Gardening Trick: Using Crystals

For millennia, humans have been attracted to crystals and gemstones for their eye-catching beauty and their energy enhancing properties. Many people use crystals in their daily life for beauty, healing, focus and good luck, but the natural qualities of crystals can bring this power to many aspects of your life. Learn to use crystals in your garden to help your plants, beautify your space and bring natural harmonious balance to your own little ecosystem.

Why Use Crystals In Your Garden?

Crystals and gems have long been highly prized for more than just their sparkly looks. Historically, many cultures have harnessed the spiritual and metaphysical aspects of precious stones into their medicine, religion and lifestyles. Today, crystals continue to resonate with people and bring peace and power to many.

You can use crystals to infuse this same energy into your garden space, enhancing the natural beauty of your plants and concentrating their essence for strong and consistent growth. Both springing from the earth’s intrinsic beauty, plants and crystals are a harmonious match and give your garden a soothing and magical aesthetic. The energetic properties inherent to certain crystals can even promote plant growth, ward away pests, enhance your soil and have multiple metaphysical benefits for a happier, healthier garden.

Which Crystals Are Best For Your Plants And Soil?

Besides being beautiful just by being themselves, crystals are also often believed to have qualities that capture and channel energies in the exact same way they reflect and refract light. The clarity and color of gems and crystals often corresponds to the energies that they enhance. Good crystal choices for your garden are stones that bring balance, positivity and healing.

Clear Quartz
Although it’s a common stone, clear quartz is a crystal that’s well loved and often used for its calming, healing properties and its beautiful raw form. Naturally terminating in faceted points and ranging from crystal clear to cloudy white, clear quartz comes in many shapes and sizes. The transparent surfaces and angles that cast subtle reflections also capture and enhance emotional energy, and clear quartz crystals focus your love and hope for your garden.

Tigers Eye
With bands of earthy color in rich, rippling refractions, tigers eye is a stunning stone that’s highly prized in jewelry and decoration. Often found in the deep shimmering brown tones of polished wood, tigers eye is said to promote root growth and makes an excellent stone to place above ground in the fall and winter, when plants do their best growing underground. Like its fierce namesake, tigers eye also represents courage and protection and is a great crystal to surround your garden with guardian energy.

Promoting restfulness and abundance, moonstone is a great stone for happy plants. This lustrous silvery stone often has rainbow iridescence flashing within and draws the eye through your garden design. Calming and elegant, moonstone is one of the best choices for thoughtful gardeners.

Green calcite
Many green stones are great for gardeners and green calcite is no different. This stone is used by many to reduce stress and anxiety and promote a sense of calm. Use green calcite to bring soothing energy to your plants and your garden space.

Striking and unmistakable, malachite is a beautiful and powerful stone that features bold rings and stripes in deep emerald shades. Even raw stones show off these dramatic striations without polish. Malachite has long been associated with abundance and fertility, making it a natural garden friend.

Moss agate
Banded with swirls of light green, moss agate is often called the gardener’s stone for its soothing verdant color and its unmatchable grounding properties. Widely available polished or raw in many sizes and shapes, moss agate is one of the best crystal choices to connect you to the natural beauty of your garden. Moss agate corresponds to the heart chakra in humans and fills your garden with healing green energy.

Silvery and lustrous, cerussite is associated with prosperity and treasured by gardeners. Many believe that this stone wards away pests and brings plants protection. Cerussite often grows in large geometric clusters with a natural beauty that brings unique interest to your space.

Fairy stone
Fairy stones are rare staurolite crystals only found a few places in the world. Although they are an unassuming brown in color, these small stones grow in a distinctive crossed shape that is instantly fascinating. Some people treasure fairy stones as communicative link to the natural world, so if you love to talk to your plants, fairy stones might help them talk back.

What Is The Best Way To Place Crystals In Your Garden?
Like all aspects of your garden, your crystals should reflect your unique creative spirit and bring you joy and visual harmony. Large raw crystals can be placed as strong focal points while small stones draw energy and attention to individual plants and beds. Whether you let crystal clusters glitter from trees or place raw stones in your birdbath for woodland critters to perch on, there are many aesthetically creative ways to display your stunning stones.

If you are placing crystals for energy flow and resonance, it’s best to consider the type of stone and the desired effect. Stones meant to promote root growth are often placed at the base of plants or even buried underground while other stones are great for sick or ailing plants and should be placed close to individuals. Choose stones that resonate with you and bring peace and balance.

Crystals And Houseplants
Crystals are also a popular choice for houseplants and indoor gardens and bring many of the same calming effects to your interior. Tiny stones placed directly into pots are a great way to add interest and positive vibes to your favorite indoor plants. Choose happy and harmonious stones to turn your houseplant haven into a tiny zen garden just for you.

Our human connection to the element of earth is an ancient and powerful one, and both plants and crystals satisfy our deep need to commune with nature. The garden is a creative outlet with the power to destress, calm and heal the gardener who cares for it. Try crystals in your garden and reap the benefits of a happy, abundant and prosperous space.