Gardeners Roll Call: Monday, June 26, 2017

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Hot a muggy. It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity!!! No truer words were ever spoken.


Friday, 0.4 in.

Saturday, 1.5 ins.



First time in the morning, I measured the amount of rainfall at Fearrington. This tells us if we have to make watering a priority. We had 0.6 in, so we were good for the day. In stead of watering, I planted here ‘Gro-low’ Sumac in the peninsula I recently found out I was in charge of I plan to fill it up with some fun stuff!

I then met with Greg over some new teak furniture we will be getting form the Park Inn rooms outdoor spaces. It will be really, really  nice.

Then Wendy and I went to Panther Creek wholesale nursery. By far, it was the nicest wholesale nursery I’ve ever been too. It was both Wendy and my first visit. I will definitely go back. Great selection. Pot-in-Pot layout. Healthy looking plants.

Greg needed 30 Rhus aromatic ‘Gro-low’ sumac, so I picked those up at Adcock’s Nursery. It was comical getting the plants from Panther Creek and then 30 from Adcock’s. It was like filling a clown car!

For Park Inn Room 34, I picked up seven Illicium x ‘Woodland Ruby’. This area is turning out to be a very special place!


Planted three sumac on one of the peninsulas near The Granary.  If you remember from last week, I just realized this area was mine. To me, it didn’t make sense that the two facing peninsulas were cared for (and designed) by two different gardeners. It really didn’t matter much since nothing was planted under the cherry trees. My vision was to at least have some consistency and ground cover, plus having more native and wildlife friendly plants. I asked Greg what he thought. I told him it would only make sense if the same person took charge of both areas. It took a while, but the other gardener finally agreed to let the similar planting be done on her side. As such, I planted three more sumac in her area. Good thing I bought three extra 😉

The plants were only one gallon because I knew it would take some doing getting them dug and established amongst the dense roots. But I did, and promised to keep them watered. New ideas aren’t readily welcomed, but I’m plugging along.

I got a little wet and dirty with this planting. It’s OK, though. I keep a spare set of work clothes in my locker.

Park Inn Room 34 now has a super cute seating nook to have an evening glass of wine or morning coffee. It was in a most awkward and inhospitable space under a magnolia tree.

The base of the giant oak at The Roost is starting to look good. When I got there, it was nothing but a big ole volcano. As best I could, I leveled the built up mulch pile, which over decades filled with feeder roots. I was able to plant Rohdea japonica which took well, and after frost, I planted caladium bulbs. They are finally coming up!

P.S. at 2:00, those are the mushrooms I painted to complement some new containers I added.


I spent a great day at Campbell Road Nursery. In celebration of pollinator week, ‘Phil’ Campbell donated 10% of the sale of pollinator plants to the educational endeavors of One of the best parts about my day there was that I introduce several people to Campbell Road Nursery who never even knew about this no frills garden center.

The News and Observer did a story on pollinator week, and that I would be at Campbell Road on this day. Mets some new folks from that story. Plus there were several from the volunteer group at the JC Raulston Arboretum, and others who heard about the event from the Bee Better blog.

Stopped by a client’s garden to meet with her about moving forward on a project.


My friend, Debbie, dropped off the native yarrow and short-toothed mountain mint!

At Fearrington, my day was spent mostly weeding and doing some watering. Oh, and deadheading and deadleafing too!

A great day, starting off with a visit from a group of Master Gardeners from Gaston County (Charlotte area.) My husband could hear all the chatter going on outside, at first the thought the hens got loose 😉 It was a lot of fun.

As a gift, one of the members made me this super awesome leaf!

I was going to go to work afterwards, but I decided I really, REALLY needed a day off. Remember, Wednesdays are my days IN, not off. It felt wonderful to have some down time. I was even going to go out in the garden and decided against it. Instead, I went to food shops and just looked at all the cool stuff sold, stuff that I rarely have time to even learn about. Then…drum…role, I went to my art inspiration place–Anthropologie. They finally had more of the yellow and black/white dog dessert plates that look just like Pepper. You know I just had to have them. While I was there, I picked up a cute blouse to wear tonight going out with Genya. She always dresses so nice; and I don’t lol. There was a time, but my gardening grub became the norm. Now that we are going to go out weekly, I might just get gussied up a bit. But not too much.

This week, Genya and I went to Level 7, another of the places mentioned in the N&O story about hidden and secret bars in Raleigh. It was fun. The band was a bit loud and the service very slow, but Genya and I had fun. Seven floors up, the air was cool and refreshing. That was the best part.

Here is my review of Level7:

I would have given Level7 five stars for the ambience alone and the drinks and food, but the service was very slow. Our server, Brie, was super, and not her fault at all. Not sure if this is a regular problem, or just this evening. From looking at the other reviews, it is an on-going problem. I would recommend going. My friend and I went early, at 6. We were able to get a seat outside, which was nice. There was an integrated mix of ages, race, and style, even families  having a drink before they went somewhere else for dinner.  I liked that.

By the time we left around 8:15ish, the younger crowd was coming in. That was fun to watch. The new generation’s mythology. I remember being 20 something out with my friends doing the same type of thing, some 40 years ago. Not much has changed. The women were even wearing, what we called, hot pants! Too cute!



I wanted to go to the Durham pollinator tour today, but I was just too wore out from such a busy week. There were many things I wanted to do in the Bee Better Teaching Garden, formally known as Helen’s Haven.

Removed several blue salvia, Salvia guaranitica. Not the pretty ‘Black & Blue’, but the plain blue.  Yes, we all know they like to take charge; but we put up with it because the hummingbirds love this plant!

Move a patch of beautiful pink phlox. The bed looks so much better. I watered the transplants in, and then the rain came. All good. This morning, they looked like they were always there!


Genya and I took out dogs, Rupert and Pepper to the neighborhood dog park. Only once before have I don’t this; it was when Pepper was still under a year old. She was horrified. It made me cry. Ever since then, I’ve been over protective of her, and didn’t give her the socialization she needed. Genya is going to help me with this. Rupert was born social.


Worked a bit on the Charleston-style courtyard garden. It’s looking good.


After Genya and let our dogs play, we went to this coffee shop in Oakwood. Times have finally changed. When David and I lived in Oakwood from 1988 to 1998, this building was a grocery store and a major drug buying area. Now the houses have been renovated, and there is a cute restaurant that is also dog friendly.

In the afternoon, I had a nice visit with my friend Beth.


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