Best Aerogarden Reviews

Best Aerogarden Reviews

Gardening doesn’t require a huge plot of land. All you need is a corner of your kitchen counter and an AeroGarden. This indoor gardening system will allow you to grow vegetables and herbs all year long.

Even if you live in the city, an AeroGarden will let you harvest tasty vegetables and herbs all year long. It’s also a great choice if you hate dealing with dirt and bugs. Depending on what you want to grow, and how much, there is an AeroGarden that is right for you. Here are a few tips and reviews to help you find the best AeroGarden that is perfect for your gardening needs.

What is an AeroGarden?

This indoor garden system uses a hydroponic design to grow vegetables and herbs. The AeroGarden allows you to grow and sustain plants using water instead of soil. With this unique design, you can avoid those common gardening issues while the plant grows up to five times faster than in regular soil.

Aerogarden vs Tower Garden

Aerogarden Vs Tower Garden

Best AeroGarden Reviews

1. AeroGarden Ultra

AeroGarden Ultra

Growing plants five times faster than regular soil, the AeroGarden Ultra from Miracle-Gro features a soil-free garden design that lets you grow all types of plants indoors. Easily grow flowers, greens, vegetables, and fresh herbs for your dinner. This is an easy to sue garden that comes with an advanced control panel that includes an interactive LCD display.

Using simple screen prompts, the AeroGarden Ultra takes you step by step through set up all the way to harvest. Creating the optimal growing conditions, this garden automatically turns lights on and off while also regulating nutrient and water delivery. It easily puts years of gardening experience within your reach and uses specifically formulated liquid nutrients and offers gardening tips, reminders when to add water, and customization options.

Featuring three full-spectrum lights, the AeroGarden ultra allows you to grow five times more than you would in regular soil, and the yields are also 350% larger yields. Enjoy fresh tomatoes, greens, and herbs with plants that contain three times more Vitamin C than vegetables that grow in organic and conventional sources. The included grow lights are energy-efficient and proprietary and will deliver everything your plants need to grow.

Using advanced hydroponics, the AeroGarden creates an optimal environment that promotes rapid growth. The included reservoir offers the root system an abundance of nutrients, oxygen, and water. With the root systems suspended in the air, the water in the reservoir allows the plants to naturally grow efficiently and fast.

This easy to assemble home garden comes with all that you will need to start growing your indoor garden. Simply drop in the pre-seeded pods and add the liquid nutrients and water. You will be ready to harvest in just a few weeks. This is a great way to garden year-round or to use as a seed starter for an outdoor garden.


  • Plants grow five times faster
  • Includes full spectrum grow lights
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Can hold seven pods
  • Comes with Gourmet Herb Seed Pods


  • It can hold seven pods
  • The control panel is super easy to use
  • You can use it all year long


  • It’s a little loud
  • The lights are pretty bright

2. AeroGarden Black Bounty Garden

AeroGarden Black Bounty Garden

Equipped with your favorite classic herbs, the AeroGarden Black Bounty Garden allows you to enjoy these herbs year-round. This is a high output kit that provides all the items necessary to grow classic herbs. Harvest time comes quickly in only six weeks.

This is an easy to use garden. Simply plant the pre-seeded pods in the garden, and then add plant food and water. add water and the plant food. The AeroGarden Black Bounty Garden produces continuous harvests up to six months and even longer.

This DIY garden kit allows you to grow herbs right on the kitchen counter making it easy to cook all sorts of delicious meals. It includes plant food, an LED grow light, and seed pods that include parsley, dill, basil, thyme, mint, and chives. You can also grow other plants when you use the AeroGarden seed pod refills.

Offering a bountiful harvest all year long, the AeroGarden Black Bounty will give your home a steady supply of vegetables and herbs. Allowing you to grow up to nine plants, this high-end AeroGardens comes with an interactive touch screen that is easy to use. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow, so you don’t need previous gardening experience to use it.

Perfect for beginners, the AeroGarden Black Bounty comes with a 2r-inch extendable arm that allows for a wider variety of plants. You can use it to grow basil, tomatoes, strawberries, and lettuce as well as tons of other vegetables and herbs. Providing your vegetables and herbs will all the water and nutrients they need, the AeroFarden Bounty includes a large water bowl and efficient lighting. Set up is also quick and easy.


  • Able to hold nine seed pods
  • Black matte finish
  • Uses a 45-Watt LED grow light
  • Arm extends up to 24-inches
  • Easy to use control panel


  • It has an attractive and useful LED panel
  • It is super easy to install, and the pump is super quiet
  • This garden comes with a guarantee that plants will grow, which means they send your replacements for anything that doesn’t grow


  • The garden is pretty cheaply made
  • The control panel is really bright
Aerogarden vs Click And Grow

Aerogarden Vs Click And Grow

3. AeroGarden Classic 6

AeroGarden Classic 6

Did you know that you can garden year-round, even in cold climates? The AeroGarden Classic 6 lets you grow flowers, greens, vegetables, and herbs right on your countertop. Grow up to six plants at one time in water and not soil.

