Gardeners Roll Call: Monday, April 24, 2017

Posted by on April 24, 2017


Cold, then hot again. A promise of rain, then none.

Sunday, a blessed 0.4 in. It came down hard!

Just checked again, all day rain yielded another 0.5 inch.


Dry as a bone. I’m afraid of what the summer will bring.



This is war. No sugar. No data streaming. Both are the death of our teenagers. REBEL!!!!! signed, #angrymom.

I wish I could say I started the work week refreshed, but I can’t. I need to get a handle on things.

Before I left for work, I weeded the front gardens some more and watered, even though I’m hoping for rain in the evening and the next day. We need it. The rain never came.

First thing I did at Fearrington Village was water the containers and new plantings. Things will improve as the the plants become established. But those hoses have to go! At home, I’ve changed over to the Zero-G woven hoses. If you have to drag one around, and with my waterwise garden, I don’t often, but often enough to make the switch. At work, we use well-water often. The hoses will pay for themselves in no time.

The rest of the day was spent weeding. Good thing I like to weed!

Went to Lowes for a few more plants. Added a pretty Geranium to the Dovecote bed inside the fenced area.

Put all the chairs back together as sets. This isn’t part of my job description. I just can’t stand seeing something so obviously out of order. It’s a thing with me. <3


As I was driving off to work, I noticed the Itoh Peony ‘Bartzella’ was in bloom. I didn’t even stop to take a picture 🙁

I went back to the Admin Nest to fill the bird feeders and bath and noticed the beds imploded, but not in a good way. Now the chick weed in almost gone, so are cleavers, Galium aparineand beavers. Ok, there weren’t any beavers. I was just seeing if you were paying attention. <3

Weekly meeting. Went over all that we are doing and can be working on, and approving costs. We also relived the wonderful time we had on our corporate trip to southern gardens.

Park Inn Room 34. Today was a major clean out. I removed a wheelbarrow full of spend hellebore flowers, daffodil leaves that had splayed, and general weeds. Re-mulched, just because I believe more is better, up to a limit at least. I’ve not reached that limit. I also planted in Ostrich ferns, Matteuccia struthiopteris and Cardinal flowers, Lobelia cardinalis. She’s getting her summer face on!

Not sure what other shady colorful plants I’ll add, and will give it more serious thought next week.


The focus today was on the Dovecote. I LOVE this garden.

I found these awesome containers at Market Imports at the Raleigh Farmers Market for the Dovecote. They were filled with the Hydrangea ‘Revolution’ and ivy. Their placement is such to open up the space more. If they were on the porch, the visual would have been too confining. Even in front of the columns looked odd. Now they are just perfect. Spread out such as they are, visually makes the entrance appear bigger and as an added bonus, they hide the black corrugated drain pipe at the end of the white drain sprout.


Weeded and groomed; weeded and groomed some more. I have really felt behind. The weeds came faster than I could get them out. I was determined to have them removed before I was off for the three-day weekend. I set that goal and met it! Woo-hoo!!!


TGIF! At the beginning of the week, I thought I had e a free schedule to work on Bee Better and Helen’s Haven fun stuff. The day filled up fast!

The  morning started with a meeting with the Chair of 2nd Saturday. I love this program as part of the Raleigh Food Corridor. We agreed Bee Better will participate in each of the six 2nd Saturday programs for 2017, starting on May 13, 2017. Stay tuned. Each opening will include a workshop and tour of specific plants or design centered around the seasonal talk.

The artist, Jayne Walther, stopped by to take more photos of Helen’s Haven. We can’t believe the opening of Inter-Depend-Dance is this Friday, April 29th!

Helen’s Haven needed weeding and grooming too. I started in the front right entrance garden. The magnolia leaves have started their annual decent. I hope to stay on top of them this year by picking them up weekly. And picked up the rocks. Oh the rocks. These are still left over by the hundreds, if not thousands, from a City of Raleigh mulch load two years ago. Ugh!

Then I moved on to the River Bed. When Aster mowed for the first time in the season, he cut it too low, The River Bed was filled with 1.5 inch grass cuttings. I hand raked them in, cut back daffodil foliage, and weeded.

Planted some pussytoes, Antennaria parlini. This is an underutilized plant. It’s a native and wonderful between stepping stones. They were planted in the back garden off the back porch leading to the chicken coop.

Then frankly, I got to hot. I need to get acclimated. Besides, I had meetings and a haircut!


Got ready for Bearthday at the Raleigh City Farm.


Attended a great bEARTHDAY (Earth Day Birthday for the Raleigh City Farm.) Met with Genya afterwards for a light lunch. There was a great turnout at the Raleigh City Farm.

With all that fun, I still had time to do a little bit of gardening. Even though I was confident we were getting rain on Sunday, I still watered the new transplants. You see, depending on how quickly the rain falls, with the soil so dry, I was afraid the dirt would be hydrophobic, and wouldn’t all absorb. This will help.



We got rain!!! 0.4 inches over night, but it came down hard. See note above. Then we had a slow steady rain all day. It was so delightful. The perfect time to catchup at home. I did. Filed. Worked on a second draft, payed bills. Watched movies. Cooked crab cakes for dinner <3

With the slow gentle rainfall, I was also able to update the daily Tips on Gardening With Confidence’s blog.

Lily remains mad at me for taking away her phone. She is literally the smartest person I know; and the most stubborn.


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