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Umstead Hotel and Spa: Winter Interest Under Way

Posted by on December 18, 2009

Winter Interest Under Way For Umstead Hotel and Spa In the winter, the garden is often thought of as the pause season until spring returns; an interruption in the time when a garden can be beautiful. Often, the winter season isn’t based on the solstice, but rather, from first to last frost; too long a […]

Elizabethan Gardens delight visitors

Posted by on June 4, 2009

Metro Magazine Here’s the originial copy: The Elizabethan Gardens By Helen Yoest The Elizabethan Gardens is a unique American garden, with a definite nod to 16th century England.  Built on the site of the first English colony in the New World and staying authentic of the era, these gardens offer a wide appeal. Horticulturists, nature […]

Thomas Sayre’s latest earthcasting

Posted by on March 6, 2009

My March column for Metro Magazine is about Thomas Sayre’s latest earth casting for Eliza Kraft-Olander. It’s the story of how a piece of very public art found a home down a country road in Raleigh, NC. Here also is my photo journey of the event; the art set up, curing, and curing spanned over […]