Gardener’s Roll Call: Monday, March 20, 2017

Posted by on March 20, 2017


THE RAIN–Much needed!

Monday/Tuesday, 1.2 inches

Saturday, 0.5 inch

These are two much needed rain events.



A cold start this morning, but beautiful, crisp day!!! My day got really busy after I returned from my rounds. The crooked fence along the sidewalk behind the Roost was finally straightened out. Jorge said, that fence was put in 20 years ago.  It was one of the first things I noticed. It was wearing on me lol. So today, my day just got super busy. The landscape crew is also taking don’t the Cham. Greg worries that tree might be blocking the view. The strip beside the road will get sod.

Wendy and I went to Big Bloomers. It was a cold and rainy day, but better in a greenhouse than in the office!

For the gardens, I picked up seven 4-inch pots of Muhlenbergia capillaris ‘White Cloud’ and 4 plugs of Carex comans ‘Zora’ .  The Muhly grass will go in the new bed on the back side of the Roost, where the fence was plumped. I’m not exactly sure where the Zora carex will go. I thought I did when I bought it, but it may go somewhere else now.

I also put my thinking cap on for the new hay basket wall container for Inn 33. At this point, I still wasn’t sure what will go in the planter. I’ts a big basket, lots of room to work with. The area is full  summer shade. I’m thinking  hostas, daffs, and maybe a tropicals like a crotons and/or ponytail palms. In the winter, I will fill with red berry sticks.

Transplanted a honeysuckle from The Goat to the back of Inn 35.

While I was there, I picked up for Helen’s Haven. Today I purchased the Hibiscus tea, Hibiscus sabdariffa, Snail vine, Cochliasanthus caracalla, Pineapple Yellow Salvia, Salvia elegans, Hyssop,  Agastache foeniculum ‘Golden Jubilee’, herbal Valium, Valerina officinale, Rue, Ruta graveness, and Oxalis atropurpureum ‘Dark Dancer’.


Cold and raining in the morning, so the gardeners, me included, did inside stuff like watering the plants in the Inn Rooms. Then the rest of the morning was taking up with our weekly meeting. After the rain stopped and the meeting ended, the day opened up to be good enough to work outside. The remainder of the plants I pulled from the Roost.

Even though the morning was cold and rainy, I did capture this image from Inn Room 35.


It was way too cold to work outside! Good thing I was busy transferring seedlings and propagation the seeds I stratified.

Donna, Julian and I also went to the warehouse. We wanted to find some cute pictures to redecorate our offices. We scored!  I was also looking for a replacement for the gawd-awlful metal butterfly in Inn Room 34. I found a decorative dovecote that I think will be perfect!

Jorge and the landscape crew hung the hay basket in the courtyard in Inn Room 33. Excited, I went to Southern States and bought seven primroses for the hay basket in  Inn Room 33. I decided to put in colorful primroses for the spring, and after frost, I’ll transition into tropicals.


Frightfully cold in the morning. Again, I did indoor work–watered plants in five Inn Rooms (need to catch the four remaining rooms next week.) Traded out a plant in Inn Room 35

Removed the big blue metal butterfly from Inn Room 34 and replaced with a dovecote. It needs cleaning up, and it will look better raised up a bit, but even as it is, it looks better than before.

To warm up, I decided it was a good day to add decorative rock to all my garden gems. We were out rock and couldn’t get more since our dump truck was in the shop. Once re-supplied, I was in business, It didn’t seem like I needed to add much, but it added up! I made 4 trips with 15 two- gallon posts of rock. That’s 56 pales of rock, and it looks grand. I’m loving making my Inn Room Gardens as close to perfection as possible. Sorry, no pictures. My phone was acting up.


The annual mulch for Helen’s Haven arrived!!! Can you guess what I did all day? I counted loading 120 wheel barrel loads. At another point in my life, I figured out that 27 wheel barrel loads is a cubic yard. Thus, I put down 4.5-ish cubic yards of the 12  I ordered.

We received an interesting letter in the mail. A family is interested in buying our house AND garden. They were very clear about the garden <3 David and I had thought of downsizing in a couple of years when all the kids were either in college or at least over 18 and no longer concerned about them still being at home 😉 But that was in two years! Anyhoo, I called the guy and said that we would be interested in what he and his wife might say. I was clear though, there would need to be some incentive for us to uproot two years earlier than planned. He replied, “Of course.” So today was spend cleaning up after three teenagers who already “helped out” by picking up. Their understanding of picking up and my understanding are not the same. 😉


Showed our house, that is not for sale, to the prospective buyer.

It was raining in the morning, but the afternoon cleared up to be amazing!!!

Elizabeth Galecke and I went for a walk at Crabtree Lake, made it about 8K steps.

Added another cubic yard of mulch.



Laid the last 108 wheel barrel loads, 4 cubic yards.

Visited with my friend, Beth.

Loved the bird bath I picked up for Fearrington Village, I got one for myself. I went with the finches.

Today was the day the baby chicks were able to jump out of there corraled  box. Time to introduce these seven bittys to the big hens. So are, go good. The chicks are cowering  a wee bit, but that is to be expected.



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