Aerospring Gardens Review

Aerospring Gardens Review

If you live in a city or other dense area, you may wish you could grow your own herbs and edible plants. Now you can, with the help of an ingenious, space-efficient way to grow. That growing method is called aeroponics.

Today, we'll be looking at Aerospring Gardens, a company that makes a variety of aeroponic gardens for home use.

What Is Aerospring Gardens?

Aerospring Gardens Review

Aerospring gardens is a relatively new company -- it's only been around for a little over five years. It was initially founded in Singapore, although it now delivers all over the world.

In Singapore, imported produce is often expensive, and space is tight. The founders wanted an easy, space-saving way to grow their own fresh foods, so they developed the vertical system that became the Aerospring.

Aerospring Gardens setups are all-inclusive, and you get everything you need to start growing. While it may be a bit of an adjustment, you'll find that maintenance is minimal and that it's surprisingly easy to grow your own produce.

While the company is still based in Singapore, you can order from anywhere. In order to expedite shipping and avoid customs delays, the company advises U.S. residents to shop using their Amazon store.

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How Does the Technology Work?

For those new to gardening, aeroponics may be a foreign term. Before we get into the details of Aerospring Gardens products, let's dig into what an aeroponic garden actually is.

What Does Aeroponics Mean?

Aerospring Gardens Review

The term "aeroponics" sounds like something out of the future, and in many ways, it is. Aeroponic growing means that plant roots are suspended in air -- they are not submerged in water or soil.

Aeroponic growth systems are somewhat similar to hydroponic systems. But in hydroponic systems, plant roots are submerged in water. With aeroponics, roots aren't submerged at all.

How does this work? In nature, plants gather nutrients and water from the soil. With aeroponics, your plants are misted with nutrient-infused water. This lets the roots absorb all the nutrients and water that they need.

Plants in aeroponic systems need plenty of sunlight, and Aerospring Gardens explains that you'll need to keep most of their growing kits outdoors in plentiful sunlight. The exception to this is their indoor grow kits, which come with growing lights.

Aeroponic growing is also more efficient than just about any method of growing produce. This, coupled with the automated misting that you get with Aerospring Gardens models, makes them a great choice for busy people and families.

Here's a summary of some of the great benefits of aeroponic systems:

  • They require very little maintenance.
  • You can harvest clean, dirt-free produce.
  • They can grow lots of plants in very small spaces.
  • They grow plants more quickly than other methods.
  • They are easy to use even if you don't have a green thumb.

How Do Aerospring Gardens Work?

Aerospring Gardens products are vertical aeroponic setups. The vertical design saves space, letting you grow up to 36 plants even in small areas. Most Aerospring Gardens setups are designed to be used outdoors. However, they make an indoor kit, too.

Plants are housed in hexagonal growing modules, each of which holds three plants. The modules are made of plastic, but that plastic is UV-stabilized and food safe. It's designed to hold up for years, even one extreme sunlight.

In some systems like the Aerospring Gardens Mini, you can gradually purchase more hexagonal growing modules. This lets you expand your home garden gradually instead of starting with a larger setup.

Each system comes with a tank at the bottom. To give your plants all they need to grow, you just need to fill the tank with water and nutrient solution (which you can get from Aerospring Gardens).

Systems come with a hose and a showerhead-style mister, so your plants will receive plenty of nutrient-rich water. Maintenance is easy -- you just need to top off water and nutrients as needed, as well as completely change the tank every 6-8 weeks.

Since the plants in Aerospring Gardens setups don't have soil to grow in, each seed or seedling is placed in a Grodan rockwool cube.

This speeds up growth and ensures that roots grow evenly for maximum nutrient absorption.

While Aerospring Gardens products may sound complicated to set up, the process doesn't take long at all -- most products can be set up in 15 minutes or less. The company clarifies that they do not set up systems for you, but they do include detailed directions.

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What Products Does It Offer?

Aerospring Gardens makes a few different growing stations, and they also sell just about every accessory you need to have a great growing experience. Now that we've covered the basics of aeroponics, let's take a look at what this company has to offer:

Aerospring Indoor

Aerospring Gardens Review

While most Aerospring Gardens products are made for outdoor use, this unique setup lets you grow your own edible plants in the comfort of your home. If you don't have a balcony or other outdoor growing space, this is a great option.

In order to let your plants grow optimally while indoors, this setup comes equipped with tri-band LED grow lights. The setup is housed in a hexagonal frame made out of powder-coated steel. Each panel can be unzipped for easy access to plants. You get two WiFi timers to coordinate the included lights and pumps.

