Aerogarden Vs Click And Grow

Aerogarden vs Click And Grow

If you're interested in growing herbs and other plants in your own home, there are plenty of options on the market. Easy countertop growing units are a great way to get into growing your own herbs and fresh produce right in your own home.

In this article, we'll compare two of your options, the Aerogarden Harvest versus the Click and Grow.

Aerogarden vs Tower Garden

Aerogarden Vs Tower Garden

Aerogarden Harvest

Aerogarden Harvest

The Aerogarden Harvest is probably a more familiar name to you. They have been around for years and have a pretty big share of the US market when it come to countertop growing units. We have a full review on Aerogarden, if interested.

They have a pretty big variety of plants you can grow, including herbs and edible plants like lettuce as well as a selection of flowers. You can even buy sets like a salad mix or pizza herbs to fit what you regularly cook.

The seed pods contain a sponge filled with sphagnum moss that helps retain water and give your plants the nutrients they require. The Harvest offers space for up to 6 plants so you can have a variety of herbs growing in a compact unit.

Their systems generally have stronger growing lights than other systems on the market. These lights help you plant grow stronger even in weaker indoor lighting conditions.

They use a water pump to keep the water circulating. This keeps the water from getting moldy, but it can cause a bit of noise.

Aerogarden Harvest

This pump does make it a bit loud compared to other units without a pump. The Aerogarden has a lot of customization features like adjustable lights as well as a control panel that tells you when you need to add more water and nutrients.

All these features make this one of the better options on the market for experienced growers. The large list of features and customization options can make it a bit intimidating for beginners. Thankfully, the instructions are pretty clear and you can find help online easily.

The Harvest has several colors available for the unit, so you should be able to find one that will fit in your decor. The standard colors are black, white, and sage. The sage tends to be the most expensive and the black the cheapest.

Let's go over the features for the Aerogarden very quickly.

  • Has a maximum of 6 plants
  • 20 watt light with adjustable height and automatic on-off cycle
  • Maximum plant height of 12 inches
  • Water pump keeps water fresh
  • Over 50 plants available including themed sets like salsa mix and more.
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Click and Grow 3

Click and Grow 3

The Click and Grow 3 has 3 spots to grow plants in. This is a much simpler unit with only a light to indicate when you need to refill the water. This can make it a more beginner-friendly system that can also work for kids.

The Click and Grow 3 has an 8 watt light that turns on and off on a cycle so you don't need to worry about turning it on. The lights are on a modular arm so you can get a maximum of 10.2 inches of plant height with both installed.

It doesn't have a water pump, so this is a completely silent unit. This unit is incredibly simple, all you need to do is put in your plants, fill with water, and plug it in to start growing.

Click and Grow offer 44 plants to grow including flowers,herbs, and vegetables. You can even find interesting dwarf plants like dwarf peas and dwarf basil. The flowers include options like moss rose, petunias, and marigolds. Some of these are even edible, so you can use them to decorate your dishes.

Feel free to see our Click And Grow smart garden review to get the full review of their products.

Click and Grow 3

It uses a wicking system to get water into the Smart Soil the seed pods contain. You will want to keep an eye on the water and make sure it isn't getting stagnant or moldy love you have to with most hydroponic systems that don't use a water pump.

The Click and Grow 3 only comes in white, so you can't coordinate it as easily. Thankfully, white should fit in most styles, but you may be tempted to hide it if you don't have white appliances.

Let's go over the features of the Click and Grow 3.

  • 3 growing spots
  • Completely silent
  • Beginner and child friendly
  • Automatic 8 watt light on an adjustable arm
  • Maximum plant height of 10.2 inches
  • 44 plants offered
Click And Grow Smart Garden Review

Click And Grow Smart Garden Review

Aerogarden Harvest vs Click and Grow 3

Now it's time to compare these two systems head to head so you can decide which will work better for you. We'll go through a few comparison points.

Aerogarden Harvest

Aerogarden Harvest

Click and Grow 3

Click and Grow 3

Cost of Unit and Plants

The first thing that will decide most people is the cost of the unit and the seeds. Both the Aerogarden and Click and Grow are pretty close in price on most websites. The Aerogarden does have some colors go for a bit cheaper sometimes.

As for plants, 3 seed pods are a similar price from both companies. However, you can buy packs of 9 from Aerogarden to make your cost per plant lower.

Both systems have self-contained seed pods that supply the soil for the seed along with much of the nutrients it needs to get growing. The Aerogarden uses a sponge filled with sphagnum moss for the soil.

The Click and Grow utilizes what it calls Smart Soil to provide what your plants need. It also uses a wicking system to draw the water up to your plant's roots. This is a pretty classic system for growing plants hydroponically.

