Gardeners Roll Call: Monday, May 1, 2017

Posted by on May 1, 2017

I can’t believe it’s May! ~Helen

Today, my son is 16 years old!


We have started out our week with rain. In fact, 2.5 inches on Monday!


In total, from Sunday to Tuesday at noon, we received 8.5 inches.


We are rained out at work. Fortunately I had some errands to do. I picked up more pink and white petunias for Inn Room 35.

Stopped by Lowes to get at 50′ Zero-G hose for the Dovecote.

Stopped by Southeasten Camera in Carrboro for a new battery and charger for my camera. I needed to get my camera back in action so I can help with scouting shots when Relais & Châteaux does a photo shoot of Fearrington Village over Memorial Day weekend. The photographer is coming Thursday for some scouting shots. I’ll take the same shots.

Caught up on paperwork. It was really raining. This was the first day that I scrambled to stay busy. Normally, I’m running around like crazy. It was a welcomed change.

Another rainy day. I had time to work on the summer designs for the Inn Rooms I’m responsible for. Today was a great day for plant shopping. After our weekly meeting, I asked Greg if I could shop in Raleigh and just email when I finished instead of driving back. He said yes. Good thing too. I ended up getting off early (early for me), at 4:30. The garden was a washed out mess. In total, we received 8.5 inches of rain over a 2.5 day period.

Picked up plants to add a new design in Inn Room 34


2 Leucothoe ‘Curly Red’

1 Rosemary

1 Mint

3 Lemon Balm

3 Viburnum dentatum ‘Blue Muffin’


Planted the three Viburnum dentate ‘Blue Muffin’

Planted Inn Room 34 with Curly Red Leucothoe, Mint, Rosemary, and Lemon Balm

Planted Inn Room 35 with pink and white impatiens and vining tomatoes

Planted ATM and Goat area with ostrich ferns.


Racing again to do all that I want to do before the weekend. I only work Monday thru Friday, but 10 hour days. So it’s not as if taking off Friday limits me. 40 hours a week does. There is so much I want to do!!!!


More fun with at 17 year old. I had a delayed start, but it was nice to finalize an agreement with Southern Living magazine, a Time Inc, publication. SL will be featuring bloggers in the south to write about their gardening expertise. Of course, I will be writing about Bee Better. Thrilled actually.

While I was waiting for the said 17 year old, I got some gardening done. I styled the new shelves I designed with part of my boxwood collection. Planted phlox, moved the wood left over from Lara Rose’s engineering project. Picked up magnolia leaves.

Stopped by a client’s garden to remove some shrubs. She is having the house painted and I will be replacing holly shrubs with espalier camellias. This is a job for miss chainsaw. I’ll return over the weekend to make them go away!

When my friend, Matt Malthus visited he gave me a great design suggest. As we were walking by the North side th thought it would be fun to put in a shelf/table to display some of my boxwood collection. I immediately loved the idea. I went to the flea market to see what I might find,  and I found these:


I selected a piece the perfect size and added it here:

After adding a few from my collection, I now have this:


Attended my friend, Jayne Walther, art exhibit opening called Inter Depend Dance. Its about plants, pollinators, bees, and dance.


Honored again to be on WPTF Weekend Gardener show.

Finally, my world is stopping long enough to get the garden ready for the Garden Writers Regional IV meeting. Helen’s Haven, the Bee Better demonstration garden is an optional tour to those attending the meeting. If you want to stop by as well, please do! Garden opening from 8 – 11 AM, Saturday, May 6, 2017.

Went to a client’s and remove three ligustrum and a holly. My chainsaw made short work of it. I still need to remove the roots, but that can wait for another day.

The new plantings needed watering. 8.5 inches of rain doesn’t help the top two inches a week later.

Tied the hardy kiwi to the arbor. Finally, it’s taking off. I feel fortunate we had a mild winter. While they are hardy here, they first year getting established can be trick. I should be good from now on.

Cleaned the coop of Tiny Tara.


It was a day grooming the plants at Helen’s Haven. Picking up pinecones and rocks in the mulch, dead heading, dead leafing, and hand weeding the lawn.

I had a nice visit with my friend, Beth. I’m feeling caught up again. I’m looking forward to going to work tomorrow.



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