Gardeners Roll Call: Monday, December 18, 2017

Posted by on December 18, 2017



None to speak of. A little sprinkle Saturday evening.



It was a easy day from the standpoint I had one thing on my mind. Getting mulch in the East Lawn Garden Bed and rescue our native Christmas ferns for to replace hellebores on the left of the House street entrance.

After I did this, I got three more golf cart loads of mulch and started spreading it all along the East Lawn Garden bed.


Mulched the East Lawn Bed. Came up some design ideas to add more plantings there as well. Watered the entire day. I would move the sprinkler every half hour intervals.


My day in was out and about. So many errands! bookdropoffbankExxonPenderwholesalenursuryWalmart(yikes)TheButcherMarketCoscoTraderJoesRiteAidHarrisTeeterLibrary

We had my girlfriend’s garden club (Bloomsbury) Christmas party. It was so much fun!!!



The gardeners hosted the 9th annual Christmas party with the Florist and house keeping. It was lots of fun and GREAT food.

Finally got each of the courtyards in the Park Inn Rooms blown out. Also began putting down mulch. Park Inn Room 34, where I staying Sunday evening for a writers retreat. Since I will be staying there, I wanted it to be looking nice. Tomorrow, I’ll add pansies and bulbs. Everything will be all ready for my arrival!

Helped Zac remove Indian Hawthornes from The Red Room and plant 10 climbing fig, Ficus pumila.


Mulch, mulch, mulch! I have a short day today, but we also have Dre mulching this afternoon. I focused on the street entrance to the House and the Dovecote. Also added more pansies to the Dovecote bed.


Spent the morning with my friends at WPTF on the Weekend Gardener. Today, I shared the mike with Mike Raley, of course and Ann Clapp and Josh Logan with Logan’s Trading Company.

I began going through each bookshelf, closet, drawer, and under the bed. I am going to do a massive a clean up.

On today’s list, the bookcase in my office, and then the rest of the office/guest bedroom. I still can’t find the truck keys or the Buick title. Onward to the next messy room!

After that wore me out, and the temperatures warmed (somewhat) I decided to do a little in the garden. There were a couple of plants I needed to get into the ground and I still needed to finish the pinestraw after all the cutbacks were done and the leaves fell. I was able to get a boat load of pinestraw from friends, but to finish out, I think I need to purchase some. And where do I go for long-needle pine? Campbell Road Nursery..


I had the morning at home, but at 11:30, I headed to Fearrington Village where I created a writer”s retreat. I’ll have 24 hours of writing. David is coming to visit for dinner. I can’t think of a better way to get caught up on writing while I’ll live in the lap of  luxury, and celebrate the Christmas season with my husband of 30 years.

David and I had a wonderful time during dinner. The food was the closest to a religious experience I’ve ever had!


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