Gardeners Roll Call: Monday June 19, 2017

Posted by on June 19, 2017


Like my patrician MIL likes to say, “It’s hotter than the hubs of Hell.”



We need rain. If we don’t get any soon, well, I don’t know what I’ll do…

Wednesday evening, I heard thunder, but no rain.

Thursday evening. More thunder, but no rain.

Friday we got the mother lode! 2.7 inches of rain.

Saturday, 0.7 in.



Today I found out I am in-charge of an area that I didn’t know was mine. This is one of the things I love about the job, no one complained about how unkept it was. The think I love about the job is also a think I don’t appreciate–no told it me it my area! It made me look terrible, like I was shirking my responsibilities. All better now.

Weeded under the holly at the corner of the Inn Rooms on the Admin Side.


Weeded the Berms again. It’s amazing how fast the weeds return.

Watered the new bed along the Admin Side of the Inn Rooms.

Watered the Admin Nest.

Filled feeders at the Admin Nest.


My day in!

Worked on a design for a new Raleigh client, and wrote a Bee Better post on the Cup plant.

Let the girls out in their run for the day. They love their new space!

Wrote a review for my new Troy-Bilt mower. I love that thing!

My friend, Som Dewey, told me about Vedic Gardens. It’s hard to find since there is no signage, so it’s best to focus on the address. That’s easy to see. Look of 6710 Holly Springs Road. That will get you there.

I picked up a neem tree, Azadirachta indica, wild coffee, Psychotria nervosa, natal plum, Carissa macrocarpa, and guava,  Psidium guajava. I’ve tried them all before, but lost to the cold, even in my Garden House. Now I have a little space in the Glass House at Fearrington, so I can see just what they will do!


I started a fundraiser for Bee Better.

We at Bee Better are super excited to offer this photo encaustic work by Jayne Walther as a raffle in recognition of National Pollinator week starting Monday, June 19 – 25th! The drawing will take place on Monday the 26th.

Bee Better will also be at Campbell Road Nursery retail on Wednesday, June 21st during their operating hours. Stop by to talk with me about pollinator plants!

10% of the purchase of pollinator plants will help to benefit the education endeavors at Bee Better.

Please note: No salary is drawn from Bee Better. We are a completely volunteer organization, which needs funds to operate.

Greg and I, plus Jorge and Rico rescued LOTS of  native Christmas fern, Polystichum acrostichoides from a lot that will be cleared on Monday. We pulled many to hold in case we need or want them around the Village. I was able to take as many as I wanted home, so I’m guessing I got 15. They are going in the back perimeter of the garden. Even though that is a Xeric bed, these ferns are tough; we dug them out of very dry clay, yet the ferns were fresh looking and perky.

As I was leaving to deliver the six Christmas ferns I got for Laura, Greg pulled up to tell us he was stung many times by the eastern yellow jacket or eastern yellow jacket, Vespula maculifrons. Not pretty. I felt bad since it was his first time stung. I have been stunk five different times, I remember them all like they were yesterday. A horrible feeling. Did you know the yellow jacket can sting multiple times? Unlike the honey bee, which has a barbed stinger that stays with human skin, pulling it’s bottom off with it, and dying.

I’ve loved this little wildflower all over Fearrington. I wasn’t familiar with it, and the other gardeners told me it was a Helenium alarm, a reseeding annual herb in the daisy family. It is so sweet, and my namesake 😉 so I must have some. I asked where I could find it, and was told it’s all over the highway. I walked to the end of the property, and there is was. Everywhere. I brought six home to root, plant in my garden, and hope it will go to seed to reseed next year.


As I was watering Dovecote, it started to rain. That’s a good thing. It was short lived, but more is differently going to rain more.

Cleaned my desk.

Wendy, another collector of citrus, brought me an etrog citron, Citrus medica.


Starting the day with Mike Raley and Ann Clapp on the Weekend Gardener, WPTF. We will be at Big bloomers, so I might as well do some shopping while I’m there, right?

So I came home with a few phlox (they have a huge selection) and some interesting Rex begonia. I also picked up a few plants for work, including the ‘Gro-low’ Sumac.


I made it until noon. It’s very muggy outside. Geesh! I got done what I needed to do.

Planted the Prince Charles gardenia patten pended and given to me by the Phil Dark, owner of Oakmont Nursery.

Cut back the overhand on the Red Bed path.

Planted phlox, ‘Robert Poore‘.

Planted hardy tapioca, Manihot graham.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

Pruned the crabapple tree.

Pruned the juniper near the fountain.

Picked up magnolia leaves.

Planted the native Maidenhair ferns Wendy gave me from one of her gardens.

Here’s my hubby, David, 20 years ago with our first child, Lara Rose Philbrook. For both, it was love at first sight.



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