Gardner Roll Call: Monday, October 2, 2017

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Warm, mid 80s, low 90s, and dry! The weather broke on Friday with only a high of 75ºF.




Got in early, because I was leaving mid-day to have lunch with Robin and Kate. I believe this is our 20th year. Lunch at Mez in Durham.

Watered everything well, then began cutting back some to tidy up.


Stopped by Southern States in Carrboro to pick up a few Helianthus for the Fearrington House Dovecote Garden. Picked up an Amsonia for The Goat.

Stopped by Circle City Printing to check on our fall shirt and outerware order. There is a new owner!

Towards the end of the day, I looked at the courtyards under my care: Park Inn Rooms 17-26,  32, 33, 34, 35, to see how it all looked and to gauge the amount of time before I needed to put fall/winter plantings in. Well, one thing led to another and I started puling out summer annuals. They were just looking too leggy. I was ready to see them go.


My day IN; and by in I mean in the garden. The last few Wednesdays have been so crazy busy, I’ve neglected my garden, but other things needed to be done.

By 8:00, I headed into Helen’s Haven, the Bee Better Teaching Garden for some September, soon to be October, but the feeling was more like the end of October. Everything is happening quickly this fall, and indeed fall came early. Leaves are falling, flowers are fading, and must everything needs a drink. I’ll forever be thankful for building a waterwise design. I’m certain things would have looked a lot worse given these beds receive no supplemental water.  I did have to water the newly planted and container plants.

Cleaned out the girls coop. It had been a while, but with the run, the coop stays cleaner for longer.

Pulled oxalis weeds out of the emerald zoysia.

Moved the remaining magnolia limbs to the fire wood pile and the leaves to the street.

Blew the paths of leaves. I like when the leaves fall and don’t mind them at all, but the I like the paths clear. The leaves are just blown into the surrounding beds.

Deadheaded and deadleaf.


Thursday was a whirled wind. I needed to leave early to attend a school social at STMA where Lily goes. David and I are both always going in crazy different directions, we had to meet there. That is par for the course. It was nice, and I was able to meet a couple from Lourdes who take Davids core exercise mission class at the Church.

Lily didn’t go to school today saying she was sick. She didn’t come home until 5:30 am. Hump. I left the school social to check on her alibi. It didn’t hold water. I knew it didn’t either. What alerted me? She said she was over her friend’s house but soon didn’t feel well and didn’t want to drive home. That wasn’t what alerted me. It was the fact that she got up, supposedly, to come home at 5:30. Bwwwwaaahahahahhaha. That child won’t wake up at 5 to do anything. Anything! Clearly she stayed the night out and up, which is something she can do since she is such a night owl, and got home at 5:30. Kids!?! Can’t live with them; can’t live without them.


Attended the Raleigh Bee City Community Stakeholder Meeting. In attendance were the office of sustainability members, Megan Anderson, Cindy Holmes, and Paula Stroup.  Also present were two horticulturists from the City of Raleigh, two representatives from the Natural History Museum, a rep from the NC Wildlife group, and Rebekah Beck, General Manager at Raleigh City Farm. It was a short meeting going over expectations and where we can begin with the inventory.

I’m so excited to see this happen. A couple of years ago, I sent an email to our Mayor, Nancy McFarlane, about becoming a certified Bee City USA participant, but the timing wasn’t right.

With a celebrity in the name, that being a BEE, it gets people’s attention, but it’s really about raising awareness for all pollinators and sustainable practices to ensure our future.

I got to work late, and started straight away on watering. Donna is on vacation, so we were all assigned some of her watering. I got her two native beds in front of the book store.

At the end of the day, I treated myself, again, to one of The Goat’s wood-fired pizza and a beer. It’s such a wonderful way to end the week!


Today, I had to get serious about the Bee Better Teaching garden at the NC State Fair. It won’t be long now! I put a few plants in, but more importantly, I figured out where the feeders and water should go. Filling with ways to feed the wildlife and using these as examples to educate is how we roll!

I worked in the chicken run again. I do seem to spend a lot of time in that run. I’ve been adding more rock around the perimeter to re-enforce the edge from predators I also smoothed out some of the lumps within. The the run first opened, the ground within was flat and even. Over the months, my girls dig and bathe in the dirt, but there are some areas that didn’t get touch, and as such, were lumpy. Maybe I’m too ODC over this type of thing, but they I wondered why. Well, it was still lumpy because it was a clay mound. I took a pick axe and broke it up. I have a couple more loads of rocks to add. We have plenty at work, piles of them, so I get some over the week.


A lazy day…spent a couple of hours puttering in the garden, but it wasn’t much. My time spent was more to just be outside. Took Aster to his fishing hole, picked him up after 1.5 hours and then took to work. Yes, lazy, lazy. I did get the WILDLIFE transport cleaned.


David  cooked pork chops on the grill. It was perfect grilling weather.



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