Gardeners Roll Call: Monday, April 3, 2017

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Friday… a long soaker yay! 1.2o in.



At Fearrington, I’m in charge of order shirts for the gardeners and landscape crew. I introduced the staff of a product called Coolibar. It’s what I use in the garden. Good quality and SPF50. My husband turned me on to Coolibar.

Weeded Berm #1.

Watered the Roost transplants under the BIG oak tree.

Weeded the fence-side bed behind the Roost.


Selected caladiums from Classic Caladiums for the Roost, to go under the BIG oak.

Watered the plants in Inn Rooms: 31, 30/31 Hall, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23 Hall 24 25 32 34 35

Rooms 30 and 19 didn’t have a plant, so I added one. Also, each of the containers needed their Spanish moss gussied up.


Just another day at the office.

Watered Inn Room 33 and Admin Bldg.

I’m coming up on my three month trial period at Fearrington Village. Today, we had a meeting to go over benefits!

Added bare root strawberries as a ground cover to the Roost Street Fence. I’ve had a long held believe that strawberries were a wonderful ground cover, even if eating the fruit wasn’t the objective.

Went to Garden Supply to pick up another pot for the Roost and plantings. Also picked up a Korean Gold Plum Yew, Cephalotaxus harrington ‘Korean Gold’

Stopped by Lowes to pick up paint for the to faux finish the concrete mushrooms.

Locate a Popcorn Viburnum to replace a dying/diseased Osmanthus in the Roost eating area. Can’t seem to find one.

Planted the new container between the Goat and the ATM. This is the area where we moved the water stand pipe, and half whisky barrel that held the hose. There was a lot of other stuff going on in this area. Now all cleared up, so I planted this container to “hide” the utility stuff that couldn’t be moved. At best, my goal was to change the focus point. I think I accomplished that.

Met with Greg about the logistics of the garden touring trip the gardeners will be taken starting April 5th. It looks very exciting. This year, the gardeners are traveling to Atlanta!

Also talked about some exciting news! A few years ago, the Relais & Chateaux family of fine resorts published a book called The Art of Entertaining Now Relais & Chateaux are thinking of doing one on the gardens <3

I’m really loving the Illicium Woodland Ruby I installed in the Roost area. Next week, I’ll add three more <3

Greg also asked if I would see how the new entrance could be improved. It seemed obvious to me the container, which I loved, needed some height.


We showed the house again. We’ll see. We really don’t want to move yet, but will if we can make a family happy.  We raised three kids here, and they might too. It’s the coolest house and garden ever to raise a family.

Finally have time to enter GWC’s taxes! I’ll be glad to have this behind me.

Planted the tropical milkweed I wintered over.

Pulled out tropical fruit trees.

Added plants to the Hanging Garden.


Planed about half of the milkweed I wintered-over in the Glass House.

Divided Queen’s Tears, Billbergia nutans from Thomas Jefferson’s tropical collection. Sharing with the gardeners at Fearrington Village.

Watered back porch plants.

Filled in the Hanging Garden more. It’s coming along.

Planted Tennessee Red peanuts from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I still have another package to plant. Peanuts need the ground to be warm. I may have jumped the gun, but the forecast seems all clear. I’ll wait a couple of weeks first to see if any seedlings come up.


I’ll be traveling to Savannah Wednesday through Friday as a brand ambassador for Troy-Bilt. Very excited to be apart of their team. Since I’ll only be in the Gardens Monday and Tuesday, and it is peak season, I headed in to Fearrington today. I need to make sure I didn’t get behind, plus I’m out Monday through Wednesday the following week as well with the gardeners, so I’ll probably go in next weekend too.


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