Gardeners Roll Call: Monday, May 8, 2017

Posted by on May 8, 2017


Absolutely beautiful!


Monday, 0.5 in.

Friday, 1.2 ins.



Traveled Piedmont Carolina to pick up plants for the The Roost–Illicium, Oakleaf hydrangea, and viburnums.


Moved a large boxwood from one end of  The Roost to another side. Planted nine Illicium sp., move three loropedulum, planted three oakleaf hydrangea, removed three garden Azaleas. Fearrington is committed to replacing as many non-native shrubs with southeastern natives. This has to be done over time since the gardens, and in particularly the privacy around The Roost outdoor seating.

Groomed The Spa. Added three hostas. More to come.

Traded out The Happenings container.


Taking off today instead of Friday since the Regional IV Garden Writers Meeting will finish up at Fearrington Village. I worked in Helen’s Haven, the Bee Better teaching garden.

Jayne Walther came by to do our first video. It was so much fun. Check it out. I hope you like it! I’m not sure if you can see the link if you are not on Facebook, though.

Then on to some gardening!!!

Laid pinestraw on the back compost area. Remember, I compost in-situ. I have areas around the garden that I focus on, then “close” it with pinestraw when it gets too high. I do this about once a year. For the last five years, the back bed was the location. Starting now, the in-situ compost location is under the palm tree on the south side.

Stopped by Wilde Oak to pick up zinnias.

I planted like a crazy women. Wait…I am a crazy women. Found really good looking Liatris at Lowes. Bought all they had (7) and planted them in front of  The Dovecote. Also added a few pale purple spiderwort, Tradescantia spp.

Added 9 deep pink impatiens to The Spa. 

I like to try to do everything myself and only asking for help when I really needed. Today, I really needed help! As I tried to removed the two nandina that served as sentinels at the entrance to Inn Room 32, I stopped short. I couldn’t budge the roots. I asked Jorge and his team to help. I watched the three of them remove them. It was a struggle for them as well! Before starting the job, the team sharpened a C-shaped metal-handled shovel. I realized then, they knew what they were getting into!

Once these two shrubs, I replace them with 2 Viburnum dentate ‘Synnestvedt’ Chicago Lustre.



Jorge managed to cut off the water and electricity in Inn Room 32 water feature, so I could revert the fountain back into a planter, but I didn’t have drainage. We tried to unscrew the nut, but no doing. Ken came in with a flame touch and made short work with in. Then I planted it to exhibit a lush life!


I have a love for fountains and running water, so this reversion wasn’t my desired choice. It just so happens, the water feed set-up and electrical needs would have made it very difficult to get it working properly. As a planter, it works with fail!

There were three weddings taking place at Fearrington this afternoon. I really like the idea of a Friday afternoon wedding. One was held in the barn. Set up for 250 people!

Opened the garden for the Garden Writers. A little rainy in the morning, but no one seemed to mind. It wasn’t really “tour” ready, but ready enough for a Saturday morning visit. The rest of the day was running errands and hanging out with my girls. They are really growing up!


I finally had a day to rest. Maybe it’s better thought of as a day of going at a slow pace with no deadline looming.

Knocked out the second Southern Living post.

Sent out a couple of invoices.

Had a nice visit with Beth and her friend, Joan visiting from Texas.

Planted the Parterre with cottage garden plants. While I like the carex that kept dying, I wasn’t about to kill 20 plants for a third time. In stead, I planted a mixture of Liatris, two types of Coreopsis, African Blue Basil, and a lavender. I’ve very pleased with the way it turned out. Somedays I wonder why I want to put a round peg in a square hole. Cottage aka pollinator plants, are always a good idea. Watered in well.

Lara Rose called to say the M.O.M. minivan broke down…again. We think it’s the transition again. We installed a rebuilt one last fall. I need to see if it’s under warranty.


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