Gardeners Roll Call: Monday, August 14, 2017

Posted by on August 14, 2017


The feeling of fall has arrive.


Monday, 0.1 in

Tuesday, 0.9 in

Wednesday, 0.5 in



Knowing I would want some downtime, I took the day off; three to be exact. 😉

My day was spend deciding where to begin! I wanted to reclaim my house. It seems I haven’t been in the Family Room since 2001. I know that sounds crazy, but I never felt like home there. I’d rather be in the Reading Room, aka Formal Living Room. I got Lara Rose to show me how to watch a DVD. Yes, something that simple. The Family Room is now mine. I know when the kids return, they will try to re-take it, but I’m feeling ownership!


We got some much needed rain. Finally!

Took the Family Room rug into Ace Carpets for cleaning. I also had a needlepoint rug that I wasn’t using, but loved dearly. It has some spots, and frankly, never been cleaned, so I took that one in as well.

I also, I also figured out what was needed with regards to the edging between my neighbor and me.

I needed a  Anthropologie fix. I stopped by to smell the soaps. I can remember having to drive miles to go to one, now I can visit North Hills.

I unloaded three4 x 4 x 8′ landscape timers plus a copule of break bags of paving stone. Last year, I laid out a visual, but it has taken me this long to getting it refined.


My vision was to level out the street side as a small retaining wall. Once I got it level, the rest fell in place.

I then stacked three high.

Tomorrow, I’ll drill homes in two sides, three deep, of these landscape timbers. this should stabilize them. Well, thats if I can get hold of my husband’s drill. Mine works for small stuff, but this will require big guns.

I might play around with it to see if it might look better staggered. We’ll see.


My last day of freedom…

Ruben (from work) cut down a 4-inch diameter cedar post so I could use it to hold up a birdhouse. Now I need another birdhouse. 🙂

In my newly found Family Room, all to myself, was how I started my day and ended it. I can’t remember when I ever spent a day like this. It was fun. Siting on the couch (now I know why so many people do this) I did some writing, organized, and eat.

When I took the Family Room rug in to be cleaned, I realized by sweet dog left pee marks darkening the hardwood floors. I read on like to soak with vinegar and cover with plastic so that it will stay wet longer. It’s been 24 hours now and I’ve not seen much different, but I’ll keep at it. We’ll see what happens.

It was so pretty out side, I can’t understand why I’m not getting out there. Maybe I just needed a big rest. I feel rested, and I’m ready to back to work tomorrow.

Let the girls out. Filled the feeders. watched DVDs.


Back at work. Because of a recent rain, I didn’t have to water first thing. In fact, I had a day off from watering!!

The first meeting….R.B. asked if I would take on the roll of liaison between the kitchen’s need, specifically our celebrity chef, Colin, and our culinary gardener, Zac. Zac’s position is new; while we did have chef’s helping out, it was catch-as-catch-can. With Zac in the role, these beds are going to ROCK! Our fist meeting with Colin, Zac, and I will be next week.

Fearrington is a very special place, and this commitment to growing out own food, or at least a good part of it, will make the Fearrington experience even more special!

And then I put my weeding hat on. I made it around all my beds The Dove Coat, The Goat, The Roost, the various Inn Rooms, as well as The Spa and Happening buildings.


Even though we are expecting rain, I watered my new Peninsula Beds. I didn’t want to chance it over the weekend, especially given I didn’t water yesterday.

Jorge and his crew put up the three new hay basket containers in Inn Room 33. Filled them with similar plants as the first one we put in.  R.B. Finch loves these touches, and has given me the go-ahead to do more.


2nd Saturday at Big Boss to celebrate Raleigh becoming a Bee City, USA. Nathalie also attended!!! We had a great turnout, and met with others offering additional opportunities to exhibit.

I did find time to break away today to get a haircut. Michelle is the best ever!!!

I picked up two movies from Red Box on the way home.

Once home, I went to me new comfy couch spot and begin catching up with all my sites and deadlines. One think I do want to order for Bee Better is a pop up tent. We were very limited with shade this morning. I happened to luck out with a little square, so I was happy; however, I need to have my own. I don’t like standing in blazing sun!





My day of rest consisted on working three hours for my North Raleigh client and another six in my garden.

I got a lot done, in fact, I worked until dark. I had no idea it was that late. I was suppose to visit with Beth, but forgot all about it. Mainly my time was spent deadheading. It had been ten days since I was able to putter in the garden. What surprised me the most was that the weeds didn’t return. I’ve been keeping them at bay, somewhat, but really expected there to be a lot after the rain. Plus I didn’t have to water anything. That was helpful. I do have to water the oasis plants under the porch and eves, but with a waterwise design, that is no problem.

The next big project was to trim the edges of the front parterre garden and deadhead. It needed it. I have the blister to prove it!

I continued to line the girl’s run with rocks I have found.



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