Gardeners Roll Call: Monday, March 6, 2017

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We need!!!

Wednesday!! Oh, happy day!!! Helen’s Haven received 1.5 ins.



Julian and I went to Garden Supply to pick up some plants and then to Market Imports to pick up a birdbath for Inn Room 35.


Worked my around the inside and out of Inn Rooms 21-26, 34, 17-24, and the front of the Spa Bldg.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve enjoyed the satisfaction of a day’s labor. Now I get to do it every day in what I hope to be the last job of my life. I can see me here for 10 years, then retiring. With the flexibility afforded here, I can still scout, write, and travel, plus continue to build Bee Better. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Fearrington Village is a place for peace for me. It’s not even remotely a job. It’s just an extension of what I do at home. Well, except for having to pick up cigarette butts and bags of do poo when a resident is tired of carrying it around. But I don’t mind. In fact, something has really come over me. All my life I strived to be the best, work hard, and get ahead. I’ve achieved everything I could have ever hoped for. Now in my Senior to some years, getting discounts at least for being 60, I realize all I every really wanted is right in front of me.

For some strange reason, Tuesday afternoon felt like a ghost town. Typically on such a beautiful day, there are lots of walkers, singly and in pairs, plus dogs of ever breed and their owners. I never saw a soul in three hours working around the Park Inn Bldg.

On Tuesday, I learn that the friend that I owe everything to was in the hospital with atrial fibrillation (AFib) We have been friends for 40 years. I worked for him before I went to collage. Not only did he encourage me to go, he help pay for it. He is the Godfather to my kids. We have a special bond.

I’m also very close to his older daughter, Christy. She is keeping me posted.


It was my birthday! I’m 61 years old! I see the signs of age in the mirror, but my muscle strength is better than ever. I’m a big believer in, if you stop, it’s too hard to get started again. Never give up!

I got toes are done! For four days, I will not be in the garden while traveling, so I treated myself. One trick that I tried last week and will do everyday before gardening, is putting scrap a bar of moist soap to get under the nails. Toes clean up easier that way!

Kate, Robin, and I had a wonderful birthday lunch. We’ve been getting together for our birthdays (3x a year) for 25 years!



So honored to be a part of an art exhibit from the amazing visual artist, Jayne Walther.


Polished up the final presentation I’m giving at Davidson on Tuesday. Always nervous about these things!

We celebrated my birthday today with the family making dinner. We had ribeye steak, baked potato, and broccoli. For something different, and trust me, with the price of beef, steak is not on our table often, but it was my birthday, after all. I’ve wanted to try The Butcher’s Market on Falls. And we did. I had the dried-age beef. Something different, indeed. Love it, and David cooked it to perfections! A great birthday gift.


Traveled to Davidson, NC, to give a presentation at their annual symposium. I cannot believe my good fortune to hang out with Thomas Rainer, Doug Tallamy, and Jan Johnson, and Nigel Dunnett. These are my people!!!

Jan I had dinner together; we hit it off IMMEDIATELY. Soil sisters for sure! The inn is beautiful, and within walking distance to main street with cafes and shops.


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