Gardeners Roll Call: Monday, November 6, 2017

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Cold, cold, cold…

…then warm, warm, warm.




After a ten hour day yesterday, using muscles I haven’t used in years, I was dragging all day today!

Did some plant shopping at Southern States. Picked up a sweet box, Sarcococcaa and the carex, Carex oshimensis ‘Evergold’ for the container in Park Inn Room 32. Also picked up a Illicium parviflorum ‘Florida Sunshine’ anise, Viburnum obovatum ‘Mrs. Schiller’s Delight’.

I first became familiar with ‘Mrs. Schiller’s Delight’ while curating the Viburnum Garden at the JC Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh. It was love at first sight. I bought one, of course, but it died the first winter, yet, the JCRA version did fine. I learned others were loosing their ‘Mrs. Schiller’s Delight’. The arb took note of this.

The JCRA began to take cuttings of their viburnum and put it into production. Now you can buy Viburnum obovatum ‘Raulston Select’. Scientifically, they should be the same as the ‘Raulston Select’, only more cold hardy. However, having grown both, I’ve found the ‘Mrs. Schiller’s Delight’ has larger and less attractive leaves than the ‘Raulston Select’. If you are in Zone 7a and faced with the decision of which one to buy, I’d choose ‘Raulston Select’.

“Florida Sunshine’ for Park Inn Room 34. Someone is staying there tonight, so Hopefully, I can change out the container tomorrow. Turns out it’s someone famous, but I shall be discrete, and found it to be might cool!

Lighted pumpkins with Donna, Wendy, and Ryan. I need to propose a compromise. The other on the gardening team sees great value in having the pumpkins lighted with real candles. OK, I get it. The kids watch during the beginning of the Fest. But the next two days I think we can got LED.

Watered the plants inside the Park Inn Rooms.

Swept rock off the path in the Roost. It’s a Monday morning thing.


Still dragging.

Weekly meeting.

Another good day for plant shopping. It wasn’t until later in the afternoon that I began to feel normal again.

Stopped by Garden Supply for two camellias, Camellia x ‘Yume’ for the containers at the Admin Nest and Campbell Road Nursery for parsley,


My day IN!

Replace iPhone screen. I dropped my phone while taking pictures of carved pumpkins at Fearrington Village Pumpkin Fest. Got a new case and the invisible screen protection.

Miguel and I finished the tobacco fence panels. Miguel built the frames–four in all. There are nine sticks per foot, with a total length of 25 feet. I stained the frames and then the remainder of the 100 tobacco sticks.

I still need eight more, but it’s basically finished. And the Raleigh Flea Market opens again Saturday! I’ll be there, so I might find more.

Met with Bath Fitter to see about a price for the girl’s tub. I ran out of time, so he wasn’t able to get my 1970 metal tub style to put in the order. He’ll come back on Saturday to do so.


While I was gone yesterday, Jorge and guys cleared out the grass in the Admin Peninsula Beds. Monday, I’ll get the rest of the plants, but I did manage to weed and lay some gravel rock today. I’ll need more, but I was too tired to do so today.

Planted pansies in Park Inn Room, 21-24 and mulched.

Pulled summer annuals in Park Inn Rooms 17-20, added pansies and mulched.

Weeded out the wire grass around one of the crape myrtles in front of the Admin Building. The other three need it. They take a while, so it’s no easy task.


Trade out summer annuals along the Park Inn Building fence.

Added more pansies to Park Inn Room 34. Filled the pond to the tippy-top. I’ll check first thing Monday to see how fast it’s dropping. Mentioned this to Greg, so it’s now on his radar.

Weeded the other three areas around the crape myrtles.


It’s dark outside as I write this. The time is 7:23 AM. I have such mixed feelings about the upcoming time change. For one, I find it incredibly hard to adjust. More importantly, at this moment, I’m ready to go outside to garden, but I can’t see. Yesterday after work I was able to garden for two hours (mainly b/c I got off a little early.) It’s a trade, I guess. I’ll be able to garden in the mornings, but not after work. So what’s the problem with this trade? The mornings are colder than the evenings; at least today it’s nice a balmy. Worked in Helen’s Haven the Bee Better Teaching Garden today. It was a lovely morning to be working outside.

It was a glorious day in the garden. Mostly I worked over on the South side, preparing the area for landscape edging. I got to use my chainsaw 😉 I limbed up everything on that side so I can have a path on the back side of my garden if needed. It loots really great!

Visited the UNC Botanical Garden Sculpture in the Garden Event. This weekend is one of the few free weekends I have until the new year. Took advantage of doing some fun things.

This one was my favorite!

This is one event I never fail to miss! When I was at the botanical garden, of course I took a look around. I found this fern in the Coastal NC section. It wasn’t labeled, so I joined a Fern Facebook Group and found my answer in 10 minutes. It is a xxx

I would have purchases one of these faces called, Harmony, but they didn’t have a Polish face :(. I loved them though.

Met with Bath Fitter again. Finally, they were able to get a good measurement. It will be about a month to be installed

Straightened up the garden some. Life has been so busy, I need to get to some finish some projects that have been piling up.

The  NC Flea Market reopens today after the fair. I think this is one of the best times ever to go. I found 12 more tobacco sticks and a very cute country-looking bird house made from old barn wood.

Worked in the pollinator bed to clear it out more. the huge helianthus stems are so big, I think it would be best to let the yard waste collectors pick them up. Otherwise, all else I cleared up were cut into 4 to 6 inch size pieces and spread around. When I make another pinestraw run, I’ll begin covering these.


Bagged up most of yesterday’s cuttings. Tied up the woody stems from trees and shrubs for fire wood later this year.

Transplanted Sacred Lilies, Rohdea japonica, to under the red maple. This should finish the adding of a ground cover undergrowth for this area. Looks great, don’t you think?

Watered new transplant and added shrubs. With the cooler weather, I’m not panicking; I just want to be sure I stay on top of things.

Stopped by Lowes to pick up 11 more landscape timbers for the edging along the south side of the garden.This will better keep the mulch in place. I set them out; Miguel will be here on Thursday to work on it. When I check out, the price seemed high. I asked the price and she said 7$. I said I thought they were 5$. Then it dawned on me to ask, what size are they? She said 8 foot. Ah! I thought I couldn’t carry 8 foot so was getting 6 foot. Good on me!

Harvested sunchokes also know as Jerusalem artichoke Helianthus tuberous. The will be cooked with onion and fresh Polish Kielbasa from the NC Farmers Market. Kielbasa is a staple in our house, but it is usually served with potatoes, so I made two batches. One for me and the other to keeps the others from complaining.


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