The Indoor is set up to accommodate 27 plants, although it does not come with seeds. However, you get everything you need to grow, including nutrient mixes, grow pots, and Grodan rockwool cubes.

The Bottom Line: This setup is somewhat expensive, but if you're committed to growing your own food and want to do so indoors, this is an excellent, all-inclusive growing option.

Aerospring Garden Standard

Aerospring Gardens Review

If you have a balcony or other outdoor space to grow your own food, then this is an outstanding option. It's also surprisingly affordable. The Standard, like other models, has a pump housed in the wheelbase. The pole is made up of nine hexagonal growing sections, and it can accommodate 27 plants total.

The Standard also comes with a WiFi timer so you can program when the pump runs. And while you don't get plants with it, this setup also comes with grow pots, nutrient mixes, and rockwool cubes.

The Bottom Line: If you have enough sunny outdoor space, this is a great option to grow a variety of plants. If you want to grow plenty of plants but still want something relatively affordable, this is your best option.

Aerospring Garden Pro

Aerospring Gardens Review

If you want to grow even more plants than the Standard, then this is the growing option for you. With this one, you get everything you get with the Standard, but you get much more growing space. The Pro comes with 12 hexagonal growing sections instead of nine.

While it's a little taller than the Standard, it still takes up minimal space on your porch or balcony. It can accommodate an impressive 36 plants, and it comes with everything you need to start growing.

The Bottom Line: While it's a bit more expensive than the Standard, the Aeropring Garden Pro is the right choice for people who want to grow a wider variety of plants.

Aerospring Garden Mini

Aerospring Gardens Review

If you're on a budget, only have a few plants you want to grow, or just want to try your hand at aeroponics before you get too invested, the Mini is the ideal setup for you. Like its larger counterparts, it comes with a pump and everything you need to start.

The Mini comes with three hexagonal growing modules, so it can accommodate nine plants total. However, we like that you can purchase additional modules and add them. This way, if you want to expand your garden, you can do so without purchasing a new setup.

The Bottom Line: The Aerospring Gardens Mini is a great way to get into aeroponics. If you want to do a trial run before expanding, this is an ideal choice.

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What About Plants?

Aerospring Gardens Review

You may have noticed that Aerospring Gardens setups do not come with plants. Part of the reason for this is that, due to export restrictions, some plants cannot be shipped out of Singapore. However, if you live in Singapore, you can purchase directly from Aerospring.

Here are some of the plants that they offer:

  • Fresh herbs, including rosemary, parsley, coriander, and tarragon.
  • Vegetables, including edamame, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and eggplants.
  • Fruits, including cantaloupe.
  • Flowers, including butterfly pea flowers, lavender, and marigolds.
  • Greens, including arugula, Brazilian spinach, and bok choy.

It's important to note that you don't have to buy your plants from Aerospring Gardens. thanks to each kit's included rockwool cubes, it's easy to grow just about any plant from a seed or a seedling.

What About Accessories?

Aerospring Gardens Review

We mentioned above that each kit comes with everything you need to get started. But what if you run out of something like nutrient infusion?

There's no need to worry -- Aerospring Gardens lets you purchase accessories and growing supplies separately. You can purchase HexGrow nutrients, which are designed specifically for these systems. You also can buy additional rockwool cubes.

You can purchase replacement wheelbases for Aerospring Gardens systems, and you can also buy additional hex modules to expand your current setup.

The Verdict: Is Aerospring Gardens Worth It?

Growing your own food is an environmentally-conscious way to eat healthier, and aeroponic systems can help you do it. That said, not all aeroponic systems are created equally, but we think Aerospring Gardens is the real deal.

These systems are ingeniously designed to take up as little space as possible, and they're also made to be extraordinarily easy to maintain. You can set pumps (and lights, if applicable) on a timer, so your garden can keep growing even if you're out of town.

In order to help you make your own decision, though, here are some pros and cons of the company as a whole:


  • They make systems for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Growing seeds or seedlings is made easy, even if you don't have gardening experience.
  • You can automate watering and light features.
  • Groeth is faster than soil gardens and maintenance is minimal.


  • Initial setups can be expensive.
  • There's a bit of a learning curve if you aren't familiar with aeroponics.

We think this company's systems are great whether you're an experienced gardener or just someone who wants to get into the hobby. Check out Aerospring Gardens today, and you'll be well on your way to home-grown food.