Winner: Aerogarden

Lighting System

Both products have an LED lighting system with adjustable height options. The Click and Grow 3 is modular and you add the extensions to change the height up to 10.2 inches. The Aerogarden has an adjustable arm that can be set to several heights and gives a maximum plant height of 12 inches.

Both are automatic systems and cycle on and off without needing your input. The Click and Grow 3 has an 8 watt LED lighting system. The Aerogarden Harvest has a 20 watt LED lighting system. The greater height and stronger light make the Aerogarden the clear winner.

Winner: Aerogarden

Plant Options

Both offer a great selections of seeds to pick from. The Click and Grow has 44 seed pods to choose from. This includes plenty of edible plants and even some flowers.

Aerogarden has a larger selection at over 50 plants to pick from. You can buy sets like a salad mix, salsa mix, or more. No matter which you pick, you'll have plenty of plants to try growing. The winner isn't too clear here since you might prefer the selection from one over the other.

We suggest you look over the available plants before picking which unit to buy. Both have plenty of options to choose from, but the Aerogarden has a bit more variety overall. Either will give you plenty of options to grow.

Winner: Tie

Controls and Ease of Use

Both units run their lighting automatically. The Click and Grow 3 is a pretty simple unit to operate. The only indicators on the unit are to let you know when the water or nutrients need to be refilled.

It has no pump, and the water level is indicated with a float so you know where the level is. It's a pretty simple system and all you need to do is put in your seed pods, fill with water and plug in.

It's a very easy system to run even for children. If you want your children to learn where food comes from, the Click & Grow can be something they can use in their own.

The Aerogarden Harvest is a bit more complicated. The lighting system is automatic, but it is more customizable. It also has a water pump to circulate your water and keep it from getting stagnant. The control system can make it slightly harder to use if you're a beginner.

The Click and Grow wins out just slightly for ease of use. However, don't be too intimidated by the Aerogarden Harvest. It is also easy, it just als for a bit more from you than the simple system of the Click and Grow 3.

Winner: Click and Grow 3


This is another important factor when deciding on which to buy. The Click and Grow 3 offers 3 spots to grow a plant in. This makes it great if you want just a few of the herbs you use the most or a few greens for salads.

For the same price, the Aerogarden Harvest offers space for up to 6 plants. This gives you more variety and a larger harvest. We have to give the win to the Aerogarden here. More plants in practically the same space is much better in our opinion.

Winner: Aerogarden

Owner Experience

Both the Aerogarden and the Click and Grow have many satisfied owners. Both units are well-reviewed. The Aerogarden has a few more reviews, but they are very comparable overall.

Winner: Tie

Size and Looks

Both units have a similar size. The Aerogarden Harvest is 11x8x15 inches. The Click and Grow 3 is 11.8x4.7x18.5 inches. This makes them a similar size and they will both take up about as much counter space. Either should fit easily enough on a table or countertop so you can set it anywhere you have an outlet nearby.

As far as color, the Aerogarden Harvest is the winner. It has 3 colors to pick from. You can buy it in sage, white, and black. The Click and Grow only comes in white. All of the Click & Grow line is only available in white. Aerogarden offers more options for looks and sizes over their product range.

Picking a winner isn't easy since this does depend on personal taste. We're giving it to Aerogarden since there are more options available.

Winner: Aerogarden

Best Aerogarden Reviews

Best Aerogarden Reviews

Pros and Cons

Before we declare which one we prefer, we want to go over the pros and cons so you can compare each directly for yourself.

Aerogarden Harvest Pros

  • More growing space
  • Larger plant height
  • More customizable
  • Stronger grow lights
  • Delivers healthier plants

Aerogarden Harvest Cons

  • Pump can be noisy
  • Lights can be very bright at night

Click and Grow 3 Pros

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Delivers healthy plants
  • Minimal upkeep
  • Energy efficient

Click and Grow 3 Cons

  • Less options of experienced growers
  • Refills are a bit more expensive in the long term

Our Conclusions

If you want to grow plants on your countertops indoors, you can't go wrong with either option. Both will deliver healthy plants with ease. We prefer the Aerogarden because of the large space and more advanced control options. This doesn't mean you should pick it for yourself or for a gift.

We believe that for beginners, the Click and Grow 3 is a better option. It has a decent number of plants available and requires less fussing around. If you want to try growing your own food, this is a nice way to stay without any stress.

If you're more experienced, the Aerogarden Harvest is the better option of the two. It had more space for plants and has more plants available. You can grow more in the same space and it has more options to help you grow healthier plants.

Either one should give you plenty of tasty herbs or whatever other plant you choose to grow. If you're still confused over which to pick, please look over the comparisons and consider your general experience with plants and what you want to grow.