Gardeners Roll Call: Monday, July 3, 2017

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A magical week!


Friday, 0.4 in.



We received rain at Fearrington over the weekend, so Monday wasn’t started with watering. Instead, because of the rain, there were weeds everywhere. I mixed up a vinegar spray to go after the weeds on the sidewalks.

Today was another and the last day to rescue more Christmas ferns. I’m ver happy with this score. This batch will go in the back 40 (back 40 feet 😉 ) My vision is that this area will be a continuous cover of Christmas ferns.

Planted ‘Cheyenne Spirit’ coneflowers,  in Inn Room 31/32. Weeded this area and still stumped on how to redesign this space!

Made a few sketches for this area. I’m not loving them. This is the only of my Inn Rooms that doesn’t have a seating area. I want to have seating here. Then there is the issue of it not having access from the Spa. Should it? I’m not sure.

What if we take out the side fence? What if we take out half of the fence. What if we leave it?

Took the blower to clear sidewalks after the heavy rain Saturday night. Lots of floating mulch!


Deadheaded the flowers around The Dovecote.

Weeded the new mondo grass area in front of The Dovecote.

Weeded the three Berms.

Weekly meeting with Greg! Presented ideas to redesign Inn Room courtyard 30/31. He was happy with the suggestions and will present to his dad, R.B., the boss of all things 😉

Watered. We had 1.2 inches Saturday, but since I’m not in on Wednesday, I thought I would give them a perk.

Worked on the design order for pansies so we can put in a grow order with Campbell Road Nursery.

Watered the Park Inn Rooms.

Weeded the Beauty Spa area.

I was contacted by a marketing person in Charleston to see if I wanted to do a media weekend at an historic inn this fall. Well, they didn’t have to ask me twice. Genya will go with me, and we’ll make it a girlfriend weekend!


My day IN!

Took Aster to get his drivers permit. New beginnings!!! I could tell he felt proud. I called our insurance carrier to alert of another driver on our policy!

It it was 80ºF today, I’d be surprised. The weather so far this week has been heavenly! After I was finished with Aster, I went into the garden. I knew I needed to do a lot since I’m fasting for blood work today. Time to get the cholesterol checked out. My doctors are always so envious at how my high is and how low my low is (or is it the other way around?) Maybe they are just cheering me on, but even I know, I good in that regard.

(Fasting sucks…note to self, make a morning appointment, not 4:30 in the afternoon.)

My gardening time, five hours in all, was one step at a time. I had no goals, I just need to get some stuff done.

Watered the rescued ferns.

Let my girls out into the run.

Picked up limbs I cut away last January to make room for the girl’s run. I like for them to loose their leaves in place, and dry up so I can put into my wood pile.

Watered the containers and hanging garden on the back porch.

Moved a purple coneflower from the Rock Garden to the Mixed Border. It was planted too close to the edge. I’m sure it seeded in, which is wonderful.

Recently, I bought to boxwood ‘Highlander’. The idea was to remove two of the Korean box where it opens up for a path. I wanted, punctuation marks, if you will, to enter the back garden. I have two areas where this occurs. I started here. I was even more pleased to see how it also opened the space. I was feeling claustrophobic so this helped with the design and openness.  Now that I like it so much, I will get two more ‘Highlander’s.

In doing so, I needed to pull many purple salvia, cleome, and transplanted another purple coneflower to the Mixed Border.

As I was playing around all this, I decided that after the 3rd quarter Bee Better Garden Club meeting, I will but back the existing boxwood severely. Last fall, at the wrong time, but my patients wouldn’t last until spring or summer, I trimmed the tops. That is now all filled in and then some, so I want to give the boxwood a severe cut back on all three sides. They will fill in fast, so I’m not worried, but these box get too high!!!

Planted the red Buckeye and Leucothoe axillaris.

Had my first fire in the new fire pit. Ok, I get it, it wasn’t that cold, but I had accumulated several bits of dead branches, so I thought I try it out.

