Gardeners Roll Call: Monday, September 4, 2017 Labor Day

Posted by on September 4, 2017


Fall-like and thankful for the rain.


Tuesday evening, 0.2 inch

Wednesday all day, 0.1 inch

Friday, 1.5 inches



First things first. I watered since there was no rain over the weekend. I needed to keep my newly planted babies hydrated.

Zac and I went to Lowe’s to pick up boards to replace a section of wood at the Culinary Garden, and I needed pavers and paverstone to give ground support for the new containers at The Admin Nest.

Zac and I also went over to the Fearrington warehouse where many stones are stored. We picked up two loads full, and still need more. Zac put in place what he had so far, and they look #awesome! This bed area will be called the Ice Lettuce bed and will include ice lettuce and succulents to go with the yuccas.

While looking for a solution to go fill a gap between the fence section of Park Inn Room 34 and Inn Rooms 21-26, I found a base of something. I’m not sure what the original use was. There was a hole in the middle, so it must have been a part of a foundation. I love the age of the concrete and the texture. I was the perfect solution. The plants aren’t right, but that can be fixed.

Met with Greg and RB, and then later with Zac and RB. We are going forward with some changes in how we go about the care of the individual garden areas. The work Zac and I do is an experiment. It will be interesting to see how it goes.


We got a little rain today. All the gardeners gravitate to cleaning their desks.

Weekly meeting. Greg announced the duties to cover while we replace Julian’s position. I suggested that Zac and I handle the seasonal change over as well as making any visual improvements for color pop!

I added the final plantings to the Admin Nest. Next year I’ll do a lot more, but this is just the start.


Another day IN that then by too fast. Errands, of course, but also working over at the NC State Fair Bee Better demonstration garden. It’s shaping up, but I need to get more plants. I need to get serious about this in the next couple of weeks. Again, I have to thank the staff there. The watering is covered up to about two weeks before the fair begins, when they get so crazy busy there is no time. It saved me from having to go out there 2x a week.

After I got home from the State Fair, I noticed a potted plant looking thirsty. I turned the hose on, but as I was getting into position to water, I tripped over a stone. I would have fell face down, but I put my wrists out to break my fall (a reaction, but not a good idea.)  I also landed on my right knee. I couldn’t believe I didn’t break anything. In fact, I was so excited about that, I decided that I would go skiing this winter.

Cleaned up one of Aster’s projects. He had grand ideas to motorized is bike. There was no time to get a special tool he needed, and then school started. Anyhoo, all this was left behind.


Zac and I met with Ann about taking over the micro-greens for Fearrington Village restaurants. Currently, Ann supplies micro-greens to Fearrington and nine other restaurants. We both learned a lot and both are very interested in doing this. We need to present a budget to RB.



Overcast and light rain in the morning at the office; thank gawd!

Started the fall shirt order for the garden and landscape crews. We are able to put in shirt orders two times a year. When I started, I wore hand-me-downs. Then during the spring order I ordered for Coolibar sun protective long sleeve shirts and a fleece pullover. This go around, I ordered four regular long sleeve shirts, plus a all weather shell, a size up so I can bulk up underneath.

Met with RB, Greg, and Zac about the culinary garden. Things are really shaping up!

I got home early to help Lily with a little shopping she needed done. It was nice and relaxing. I wasn’t in a rush for a change. We even had dinner afterwards.

Yesterday at work, I hit the wall. I spent the evening an decided what was what was important. Besides the obvious, my family, my work, both Fearrington and Bee Better. I’ve decided to circle the wagons and free up time unless it was something that I absolutely loved. This became super important to me. Family. Fearrington. Bee Better. Friends.

Then it was time to put up my feet and watch a couple of episodes of House of Cards.


Slept late, and didn’t get up until 7:15. I must’ve needed it.

The entire morning, as in right before the strike of noon, I finished up with blog computer updates. As long as I’ve blogged, it still surprises me how much time I’ve invested in it. But in reality, the first four years was trying to find my voice. The last five years have been spot on.

Errands: ABCFreshMarketLibraryTraderJoesCostcoCostoGasCostoagain


In. My. Own. Garden! There was a lot to do and nothing at the same time. A lot to do if I wanted the deadhead, deadleaf, and generally groom. Nothing to do if I choose to leave it. I decided on the former. Deadheading is an art form. You want to remove enough to make everything look tidy and continue to flower, but leaving enough for the birds to feed. Deadheaded Zinnias, Rudbeckia, and Echinaceas.


Added biomass (yard waste)  to composting areas. Covered these areas with pinestraw.

Harvested figs. Ate figs until I was stuffed.

I took about 20 acorn squash to work b/c Zac said he would turn them into soup. O.M.G. it was good. I have no idea how he made it, but given Zac was a former chef at Fearrington before it moved over to the culinary garden full time, you could tell it was five-diamond quality. I’m gonna see what else I can grow so he can do his magic!


2 responses to “Gardeners Roll Call: Monday, September 4, 2017 Labor Day”

  1. Deborah West says:

    After suffering for months with sharp pains in my right shoulder & hip & treating them with Advil & ice I decided to bite the bullet & make an appointment to see Orthopedic doctor.
    A shot in my hip & shoulder was magic! Almost immediately my hip pain was gone & my shoulder felt 95% better the next day. It allowed me to spend the day in my garden pruning, cleaning, raking & crafting wisteria vines into wreaths for Lexington County Master Gardener’s plant & garden store sale later this month.
    Perennial plants are going to seed (parsley, rudbeckia, zinnia, asclepsia, etc.) now.

    I harvest the seeds when they are dry, lay them out flat for a few days & place in small paper bags with a small silica gel pack (I save from shoe boxes, etc.) label the bags & save in a file box.

    Replant summer herb/veggie areas with winter plants: sow parsley seeds, rooted Rosemary plants, Swiss chard, garlic, spinach, etc.

    Lay succulent cuttings on perforated trays with coarse sand to make new plants. So easy!

    Gardening is great in September – cooler temps, lower humidity, blue skies, leaf color changes, painlessshoulder & hip…love being outside!

  2. HelenYoest says:

    Hi Debbie! Sorry to hear about your shoulder & hip, and I’m glad that shot helped. I can see nothing is gonna keep you down!

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