Gardeners Roll Call: Monday, June 12, 2017

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In a word, Gorgeous!


Yes!!! We got some rain!!!

Monday, 1.7 ins.



The rain, on and off, made it a muggy garden day. I moved four benches that sit near the Admin Nest. The original paint was very faded, and just knew fresh paint would freshen things up. It did.

Drove to Campbell Road nursery for bedding plants.

1 flat NONSTOP Mocca Bright Orange Tuberous Begonia, Begonia x tuberhybrida

1 flat butterfly weed, Asclepias tuberosa

1 flat Snowstar, Melampodium patudosum

2 flats Supertunia Vista Bubblegum petunias. (My absolute fave!)


Planted orange begonias in Park Inn Rooms 21-26.


Planted yellow Snowstars along the fence line of  Inn Rooms 34 up to 21-26

Weeded The Admin Nest. Plus planted 8 hibiscus tea?? ( need to find the Latin name) and six Rudbeckia fulgida var. sullivantii ‘Little Goldstar’

Cleaned out my section of the Perennial House. It was a mess…all my mess. I had so many containers I was just waiting to see what they were. These were left by Deb. Some were keeping and other pots never produced a plant. It felt good to purge. 


A day IN because days off aren’t in my vocabulary. Started the morning with a new client who has created a lovely garden. The job will be more about maintenance, my fave, and some design within existing bed. Should be fun.

Then met with Jayne Walther as she did another video of me in the garden. We have such a great time doing these together. It’s Jayne’s way to learn while shooting for Facebook live! You have to be on Facebook to see it. I hope you are.

Jayne and I went to Hereghty’s afterwards for lunch. We decided to make this a monthly thing.
Afterwards: librarytraderjoesstaplesbankandtheMacstore. They were backed up, so I scheduled an Apple care call at 5:00. And since I did stop by first, the call was free. That’s good too, because it too 1 hour 45 mins. For some reason, none of us could figure out, my laptop wouldn’t connect to iCloud. I’m good now.


Back to Fearrington Gardens. With the cool weather, I decided to get as much in the ground as possible. I made another trip to Campbell Road Nursery for 2 more flats of Bubble Gum petunias, 1 more flat of purple petunias, a flat of weeping pink vinca. I didn’t even know this variety had been introduced. I also picked up another flat of the yellow flowering annuals, above.

Brought home lots of liriope for Genya. They will be perfect under her holly trees.


Another beautiful fall-like day in June! Low humidity, and only 73ºF. Planted the creeping vinca in Park Inn Room 32.

Watered interior Park Inn Rooms. 

Farmer Bob mowed the hay on my path to the gardens I curate at Fearrington Village.


Bee Better teaching garden hosted another 2nd Saturday Raleigh.

Today was devoted to my girls. In early January of this year, I put up the chicken run, but my girls were able to get out. I’ve had no time to reinforce it, so finally, today was the day I debated to the chickens of Helen’s Haven.

The sides are not secure with another layer of wire. But the opening is what need work now. I need to get David’s wire cutter, the scary thing I used to cut the cattle fencing wire in the first place. I was never satisfied with the opening, but ran out of time. I’m still not sure what to proceed. I’ll as David and Aster’s opinion. In the meantime, I cleaned out the coop, picked up scratch and feed, and mixed in some meal worms.

Also wrote a post for Bee Better’s participation in National Pollinator Week! Bee Better will be at Campbell Road Nursery on Wednesday, June 21, 2017 to celebrate! We will be doing a raffle, and any pollinator plant sold with the Bee Better tags will be benefiting Bee Better, Helping homeowners building better backyards for birds, bees, and butterflies.

Then something came over to me. As I watched my 17 YO daughter wake up at noon, and go the kitchen for breakfast, only to return with a spoon and a gallon of ice cream. We didn’t raise our kids this way, but their eating habits are horrible. Lily is constantly saying we have no food in the house. No actual food. I’ve not been able to make her understand that what we have is actual food, not processed.  So I cleaned out the refrigerator. It wasn’t as if it was full of processed food; it just needed it. Once emptied of wasted food that went past its expiration date, or left overs from an unidentified meal, and that sort of thing, I cleaned the drawers and shelves.

Everything looked clean…just like the food we should be eating. Real food, actual food, organic food, and food that may need cooking and combined with other food to make a meal. I tried to find some kind of common ground with my kids, but today it all stopped.

I went to Wholefoods, bought Spanish Almond, various cheese, local honey, all organic. Then foods that were in season, and some salmon jerky since I’d never had it before. To me that’s real food, and I don’t even need carbs from bread or crackers. Nothing against those carb, but when I eat them, I’d rather they be in my wine.

Rebecca came over to get some eggs. It was good to see her.


I spent a good part of the day working on the chicken run. I couldn’t have done it without David’s help. I started this run MLK, Jr. weekend. By Monday evening, I was almost done, or at least I thought I was. But the makeshift door I made didn’t work well at all. I tried various things, but was so busy, I never got around to making it right. And now that summer is here, they really need more space to roam, but I don’t like them free-ranging unless I’m home. I wanted a run so I could let them out in the morning before work and they can spend the day outside. David helped me sure in all the weak spots, but also squaring off the ends at each end. At the entrance end, he made a little “hinged” door.  Now I can use other wire to guide them into the run. There they have shade, food, and water, and lots of space.

In the coming weeks, David will cut a hole in the side of the coop so all we need to do is put a wire tunnel in for the chickens to be able go in and out on their own. I’m happy with what I have now, but it will be better once the side hatch is installed. There is still a problem encourage the girls to go into the run.

He promised to help me soon. In truth, he loves my girls as much as I do, but probably deny it, it will happen sooner than later 🙂

As part of this, I used my chainsaw to widen the paths on either side of the run. I did this in January, but things grew back. Much easier this time. It’s so cool. You can see it more from the porch now, but I don’t care. I like that they are part of our everyday life.

I also had a few plants around waiting to go into the ground. Even without rain in site, I got them in. I really don’t like to plant 3″ pots this late, especially with the weather in the 90s next week.

Last year, I added several containers under the magnolia to help me cure my undesired of negative space. This is something I need to embrace in 2018; and I started here. Last summer, I planted a Cranberry viburnum, and about 10 elephant ears. There is too much shade for them, but I’m hoping they will fill space anyway.

In containers, I had a ‘Jazz Hands’ loropedulum, a Pagoda Ginko, and boxwood. The ginkgo was planted in the ground on the North side where sun shines, the contained boxwood, when to the entrance on the right hand side, and ‘Jazz Hands’ went to the Southside border.

Rake under the Hardy kiwi arbor and planted more milkweed.

Mowed with my new Troy-Bilt battery powered mower. First time using it. I was like a kid pushing it for the first. I’m a big fan of battery-powered lawn equipment. As I age, I’m always looking for ways to make it easier for me to garden. I’ve not lost my strength yet, still, I want to have complete garden independence, improved battery powered landscape tools is the way to go.


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