Using advanced hydroponics, this simple indoor garden allows plants to grow five times faster than if they were in soil. The AEroGarden Classic 6 is a high-performance growing system that uses a 20-watt, full-spectrum LED lighting system that is tuned to specific spectrums that allow plants to maximize photosynthesis that results in fast and natural growth that give you abundant harvests

With the easy to use control panel, you are reminded when to add water and nutrients, and it will turn the lights on and off automatically. Six herb pods are included with this system including thyme, dill, parsley, and basil along with enough patented nutrients for a full season of growth.

Using no pesticides or herbicides, this non-GMO indoor growing system has a compact and triangular shape, which fits perfectly in tight corners or on a kitchen counter. The control panel uses simple prompts that guide you from set up of your garden all the way to harvest. This easy to set up garden doesn’t require tools and comes with everything

Germination happens between seven and 14 days with a harvest in under six weeks. Harvests continue for up to six months or even longer. These plants grow in air and water, so you don’t have to deal with soil or mess.

Suspended in water and air, the root system grows naturally as they receive the perfect amount of water and nutrients. Using the unique properties of LED lights, plants grow more and use less energy. This high-output indoor garden comes with an adjustable lamp arm that has a 12-inch growing space that gives you higher plant variety and yields.

Your fresh vegetables and herbs will not only taste great, but they are also found to contain more vitamins than store-bought vegetables. Able to grow a wide range of pre-seeded Seed Pod Kits that include flowers, greens, vegetables, and herbs. It also comes with a view window, so you can easily see when you need to add water.


  • Garden all year long
  • Grow flowers, vegetables, and herbs
  • Grow up to six plants at one
  • It uses advanced hydroponics
  • It includes a full spectrum 20-watt LED lighting system
  • Intuitive control panel


  • The control panel is easy to use
  • It comes with a view window
  • It has large yields for several months


  • It makes a lot of noise
  • The lights are pretty bright

4. AeroGarden Harvest Elite

AeroGarden Harvest Elite

A beautiful and simply designed indoor garden, the AeroGarden Harvest Elite is a versatile indoor garden that fits almost anywhere. Allowing you to have delicious homegrown vegetables all year long, this indoor garden is great for both experienced and beginner growers. With enough room for six plants, this growing system allows you to grow an endless number of flowers, greens, vegetables, and herbs.

All you need is a little counter space for this non-GMO indoor garden, and you will be eating vegetables and herbs in no time. The AeroGarden Harvest Elite is easy to use. All you need to do is add water, the pre-seeded pods, and some liquid plant food. Using full-spectrum, specially tuned, LED lights, this system is able to mimic the optimal effects of sunlight.

Naturally growing faster, there are no herbicides or pesticides needed, and you also don’t need soil. The AeroGarden Harvest Elite uses built-in sensors that will turn the lights on and off automatically. It will also indicate when you need to add food or water, so there is no guessing.

The AeroGarden Harvest Elite comes with six gourmet herb seed pods and includes mint, basil, thyme, parsley, and basil. This is a chemical-free and natural indoor garden that offers up to 12-inches for the plants to grow. Plus, without needing soil, you won't have to worry about any mess.

The control panel offers a digital display that even includes a vacation mode that will keep your plants growing while you are gone using advanced garden settings that offer optimized growth. Using 20-watt high-performance LED lights, this high-efficiency grow light system is tuned into the plant's specific needs and maximizes photosynthesis, so you will always have fresh vegetables and herbs.

With a sleek tailored shape, this brushed stainless steel indoor growing system has a 30 percent smaller footprint that won’t sacrifice on water capacity. Offering a larger harvest, the AeroGarden Harvest Elite allows plants to grow naturally in water. You can also customize your growing experience using the control panel to optimize the growth of different plant varieties.

The AeroGarden Harvest Elite uses a light cycle that is tailored to fit the needs of different plants. The illuminated heat-sensitive buttons will also dim when the garden light is turned off.


  • Grow vegetables and herbs all year long
  • No soil is used
  • Includes energy-efficient LED lights
  • Sends you reminders for feeding and watering
  • Harvest in just a few weeks
  • It comes with an ultra-thin grow light hood


  • The control panel is easy to use
  • It has a compact footprint
  • You can use it to grow a variety of plants


  • The water container is too small
  • You can’t choose the herb pods that you come with it
Best Tower Gardens - A Full Review

Best Tower Gardens – A Full Review

5. AeroGarden Sprout

AeroGarden Sprout

Creating larger and more bountiful harvests, the AeroGarden Sprout will allow your plants to grow larger using full spectrum LED grow lights. This lighting system was developed to maximize energy efficiency and is also very cost-efficient to operate.

