About Us

Gardening With Confidence was started by a team of gardeners who are obsessed with all aspects of gardening. Our team consists of the following people:

Marissa Morris – Owner

Marissa Morris started gardening at the age of 6 with her mother. Her mother was an avid gardener and after watching her in the garden, Marissa decided to join in one day. She has been intrigued by gardening ever since and has worked with all different types of gardens and growing tactics.

Stacy Landiwth – Co Owner

Stacy Landwith was introduced to gardening when she was a teenager and it has been an ongoing hobby for the last 20 years. She has started some of the largest gardens in her area. She met Marissa in 2011 and they decided to start Gardening With Confidence together in 2020.

Shelby Cowerd – Writer

Shelby Cowerd is a friend of Marissa and Stacy after meeting them at a local planting shop in 2015. Although she has only been seriously into gardening for about 5 years, she has really found herself to be a natural. Shelby does some of the writing for Gardening With Confidence at this time and is looking to grow her presence in the company!