August Inspiration–Getting Through August–God’s Wink

Posted by on August 1, 2017

Color in the garden.

Soupy and steamy describes a sizzling summer Southern day. The Piedmont area of North Carolina has a lot going for it, but not everyone thinks that August is desirable.

My friend Beth sparked this post as she said, “Let me get through August first.” She was referring to buying plants, so it wasn’t exactly a negative comment towards our sweltering month, but it did inspire me none-the-less.

Do you hide in August? I do still garden in August, as I do every month of the year, but I do plan when I go out. That can be said for every month of the year. When I do my garden maintenance doesn’t follow a Helen schedule…I look to the mercury reading.

I’m not likely to go out into the garden after 10 in the morning during August or before 10 in January. My internal clock wants to be in the garden by 7 every day of the year, but the temperature tempers me. I’m very likely to still be in the garden after 10 during the summer, but I need to get a momentum going…sorta like a running start. However, you can forget it between 1 – 6. Nope, no way. I can tour gardens during that time, although my pictures bite when the sun is at those angles.

For the last several years, Raleigh has had fantastic summers. As I write this, we have very little humidity and we will only reach a high of 83. Last night, a cold front came through and with it 3 inches of rain. Mmmmm, heavenly. Is this our new pattern? Will are summers continue to be tolerable? Do the 50,000 new residences in the last 4 years really know how bad our summers can be?

I’m a native Southern, I’ve seen the good and the bad, and I love it all. But I have to admit, these last few summers have been delightful; yet, we still need to get through August regardless.

My August will be nurturing the transplants that I was silly about in our marvelous July, as well as the new plantings I continued to buy because I believed that a summer in the South may not be so bad after all.

I’ll continue to deadleaf and deadhead to tidy up and hope to get an extended flush through the fall.

My morning walks through Helen’s Haven will continue simple because I can’t help myself. I want to smell the Earth. I want to see God. He’s there, each and every day. Every minute of every day welcoming me in my world, the place to go to commune.

I’ll make it through August, I can do her with her long days, albeit waning. I do August way better than January which is so dark for me that it can put me in a funk, even when I can walk with flowers and other wonders, as if God Himself is winking at me. Yes, indeed. Flowers are God’s wink, in August and January, and every month of the year.

Do you ever feel that? I will refrain from planting in August this year; July was sin enough. But I will go outside to enjoy all the gifts one girl’s garden can bring, and  know that I’m never alone.


3 responses to “August Inspiration–Getting Through August–God’s Wink”

  1. Love this blog. Although Florida summers are a bit warmer, wetter and more humid. I don’t think I could be outside unless there’s a ton of shade!

  2. HelenYoest says:

    Thank you!

  3. ANNAREED says:

    Wow, I think only the people who really love gardening will understand this.

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