Plants With Benefits

Posted by on September 5, 2013

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Are some plants aphrodisiacs, or is that just a myth? Garden expert and plant detective Helen Yoest takes us on a romp through history, lore and ethnobotany to find out how 50 of these plants got their “hot” reputation – and what modern science has to say about it. Discover which common garden plants and favorite edibles have that “something extra,” and why. Plants With Benefits is filled with lush photography, growing tips, and recipes for preparing teas, potions and tasty treats for your pleasurable use. Can a plant create feelings of arousal, contentment or receptivity? It looks like the answer is yes. This is the first book about selecting garden plants for their sex appeal.

2 responses to “Plants With Benefits”

  1. Linda Morse says:

    The Village Garden Club of La Jolla had Helen Yoest as our speaker for December. Not only was she a well spoken and knowledgeable gardener, she was vivedly entertaining. We purchased her books for ourselves and as Christmas gifts for our friends. We are enjoying the information and recipes and hope to have Helen back for another presentation this coming year! I highly recommend this beautiful book for gardeners and foodies too!

  2. HelenYoest says:

    Thanks for your nice words, Linda! Y’all were the best group ever!

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