Gardeners Roll Call: Monday, September 25, 2017

Posted by on September 25, 2017


Warming, but there is no doubt that fall is in the air.


We have potential with hurricanes Jośe and Maria, but probably not until next week. Sending good thoughts to those in path of these monsters.



This is why one is suppose to post their diary daily. It’s Wednesday afternoon and I can’t remember what I did on Monday!

Wait, some of it is coming back to me…

Added a second coat of stain on the two large teak benches along the path outside Park Inn Rooms 30/31. Added a second coat of white on the bench outside The Spa window. I think the two big grey benches are fine with two coats, but the spa bench will get one more.

Then I started with the first coat on the bench and chair in Park Inn Rooms 21-16. Monday, weather permitting, I’ll put another coat on this pair and begin putting teal oil on the the others that will retain its natural color. Mondays are good since, business is typically the lowest. In any event, I will need to check with Registration to make sure no one is staying in a room’s courtyard I want to work in.

Released 12 Monarch butterflies in the morning. David saved them for me. They emerged Sunday, but I waited until Monday morning to see them and let them go. It was an amazing site.



The Cary Garden Club came to Fearrington Village to tour the gardens and have lunch. I was fortunate enough to get the started with some background and where to go to see the gardens. After I left them, they were heading back around to see the gardens in more detail on their own. I truly it is best this way. A garden should be seen more than once. First by getting the overall understanding layout, then a slow stroll seeing the detail. A garden is meant to be spied upon!


No rest for the weary…well, that isn’t entirely true. I did manage to get in an hour nap at noon.  There are just too many errands to run. Sunny and Pepper went to the vet. I need to take Pepper back to get her booster shots. The sweetest dog in the world wants to attack anyone with a needle or a mussel.

Dropped by 2016 Gardening with Confidence’s banks statements to the accountants. Yes, that’s right, 2016. Since the day I met David 31 years ago, he has never filed taxes by April 15th. I’m beginning to think he likes it that way!

Stopped by Cindy’s to make sure everything in her garden was being watered properly. The system is new, but all the plants looked fine. While I was there, I ran the fountain to kill the mosquito wigglers.

Mowed the lawn, and watered the blueberry bushes. It’s like over night, all the water was sucked dry from Helen’s Haven.

We were sad to hear Chubby’s Tacos filed for Chapter 11. As a family, we loved that place. Hope they can work things out.


Pollinator seminar. It was the annual Guilford Master Gardeners symposium. All the speakers were great, but it wasn’t what I expected; or maybe because I’m just too familiar with the information presented.

I fell asleep driving home. It was only 5:30 in the afternoon, but since I hand’t been sleeping well, and I didn’t want any coffee so I would be able to sleep in the evening. I felt my head nod and my car go slightly to the left. That was an eye-opener. I woke up fast.

Busy, busy day! I started by watering watering the pots and the back plants of The Admin Building. Even being gone a couple of days, things were holding up despite the late hot weather.

Zac and I decided today was a great day to tackle some of the too many ghost terms in The Dovecote Garden at the Fearrington House. We carved out a small project and were satisfied. We figured we could do a couple hours every other day and will be able to knock out what we need to do.

I stopped by Camellia Forest for add two camellias in the new containers. My choice? Camellia japonica ‘Cecilia’! David Parks helped me pick them out.

The rest of the day was spent watering. My, my, there is a lot of watering. I wish it would rain, and I’m sure those in Puerto Rico being hit by hurricane Maria would love to send us some.


Finally! I needed this!

I might have slept in late, but I knew I needed to straighten up the house. When I went downstairs at 6:00, I didn’t realize just how bad it really was.

My kinds have no concept of a trash can, making their own food, and knowing when enough is enough. Throughout the already mess, there were now two empty pizza boxes, a Dominios molten chocolate box, Monster drink cans, and an empty gallon box of ice cream. To their credit, the ice cream boxes keep shrinking, so it wasn’t actually really 64 ounces. It looked like the remains of a frat party of a kindergarten’s free food for all gluttony event!

I never mind having to get my car serviced at my local Exxon since I can spend time at Hereghtery’s for a coffee or a glass of wine. Since my apt was at 11:00, I opted for wine…JK. I had a nice 2% milk cappuccino.

This is the last weekend before the begin setting up for the NC State Fair.

I like seeing the vendors getting their last visit in, and I especially like it in November when then start back up. This year, the flea market will reopen Saturday, November 4, 2017. It wasn’t an especially fruitful day for finds at the Raleigh Flea Market, but it was still a great time walking around.

Then it was off to the NC State Farmers Market. My treat? A departure from the famed butter croissant from La Farm Authentic French Bakery. Instead, I had a large soft pretzel from the German baker. It was OK, but the ones in Philly are still the best, whereas, the croissants from La Farm fro Cary are as good if not better than those in Paris!


We took Rebecca out for brunch to First Watch for her birthday. It’s always a good idea to go to First Watch!

…even with coffee, I came home to take a nap…what did they put in these fresh avocados!

I walked around the garden to see if there was something I could jump into, but really, she is all her beginning fall glory. Things could be done, but it’s also nice to watch the autumn fall in place, without me tidying up. I love seeing all the birds, bee, and butterflies, plus spiders, and other food for someone soon. Fall is a great time to just be in the garden, and not do; but unlike just being in the garden in the winter, fall has the most going on as at the wildlife prepare for the next big adventure in their lives. Just like we do…


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