Gardeners Roll Call: Monday, January 8, 2018

Posted by on January 8, 2018


Another record cold week. We are getting very close to our hardiness zone limit with 11ºF two nights this week.


Snow, 0.5 in.



New Year’s Day. It’s been eighteen years when we thought the new Millennium would bring chaos to our digital world. We are still here.

Most of the day was spent working on a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the micro-greens. It took a while, but it is definitely coming together.


At first, I thought it was going to be another inside day. My morning commute clocked in at 15ºF. That’s cold! However, after such a frigid start, and after yesterday, when it reached 31ºF, it felt balmy. I managed a good three hours of maintenance, primarily cutting back beds of hellebores.

I also arrived late since I had a dentist appointment.Then the team was taking down the Christmas trees. I was only there for the remaining two. 😉 Then we had our weekly meeting. So yea, I was in the garden from noon to three; then the temperatures started dropping quickly!

Once back in the office, I put in my pre-order for annuals from Campbell Road Nursery. I started looking at seed catalogs, and will continue tomorrow, my day IN.


My day IN. I have a little writing to do, and need to finish cleaning the rooms I didn’t finish during my Christmas Holiday Blitzkrieg. Remaining was half of the kitchen and hall, half the family room, and the Master Bedroom. It felt so good to finish!!!

Did you know we’ve made advancements to this level in digital printing? 3D Printer houses!!!


I just wasn’t in the mood. After I cleaned our room, I sat down to watch the new PBS series, The Vietnam War, by Ken Burns.


SNOW DAY! Well it finally came. This was s strange storm in that it came from the south. Charleston, SC got more than we did. But still, it was enough to email my boss and say I brought work home, is it alright if I work from here? YES! he said.

Since I use my own computer at work, I had all I needed to tweak the Fearrington micro green SOPs. It’s shaping up nicely. Tomorrow, we’ll start getting pictures.

I took a break from that to clean the kitchen.

Next up was writing a story about the Fearrington Village Gardens for Triangle Gardener.

Went to the Rialto Theathre in Raleigh to see the Darkest Hour.


I made it into work. All was well until 64, and truly this wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t treated. It was a little dicey, icy, but it was nothing until I got to Mt. Gilead Church Road. It was solid white.

But I made it, so I worked mostly on inside stuff. I also worked on watering the Park Inn Rooms and making notes on what changes I want to make.


I stopped by work for a few hours to make up some hours. Mostly, I tool care of the birds. I needed more black-oiled sunflower seed, and I filled the feeders and made sure the birds had some fresh water.




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