Stopped by Ace Hardware for Chicken feed.


What I like about Fearrington, one never knows what’s in store.

First off, I spray an organic weedkiller on the grass growing in between the brick paver: 1 gallon vinegar, 1 cup citric acid, a heavy squeeze of dish soap.

Then I get an email from Greg saying R.B. thought I could get started on the re-design of Park Inn Rooms 30/31 courtyard. Since no one was checking until after 3:00, I decided to get started right away. Next week will be 10ºF hotter. No time like the present at a mere 86.

I’m loving how this space is turning out!!! It is so much more welcoming. I just moved plants around, no purchases necessary. Still want to play around more with plantings, but we are off to a good start.

This is the view from sitting on the bench. I moved the Camellia bush at the end here.


This is the view looking back at the bench. (We NEED a throw pillow.)

This is the view when standing at what will be the new entrance from the Spa.


This is the view while standing at the spa entrance and looking right. I found more flagstone. See what looks like two rows of dwarf mondo grass in the middle of the photo? The old path went through it. I’m going to take the top “row” of dwarf mondo grass and split it up and place between the pavers in from of the bench…as soon as no one is staying there. It’s been a very popular room lately.


Rain, rain, rain…thankfully. The first thing I was to do was water the beds. But alas, I was able to do funner things.

Wendy was finally able to identify this weed for me. Ptilimnium capillaceum, mock Bishop’s weed.

After work, I picked up Rupert!!! Yippee! I have this bundle of rapid fur for 10 days!


Something came over me, maybe it was the heat and humidity! I felt domesticated. After taking some scouting shots of a fantastic garden, I settled in for the kill and thrill of cleaning and eliminating stuff. I felt the need to clean out my closet and drawers. There were things in there I’ve not worn in year, or do I plan to in the future. The good news is they all still fit. Well, with the notable exception of a fabulous pant suit I got with Genya in Brussels circa 2004? I really don’t remember when this was, but it was a while ago. I’m keeping it. It is my all time favorite outfit and it brings back great memories. Frankly, it was on the small side even then, but I could still wear a European 38 where now I’m more comfortable in a 41. I like my close to feel loose. This pretty much took up all morning and I started at 7!

With in my red bucket filled with a mixture of vinegar and water, I wiped down the floors. Well, in my bedroom at least.  The bust bunnies tried to run and hide, but I was too fast for them.

David offered to vacuum, but the belt broke. The vacuum store closes at 3:00 on Saturday, and I was still at the Container Store re-living a Tiny Fray scene from 30 Rock. I was determined to get organized. Funny, the real room made when cleaning out the closet is getting rid of stuff. But I like to think it was the fancy thin velvet hangers.

Said stuff I got rid off went to the Goodwill.

I drove shotgun as Aster began is efforts towards getting his license a year from now. His driving was flawless. Super proud of this responsible child!

Then off to Target to get things the Container Store didn’t have. In all this, I forgot to look for cedar and/or mothballs. It was very distressful to find small holes in my most favorite wool items. They holes were only in wood in my bedroom closet. In the spare bedroom closet where I keep the overload, there was no damage. I warned David he may need to take a look in his own closed.

Rupert got lots of love, extra love, because Kat was over for the weekend. <3

My domestic bliss fizzled out by 6:30 just about the time I would have started dinner. All that earlier bliss wore me out!


Heading out in the garden to do a few garden-y things. I decided to make the girls a swing. <3.

Releasing the first black swallowtail of the year.

Weeding some. Not watering in hopes we get it on Tuesday. If we don’t then I’ll need to water; I may need to water some transplants sooner than that, but I’ll need to keep an eye on them this evening and tomorrow to make sure they are not stressed.

Rode with Aster to work again. And again, he handled it like he’d been driving for a very long time!

Correction: way to hot not to water the recent transplants.

Then back to domesticated bliss. This time, cleaning the kitchen and cooking a pork roast for dishes this week.

Finally, at the end of the afternoon, I had a nice visit with my friend Beth.


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