Gardeners Roll Call: Monday, April 10, 2017

Posted by on April 10, 2017

Today, in my second daughter’s birthday, Lily Ana Philbrook. She is 17 <3



Monday, 0.6 in.

Wednesday, 0.5 in.



Still working on the Roost seating area. I haven’t done a complete renovation, but made some major changes.

So far:

Removed a few non-native azaleas for three hybrid azaleas, ‘Gibraltar’.

Raised the post on the Roost steps for better age drainage. I used a new product called Potrisers. They work really well, and they are invisible.

Rearranged the planting arrangement in two locations: The left and right of the  ATM.

Divided Rohdea japonica the put under the BIG oak tree.

Added a hay basket container to Inn Room 33. Filled with primrose.

Added six Illicium floridanum mexicanum ‘Woodland Ruby’ to play off the wall in Inn Room 33.

Added a flat of Cosmos to the Roost fence garden

Painted the mushrooms.


Another day in paradise working at Fearrington Village.

I wasn’t happy with the placement of one of the Illicium I planted in the Roost, so I set it back about three inches.

Pulled the spent tulip bulbs through out the gardens in my care.

Met with Daneen Eaton. Daneen is the person behind all the good things that happen at Dovecote. We chatted about the the style of the garden to complement the style of the interior. I’m all over that!


As we landed in Atlanta for a sponsored Troy-Bilt event in Savannah, SC, I get a text from my friend, Amy with Get Busy Gardening saying the Atlanta airport was closed.

The storms were bad. Landing was a roller coaster. But we made it. Once there (at 10:30), I stayed until 6:00 before the 11:12 flight was able to leave. I was happy to be there, but we missed some free time in Savannah and the Troy-Bilt Brand Ambassador presentation.

While in the airport waiting, I posted this on my Facebook page:

Please share with me your survival skills: Here is the situation: I’m in the Delta B terminal in Atlanta. It was rocky coming in. Before landing, I hear from another Troy-Bilt Brand Ambassador, Amy Schuneman Andrychowicz, that the Atlanta airport is closed. We must have been one of the few flights let in. In the meantime David Townsend is stuck in Nashville. I’m not sure where Teresa O’Connor, Kenny Point, Erin Schanen, Rochelle Walter Greayer, and the others are.

My schedule flight is due to leave in 2 hours. I’m on my second Blood Mary (spicy) and ate a plate of homemade potato chips with blue cheese dressing and chunks of blue cheese.

Here are your choices:
1) Order the burger. (The guys next to me are raving about it.)
2) Order another Bloody Mary?
3) Switch to a nice red wine?
4) all the above.

I’m not being selfish. In the restaurant, there are no windows, You know, just in case a tornado drops down.

At least I made it to the lovely dinner at The Grey.

Since we arrived late, we also missed visiting the Coastal Georgia Botanical Garden.

After a great breakfast at our hotel, Kimpton Hotel Brice, we loaded up to the Savannah Botanical Gardens to do a community service project as Brand Ambassadors with Troy-Bilt. It was exciting to be apart of the team to bring back (and greatly improve) the Children’s Garden destroyed by Hurricane Matthew in October, 2016.

We were finished in early afternoon, so we were able to have some free time in the afternoon. Amy, Dave, Teresa and I went exploring the river front. It was beautiful! We saw the restaurant we were having dinner, The Vic’s On The River. So much food; and all so good!


More mess at the Atlanta Airport! Dave, Rochelle, and I Über’ed it to the airport at 9:30 for our 11:40 flight. We found others from out group still waiting for their 10:17 flight. Our flight wasn’t even listed. Right then and there, I made the decision on the spot to drive. I got home before my original flight would have taken (which was cancelled.) Not sure when I would have made it home otherwise. Probably on this day, but crazy late. For once, I got in the short line 😉 There were a couple of others that didn’t make it home on Friday. It was that bad. Remember, it was the weather. This mess was all due to catching up on Wednesday’s mess. I bet it was bedlam on Thursday as well.

When I got home, I was happy to see the new babies I order. I had Aster open the boxes and water while I was gone.

12 Acorus gramineus ‘Ogon’

12 Chrysogonum virginianum v. ‘Pierre’

26 Coreopsis auriculata ‘Nana’

9 Delosperma cooperi

25 Echinacea ‘Magnus’

25 Echinacea ‘White Sawn’

2 cinnamomeum, Cinnamon Fern

25 Matteuccia struthiopteris,  Ostrich Fern

25 Phlox sub. ‘Red Wings’


Great fun today with the 2nd Quarterly Bee Better Member forum. Word is getting out. We had 17 people! Great fun. People were more comfortable. Many met for the first time during the 1st quarter meeting, so it was for them to get caught up.

I’m already looking forward to the 3rd quarter meeting.



We celebrated Lily’s birthday by shopping, then dinner at Chubby’s Taco. Hard to believe she is 17 years old. Lily didn’t find anything, so we will go out again Sunday. But first, I will have to get some plants in the ground.


A semi-free day in the garden. I’ll take what I can get.

Planted all the above arrivals. Watered. We are due to get rain Wednesday, but I really feel I’m taking a risk. Ideally, I’d water again on Monday and again on Wednesday. Given the ground is moist, I think I’ll be OK.

Visited my friend undergoing chemo. We had a nice chat, as always.

We all took Lily to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner for her 17th birthday. We had a blast!!!


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