Gardeners Roll Call: Monday, November 27, 2017

Posted by on November 27, 2017


Cool nights and beautiful days.


No rain this week



Focus on the HWY Beds. The renovation is nearly complete.

It’s kinda hard to tell from this picture, but the HWY Beds are almost done. I spent most of my day there finalizing everything.

  1. Three flats of pansies were added per side.
  2. I dug 3-gallon place holders for five dwarf blueberries (we already had one), three on each side. I ordered them from Southern States and will be available next Thursday.
  3. Each bed received 45 Color Blends Daffs blooming, early, mid, and late season.
  4. Each side also has patches of red wheat, barley, and oats. Zac grew them out in containers, and they were set in be beds that way. We think this will be a very interesting look.

I’ll talk with Jorge about getting the irrigation reconfigured, and we should be good to go!

I did have some extra time to work one side of the two pairs of peninsula beds, affectionally known as the new Penny Beds.  Next week, I’ll plant each of the four beds with Aladdin’s Carpet, a Color Blends product with five types of species tulips and two types of grape hyacinth, Muscari armeniacum.

Stopped by Southern States in Carrboro. Picked five ferns for the new “rock” garden outside Park Inn Room 34. I also had to fill the pond again; I’m convinced now we have a leak.

And finally, I added four Illicium floridanum mexicanum ‘Woodland Ruby’ to Julian’s old area as you enter the Meeting Rooms.




Dre starts today. We get to have him for three hours a week. I like the guy. We would chat when he worked at the Culinary Garden some, just to keep things weeded and watered. Today, we deadheaded, deadleafed, raked, pulled out any melted annuals; then Dre plant a flat of pansies and a bag of tulips.  After Dre was finished for the day, I went back to Southern States for three boxwood ‘Sunburst’ to go into the Breakfast Room bed.

I planted the boxwood then started around the Dovecote Beds to begin the cut backs. There is a lot to do. If I have time tomorrow, I do a little more. I’m leaving a half day early thought, and I know I have a lot of watering to do!


My primary task today was to water in all the new plantings well. I won’t return until Monday, so they will need a good drink before I turn my back on my beds.

My #gardengoals also included cleaning up the Dovecote Bed (across from the Breakfast Room.) This was thrilling. I wasn’t sure if I would have the time, but did and it made my day. That includes all the beds in my care with regards to removing the old so I can concentrate on adding the new!

I picked up a 10 pound fresh, brimmed turkey from The Butcher’s Market. While I was there, I picked up a few other things that looked yummy.

I spoke with a garden scout who is interested in my garden either for Garden & Gun or Martha Stewart Living. I’ll work on the pitch this weekend. Honored!!!


Thanksgiving! We stayed home. David and I really needed some downtime. I cooked, of course, and all the kids were here as well as a friend of Lily and Bud’s boyfriend.

This year I got the turkey from The Butcher’s Market.



We were all set to go to Raven Rock hiking for the day, but we woke up tired and lazy. Most of the day was spent writing and organizing pictures.

I also went into the attic to bring down my Santa collection. They are scattered around the house. I’m not entertaining this Christmas, so I will keep things low key.


More cut backs and continued with the leaf clean up.


Cut back the ‘Sheffield Pinks’ in the River Bed.

Genya stopped by to pick up Rupert. I miss him already.

Cut back the Mixed Border.

Raked leaves.

Watered where needed including the new camellia bushes and the pansies.

Made a couple of moss containers for work.

Met with Genya at the University Club. NCSU played Carolina, and we could hear when there was a touchdown!


Ah, the best laid plans…

Took down the cherry tree.

Train the trumpet vine on the viburnum.

Water Garden House plants.

Went to the Flea Market.

Instead, I wok at 10:15 AM. Boy, I needed it. What was left of the day, I the day spent writing. It felt good getting caught up.


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  1. Debby West says:

    I love the moss pots! Go big! What type of moss are you using?
    I also love your description & info tag for Illicium Floridanum ‘Ruby Falls’. I have shady places in my back garden for that plant.
    This is such a busy time of year in the Garden – pruning plants that are going dormant (crinums,etc) planting bulbs, winter ornamentals, adding mulch, etc. AND interior home cleaning & decorating for the holidays. Oh what fun!
    Congratulations for your beautiful garden being considered for “Garden & Gun” & “Martha Stewart”. They are smart folks. Well deserved kudos!

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