run. My girls will stay cooped up until the run is ready. I think I can have it built in a day. The run will be 30 long by 5 feet wide and high. I have the perfect spot for it. My girls need a safe haven. At first I thought it was a hawk taking my girls, but I now realize it’s a falcon. The talking and moving owl doesn’t work against this majestic creature.


Still reeling in the job offer at Fearrington Village. But loose ends continued to be finished. The project today was the chicken run. Lots of ideas on the materials to use, and the shape. At first I thought I’d make a tunnel, arching the welded wire, but then thought it would be better as a cube. This way, I can set things on top of it. Now, I need to make sure I don’t abuse it and the area becomes a easy storage place for all my junk! Ha!

Helen's Haven Chicken Run


Helen's Haven Chicken run

Here I am sitting inside the run to see what my girls will see <3


Chicken run at Helen's Haven


I even found time for a nice fire.

Fire Garden in Helen's Haven


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