Gardeners Roll Call: Monday, December 4, 2017

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Added the moss pots to the Meeting Rooms Wall.  Swept out the leaves.

Watered the Dovecote and the Goat.

Swept and watered the Breakfast Entrance.

Watered the new anise as you enter the Meeting Rooms.


Another busy day in paradise!

Finally, I found the time to trade out plants from the ATM Beds and the Roost Fence. They are looking mighty fine. I planted tulips and pansies. I still need to mulch, and hope to do that on Thursday.

The ATM Beds 

Doing both those beds took a good part of the day, especially considering we had our weekly meeting. Zac, Greg, and I looked over Zac’s plan for the Meeting Rooms. We got approval, and Zac did a great job!

We didn’t have time to discuss the Dovecote Bed (as opposed to the Dovecote Garden.) Zac and I decided that back area would be ideal for a forrest look. We did get approval on adding seven Fothergilla ‘Mount Airy’. I’ll go to Piedmont Carolina on Monday to pick up. I think I’ll get four for me too. I have one in the Back 40 (feet), and it is beautiful! They will look fabulous along the back fence.

While over at the Dovecote Bed, I added two more Oakleaf hydrangeas ‘Snow Queen’. The ones already there are gorgeous!!! The fall texture color them is going to be dynamite.

I sent this picture to Zac to see if the white pot was bugging him too. As I look a the bed for the future design, I don’t see a place for it. But it might just be my predgious. I’ll wait to see what Zac says.

Zac suggested I  paint it. Well, don’t you know, I’ll be all over that!

Added ‘Blue Bunny’ Carex to the element below.


My day IN.

Changed the office/guest bedroom around to be more efficient.

David and I met with our financial advisor. Since the stock market is up, so we are happy, happy campers!!!

Picked up more pinestraw. Will lay this weekend.

David talked to the City of Raleigh about the landscaping edging

My old office is back to doing double duty. I moved things around, and trapped as many dust bunnies as I could get ahold of (with no safe release) and put a single bed in there for a guest room. I’m planning to find a daybed with a trundle to be more functional. But I’v got time.


Mulch the ATM Beds and the Roost Fence area.

Add landscape soil to the two hydrangeas I added in the Dovecote Bed, now known as the East Lawn…or is the West Bed? They were squeezed in between roots. I thought I would plant them high, not me silly, the root balls! Now I need to give them some upper support.

Put together order for Piedmont Carolina.

Greg and I talked about making some changes across from the ATM Beds.  Slowly, we want to reclaim the liriope that was added seven or so years ago.


At the entrance to the seating area from the Goat, I extended the left-side bed. Next week, I’ll remove some of the liriope on the other side and then transplant mums ‘Sheffield Pinks’ on both sides of the entrance.

Dre and I met with Zac over at the Meeting Rooms to help clean out, pull out, and relocate. Zac is doing a renovation, and this was the first step.


I couldn’t sleep. I was on deadline for a garden story in Australia. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get the needed info and a finished, polished story by December 7th. I did the layout and reviews what I do know so I can begin filling in the info. That will be a Saturday morning adventure.

I had one thing on my mind today–the Penny Beds. In mid-November, I pulled or cutback to groom the area after a debilitation frost. The leaves were still falling, so I didn’t want to plant straight away; I waited until today. Well, I got two of the four, at least.

This year I tried something new to me. Colorblends offers Aladdin’s Carpet, a mix of low growing naturalizing bulbs. I’m not so naive to think the beds will look like the picture below the first, but it’s a start. Maybe in three years and each of the bulbs thrive, I’ll come close. But every journey requires the first step.  I’m super excited to see what they will do in the spring.

That was all I had time to do today. I was pretty much spent and out of hours, so I got to head home early. This allowed me to water the recently planted camellias.


Began writing the Australian story for Small Gardens.

Bath Fitter came by to put my tub back together. I can’t wait to have my new space. I bought new towels and a new run, one of those curable wall-to-wall ones especially for bathrooms.

Planted a few hellebores that I absconded with from Jenny’s Board Rooms area we are renovating. Ok, I didn’t abscond them…I did it with everyone knowing, but saying I snuck them out makes a better story. 🙂

David and I, plus the kids are FINALLY on the same mobile phone plan. Don’t ask.


Laid 12 pinestraw in areas where the leaves were done falling.

Blew leaves in Helen’s Haven.

I stopped by my favorite client’s garden, Cindy, to trade out her summer annuals for winter ones.




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