Gardeners Roll Call: Monday, February 6, 2017

Posted by on February 6, 2017

Don't forget water for the winter wildlife


The weather is too good to be true, but now that January is over, I don’t care what comes next.

Winter is back, at least for Saturday, then it goes away for a while again!


Friday, 0.2 in

Sunday, 0.1 in



Elizabeth Galecke and walked 10,560K today. It was fun catching up on our weekend!

I’m so excited about going to work!!!! I love my job; I’m starting my third week. I’m now even on the website!

Started on the admin building. It was a mess! I started it knowing it would take three days. Remember, it was a mess because it hadn’t be cared for since Deb left three months ago.


Did some more weeding at the Admin building. Transplanted a few Sweetbox, Sarcococca hookeriana. 

Then I weeded the parking lot bench areas. I’m not sure the official name of these benches, but that is a name that comes to mind.

After such an illustrious life living, working, and traveling, I find it so comforting to be on my knees tending a special place, along with the other gardeners to make Fearrington Village, beautiful. It’s kinda crazy, but I love being in a place of peace. Fearrington gives me peace.

Elizabeth and I didn’t walk today; I bailed out. When she and I first started walking, I told her that I couldn’t walk on the weekends b/c a full day of gardening and walking was just too much. Now I’m feeling the same pinch at Fearrington. I don’t think I can continue to do both–at least on the same day. Yes, E, I need to talk with you about this. Doing both has proved too much for the girl.


Meet with Lisa Barrie,  board member at the Raleigh City Farm.It was fun to catch up.

During our weekly meeting, I asked if the stump of the Prunus mume ‘Peggy Clarke’ could be removed. The answer was yes, but it may take a week or so. The landscape team is super busy now with various other projects. And one of those projects is in one of my gardens!

This entrance is going to open up. The shrubs will be removed, except for the back holly which diffuses water when it rains hard.

Inn rooms 17-21 revamp

Worked around the Goat building today. I wanted to re-arrange the ajuga. I really wanted to get rid of it all, but found a nice compromise.

Put in my first plant order for the Fearrington Village gardens I tend.

From The Gardener’s Workshop:
Zinnia Mixed Colors, seeds
Millet Purple Majesty, seeds

From Burpee:
Evie-2 strawberries, bareroot
Tithonia ‘Sundance’, seeds
Zinnias Pinwheel mix, seeds

Monarda, seeds

Territorial Seed:
Candy Land Red

Praire Moon:
Wild Geranium, Geranium maculatum, seeds
Violet wood sorrel, Oxalis violacea, seeds.
Blue-eyed grass

North Creek:
Ostrich ferns


My first wrap around the Park Inn rooms is complete. Each bed was evaluated, weeded, and mulched, along with cutbacks and a little re-designing. More to come, but I needed to get this back into a manageable state. This is the best part of gardening. I can see immediate results of my efforts!

Foregive me for not taking before photos. I’m just to excited about starting my day, that it slips my mind.


I have FRIDAY off!!! Well sorta. The house is cleaned/cleared of it’s first layer…the layer that built while working, since starting work on January 17th. Then there all the errands that needed to be run! So no, a day off means catching up. And I’ll be forever grateful to Greg Fitch for allowing me this flexibility. In doing so, it allows me to free up Saturday to work on Bee Better projects, and leaves Sunday to garden. It’s the idea plan!


Working on a Bee Better grant, putting the finishing touches on two talks, and scheduling two photo shoot weeks, one in Buffalo and one in Raleigh. Busy girl, and I love it!

It’s a chilly start to the day, which also happens to be the Krispy Kreme Challenge run. My husband and son were there, along with many of their friends.

Had a nice fire with pallet logs.

Planted two Camellia sasanquas ‘Moonshadow’. Planted another hellebore. Cut the top of the bamboo to begin the privacy hide with Art of the Garden worm motif risers.

Gardening with Confidence pallet fire logs


Planted two Camellia sasanquas ‘Moonshadow’.

Planted another hellebore.


When I first thought of creating this divide, my intent was to that a mass of bamboo sticks. If I continue that route, I need a lot more. But I love the box so much, I thought it would be better served as a planter with the bamboo as a trellis. Now I just need to decide what vine to plant!


More work on the chicken run. Since the falcon took the last girl, the remaining two are scared. Not so much that they stopped laying, though. I will be getting my chicks in the spring. I’m looking forward to it.

Cut the top of the bamboo to begin the privacy hide with Art of the Garden worm motif risers. The privacy box is in place. It looks like I will need more bamboo; but I figured that. I need to visit with my buddy, Johnny Buettner, anyway. Not sure when. What I really need is a source for larger diameter bamboo so I don’t need as much to fill in. I think Beth has a source. But I’m also contemplating plan B. The box is so cool, I’m also thinking of building a rectangle trellis box and put a vine in there. That could be super awesome.

Art of the Garden, earthworm riser bamboo hide

Making my way around some favorite garden centers to find the perfect pot for a Chapel Hill client. I can see it, but I’ve not found it yet.


P.S. my new-to-me Honda Civic is getting 42 MPG.

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