Gardeners Roll Call: Monday, March 27, 2017

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Wednesday, 0.1 inch




Fearrington Village has a fabulous old oak in the Roost outdoor seating area. There is beautiful, large leaf Algerian (I think) variegated ivy growing up it. The problem is, there is also a squirrel’s nest in the tree, and all that up and down, causes large sections of the vine to drop. Today, I cleaned that pile up and top dressed with mulch.

In fact, the Roost will be reopening for the spring/summer/fall season on March 31st, so I will be spending a lot of time sprucing this area up.

Rake gravel to level it out.

Weeded gravel.

Blow gravel.

The chairs were bugging me. There are three types, and there was no rhyme or reason. I’m sure this is a lost cause, but I arranged them such that when the get borrowed, increased the likelihood they would be as mixed up.

Divide many of the Rohdea along the side of the Bank to see if I can get it started under the oak tree.

The landscape crew cut the liriope and mulched already. Looks great.

Scrubbed the bird poo off the three large green picnic tables. Also aligned the tables so they look nicer.

Watered all the Inn Rooms. First time ever to be able to do them all in the same day.


I started out hitting the ground running!!! Today was the day I planned to divide Rohdea japonica to dig into the ground under the old oak tree. I was told it couldn’t be done. Hehe. Anyone who knows me will know, that is all it takes. I had the job done within an hour. Then I spent the rest of the day reorganizing the beds around The Bank and The Goat.  The are is now almost done. Tomorrow the well water stand pipe will be re-located. At this point, I’ll trade out a mophead hydrangea for a Oakleaf variety. Then I’ll move some pink flowering oxalis (the pretty one) around the beds on either side of the ATM. I plan to suggest to Greg we plant caladiums under the oak tree for the summer. I thought it was a brilliant idea. Greg? Not so much…maybe. Greg replied, “Wow the quintessential Victorian bedding plant makes a comeback!”


Julian and I went to Garden Supply in Cary to pick up three fabo containers for the Roost. Most of my day was continuing to spruce up the Roost.

In that area, I pruned an Osmanthus what was sorely misshapen. It looks OK…just ok. I cut one branch too many, then having to reshape again. So far my boss hasn’t noticed. In a couple of weeks, when all the leaves flush out fresh, no one will be the wiser.

I also moved more mushrooms around, divided liriope to edge around the oak tree where I planted Rohdea japonica  yesterday. The area is shaping up nicely.


I thought I could wait until next week to pot up those new fabo pots Julian and I picked up, but I couldn’t stand it. I made it a priority.  I made it back to Garden Supply for plants to put in the pots. They are stunning!!! Greg was very pleased. So was I.

Here were the Roost containers before. This photo is after I rearranged them and added some willow bling. The plants were the same. I just felt the arrangement needed fixing up. It look as it a guest moved them around for some reason. It is not at all uncommon for this to happen. Each morning, I walk this area and straighten up.








Here they are in place.

And finally, containers planted and ready to please guests for the spring opening of the Roost!


The standpipe freeze-free water faucet was moved today. The standpipe and hose were way to visible and cramped. If you looked at the location purely from a connivence to the garden standpoint, it was just fine. I felt it was an eye sore, and decided a little inconvenience on my part would look better to the masses, thus these tools were moved. It does look much better.

I moved some plantings around more so the two side of the ATM machine matched somewhat. After the the renovation of outside Inn Room 33 and the ATM all flow better.  It was a very satisfying project.


I have a day to myself!!! I think I can finally get caught up. Truth is, this is the turning point in getting centered. I’ve been at Fearrington Village now for 2.5 months, and all the prior commitments are now finished. In hindsight, I probably should have waited a month to start. I was just to excited not to start. Anyhoo, I feel caught  up now…well, there is still this thing about taxes for Gardening With Confidence. Maybe I can start them on Sunday.

With temperatures in the 70s, I worked outside. Cleaned Tiny Tara, Helen’s Haven chicken coop. the little bitties, seven in all, are growing up so fast. The nighttime temperatures are in the 50s so I don’t believe they will need to stay under a heat lamp. The two big girls were in the run while I cleaned the coop. Somehow, the black bantam can still find an exit. It must be small, since the Rhode Island Red doesn’t get out. I’ve also introduced the bitties to the big girls. The transition seems to be going well.

Spread half of the remaining mulch. Last Sunday, it was all piled in place, but there were still several heaps needing to be spread. I was about half-way through, when I decided a nap was in order. Life is good.

My new license plate arrived! I couldn’t believe it was available.

Picked up takeout boxes from the OLL fish fry! Yum!


Photographer Jayne Walther stopped by Helen’s Haven to take some more photos.

For fun, Jayne captured this pic of me and one of our one week old chicks.




Met with my friend Beth


One response to “Gardeners Roll Call: Monday, March 27, 2017”

  1. Debby West says:

    Still in clean up mode in my garden. Late winter cold snap, small branches from storms, tons of sweetgum seed pods to rake & remove. Now warmer temps are here & spring weeds & vines growing like a hormonal teenager.

    Soaking ‘Red Flame’ caladiums. I LOVE ❤️ ❤️ Caladiums!!! Best bang for the buck for long term color in the garden! When the heat& humidity make you think of Hell, caladiums act cool as a cucumber & keep on delivering.
    I purchased new oxblood red garden containers too, to replace some old containers in the garden. I love pops of red in with the green color of plants.
    Nurseries call to me like a German siren. I just have to stop by to see their new shipments of plants & garden accessories.
    Spring is such a lovely season but a time-sensitive season as we rush to get things done before heat, humidity & skeeters kick in.

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