Gardeners Roll Call: Monday, September 18, 2017

Posted by on September 18, 2017


More fall-like weather with hurricane Irma skirting us.


Monday, 0.2 in.

Tuesday, 0.6 in.



Ever looking for a good garden glossary? I’ve been accumulating this for years. Check it out HERE.

The wind picked up today, but Zac said it was from another pressure drop, and not the hurricane. In any case, it felt nice, and I loved all the negative ions in the air!

We had a team-building meeting with the gardeners today. I learned nothing new…in fact, it was predictable.

Stopped by Lowes to pick up quick connect sets. Most of my hoses needs them to make things more efficient. They had lots of good looking Coreopsis grandiflora ‘SunKiss’  so I picked up a flat of 10 to put along the fence line at The Roost.

Then leaded over to Southern States to see what they had. I’m still adding to the fence line at The Roost. (I could still use more plants!) Southern States also had some good looking Phlox paniculata ‘Flame Purple’ and Rudbeckia hirta ‘Irish Eyes’. These, too, went along The Roost fence line.

Added a shredded hardwood mulch to The Peninsula Beds. I had pine conditioning chips there, but during the last rain, a lot of it floated away, so today, I added a mulch better at knitting together to stay in place. We shall see!


Rain from Hurricane Irma. So, so happy she lost her gusto by the time she went inland. So, so glad we got some good, slow rain from her.

Weekly meeting.


My day IN. I went over my client, Cindy’s house to see about the espaliar camellias that died. I pulled them as well as a soil sample. My guess is with the heat, lack of rain, and rain not reading the camellias under th eves, they just went to the big Camellia farm in the Earth.

Went searching for cotton. Found it at Fallon’s Flowers.


A great day in the garden. I got approval for containers in the Dovecote Garden across from the Knot Garden. I’ll work on them next week. Stopped by Carolina Pottery to pick up.

Watered The Roost Fence Garden and the new Peninsula Beds.

Watered the new ‘Blue Bunny’, the living mulch under the redbud trees.

Weeded Inn Room 34  and filled the pond, plus watered watered and deadheaded Inn Room 30/31. 



Took a day off. Genya and I headed to South Carolina for a Girlfriend’s Garden Getaway. Before I left, I managed to get three hours of gardening.

The Zinnias were a couple of weeks past their prime; not so much the flowers, but the mildew was a distraction. I was afraid that with them gone, the beds would look dull, but they looked refreshed.

Cut up more magnolia branches generated in preparation of hurricane Irma, which thankfully didn’t hit Raleigh.

Traveled Friday, September 15, 2017 at 1:30ish. Genya was running a little late, but that was OK. We knew we had the whole weekend ahead of us. But once we got there, were disappointed to miss even a minute of this lovely paradise and wished we could have stayed a week.

Arrived at LINWOOD Inn around 6:30. We took a quick tour around the beautiful gardens then met with Emily & Kerry from Touchpoint for dinner at the Swig & Swine.



When I got home, there were 12 monarchs to release. I had to wait until morning, but loved it even more seeing them along the side of the container like the do on trees when the roost at night.


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