Gardeners Roll Call: Monday, October 30, 2017

Posted by on October 30, 2017


Fall is definitely here! Chilly starts, 70ish days, cool  nights.


Monday evening, 2.25 glorious inches!

The rain blessings continue to rein with 1.2 inches Saturday evening!



I’m hoping I’m updating tomorrow that we got lots of rain. It’s looking promising. At least it was cloudy today, so that helps with not loosing so much water.

Arrived late at work since I tore down the NC State Fair Bee Better Demonstration Garden. Next year, the them will be all about bees. I can clearly see now how I want this education opportunity to look. I’m already looking forward to this year. On Wednesday, I’ll plant some bee friendly plants to peak at the fair next year.

I was frantic at work today. Not totally weirded out, but enough to feel Like I was behind. I guess it’s because I came in late. I made an immediate round to see what might be thirsty and started there. Last week, I sent Greg; a concept design of an area, so we met to talk about that. We didn’t finalize anything, but Greg addressed several other areas in the Roost to discuss.

There were three azaleas he wanted removed. I knew this from other discussions. He didn’t want them used on the property, part of his native endeavor, so I brought them home to give them a second chance.

Greg also wanted a dogwood and autumn olive pruned. I worked a little bit on both of those.

So what did I do then? I clocked out and drove to Cam Too Nursery, the wholesale center for Camellia Forest. Yesterday during a walk-around, I sited placement for 10. When I was first building Helen’s Haven, I wanted the back area to be filled with camellias. I’m not sure why I didn’t make that happen. As I continue my privacy hedge along the south side, I bought five Camellia sasanqua  ‘Shishigashira’  and five C. sasanqua ‘Setsugekka’. These are two of my favorites. In general, I’m all about the sasanquas. I like their openness and the simple flower. For a camellia lover, this is probably very boring.

After I pruned the dogwood and osmanthus, I brought home the sticks so I could use them as sales. What are sales, you ask? Well, it’s part of wattle edging. My story in Triangle Gardener is a how-to for this. More later.


We did get rain last night!

Our fall clothing order was ready, I so stopped by to pick up before our weekly meeting Greg had asked for a shirt for himself; but what he didn’t know was that I order one for his son to match. The moment was precious.

The 30′ by 30′ 180 event tent was erected in the Roost sitting area, near the back. Jorge limbed up some trees, took the three large lighted grapevine balls so the could be moved inside the tent. I ran into our General Manager, Theresa who was arranging tables. She asked if I have any time to help her. Of course! I’d make the time. We move all of one set to that area (and moved the other sets out.) It was like musical chairs. We had to wait for all of them to be moved over since there were being used. Imagine us asking, are you done with your chair? How about the table? Mind if we trade it you? 😉

We will also be adding festive twinkly lights and either lights or small containers on the table tops. Some of the edging around the tent corner stakes needs to be moved some. I suppose that will happen when I’m out tomorrow.

Afterwards, I checking in with Bett to see if today was a slow day for her so I could use the van. She did need it to move a big arrangement, but there was no set time.

It has been very difficult to get the van to use to pick up the last of the pansies. I told my husband the sequence of events over the two week period, and all he could do was scratch his head. Lots of drama. Who’s on first? Yadda, yadda, yadda, I did get the pansies with a tire in the passenger seat.

Once the 29 flats were unloaded, I brought the van back to Bett. I then needed to make a Lowe’s run, and then write a couple of design concepts.


My day IN! No Miguel today. 🙁 I still had plenty to do, and what he needs to do doesn’t require me being here. I still wanted to make sure he was paid, so I sorta need to be around.

I stripped leaves from the Osmanthus and dogwood stems I brought home earlier this week. They will make perfect sails for wattle edges. A project I will do this summer.

Planted the ten camellias I picked up at Cam Too on Monday.

Used the truck to pick up a two loads of mulch. It’s buy one get one free time! I started at the front this time. Normally, when I get a dropped load, I start in the back to do the hardest first. Since this is on two truck loads, I started at the front north side walkway where it was most visible.

I finished the sides and made it up the path to the upper garden, and then around the soccer field edge. I also had enough to put around the camellias and to plant garlic. Zac’s Mom, Grace gave me some bulbs from her garden. I’ve never really had good luck with growing garlic. My timing was right, as in this time of the year, but after talking to Zac, I think I over watered them. He said put them in about six inches of mulch over loose soil. We shall see.


Today, I experienced the beginnings of my first Fearrington Pumpkin Fest. We gleaned a farm for carving and decorative pumpkins. What was so cool, the guys could team up and get super big ones. We come in on Saturday to cut and carve. Sunday is Pumpkin Fest, so we get everything set up in the morning, I can’t wait!


Bring in 14 small terra cotta pots; they will be used to hold napkins on the tables under the big ten.


Used bamboo to stake the tall boxwood on the South side of the Park Inn rooms

Took down the zinnias in the Penny Beds. Sad day. They were a big hit and I’ll repeat it for next year.

Zac and I planted the gold shore juniper at the Silo Beds. I later went back and cut down anything that wasn’t stellar and added mulched.


Top on my list today was to coat the 100 tobacco sticks with Thompson Water Seal.  Only a hundred to go! Remember, last week, I soaked each end for at least an hour. Today, I only needed the brush the sides of each. They are now ready for Miguel to install.

The landscape crew worked today gutting pumpkins for Pumpkin Fest, and then the garden crew and chefs came in to carve pumpkins.

I did several, but soon realized mine looked like it was done by a third grader. No offense to third graders…


Working! Today is Pumpkin Fest at Fearrington Village.


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