Growing naturally in water, the AeroGArden Sprout allows plants to grow five times faster than if they were in soil. This indoor garden system saves you the mess and hassle of dealing with soil, plus you use less water. And there are no weeds to have to deal with. Using very simple controls, the AeroGarden Sprout controls the grow lights automatically turning them on and off. It will also send your reminders when it is time to add food and water.

Providing vegetables and herbs year-round, the AeroGarden Sprout lets you grow flowers, greens, vegetables, and herbs right on your countertop. You won’t have to use pesticides or herbicides with this non-GMO indoor garden. Along with ideal lighting, your plants get balanced levels of nutrients and water allowing them to grow up five times faster.

Grow up to three plants at one time using 10-watts of energy-efficient, high-performance LED lighting. Tuned into a specific spectrum, these LED lights help to maximize photosynthesis, which results in quick, natural growth as well as abundant harvests. Offering concentrated daylight, these LEDs have various colors for different types of plants.

Easy to use and control, the AeroGarden Sprout L includes a view window, so you can see when you need to give your plants water. This is also an easy to set up garden that doesn’t require tools. This garden includes parsley, dill, and basil along with a super-thin grow light hood.


  • It comes with an ultra-thin grow light hood
  • You can grow vegetables and herbs all year long
  • It includes an energy-efficient LED grow lights
  • It gives you simple reminders for the growth process
  • It sprouts in days


  • It has simple to use and understand controls
  • Its very energy and cost-efficient
  • The control panel is simple to use


  • It’s too bright causing algae to form
  • It’s too small for some users

Considerations When Choosing an AeroGarden

Best Aerogarden Reviews

How Do You Use an AeroGarden

While they can be very productive and exciting to use, an AeroGarden can also be very overwhelming for beginners. Here are a few things a beginner needs to know about their new hydroponic garden:

When the light starts to blink, you need to feed the plants. When you are done water and feeding your plants, just press the button. The light won’t start to blink again until your plants need food and water.

For those that want to grow herbs in your AeroGarden, remember that it will take between 30 and 40 days for the plants to become completely grown. Then, you are able to harvest these plants continuously for up to five months.

If you are growing salad greens, you only need to wait between 28 and 35 days. Other edible vegetables take between 10 and 14 weeks.

These edible vegetables can be harvested continuously for up to six months. While this may seem long, in comparison, tomato plants that are grown from seeds in a backyard garden would require that you wait for over six months for the plants to become completely grown.

Depending on the plants, it can take seeds up to 14 days to sprout. For beginners who want to grow vegetables in a hydroponic garden, start with tomatoes and peppers.

When you choose plants, consider how much growing space you have in your AeroGraden. So, if you have a 12-inch growing space in your AeroGarden model, you can’t grow kale. For those wanting to grow vegetables, you will need space in your AeroGarden model for your plants like carrots and potatoes to take root and grow.

How Does an AeroGarden Work?

A lot of people think that AeroGardens are complex devices when they first learn about them. However, an AeroGarden is pretty simple to use. It comes with an easy-to-understand guidebook that tells you how to assemble your indoor garden, which is basically plugging it in. An Aerogarden operates by creating the ideal condition for plants to germinate in a self-contained, hydroponic system that works like a dream when growing plants indoors. Every Aerogarden model had a different design, but all of the models include the same common parts.

Aerogarden Pods

Every AeroGarden comes with a few seed pods that facilitate quick germination. These soil free and non-GMO pods are specifically designed to provide important macro and micronutrients to your plants as well as water and oxygen. The roots of the plant grow in the air and water. And since the plants aren’t heavy, the pods are able to easily support the herbs once they sprout. n the water, liquid nutrients are absorbed into the healthy roots.

Aerator Pump

Every AeroGarden includes a built-pump or aerator that circulates nutrients, oxygen, and water to the plants.

LED Grow Lights

Vital for photosynthesis to occur, the Aerogarden Ultra LED grow lights use red, white, and blue colors during the growing process. All the lighting in an AeroGarden is automated, so you won’t have to worry about turning it on and off. With the precisely timed lighting, the plants will grow five times faster than if they were in a garden outside. Keep in mind that the growth rate also depends on which Aerogarden model you choose.

Control Panel

Super easy to use, the Aerogarden control panel is different depending on the model you have. There are different features on the various control panels, but the basic operation of the panels are the same. It will remind you when you should add water and food, and the user manual will tell you exactly how much water and food you need to add.

How To Start A Garden For Beginners

How To Start A Garden For Beginners: A Complete Step By Step Guide

Parts of an AeroGarden

Best Aerogarden Reviews

Seed Pods

Every model is created to work with the seed pod kits. A seed pod kit houses all the seeds of the plant you plan to grow. The pod itself has a design that pulls in moisture, so the seeds will germinate quickly. With the range of seed pod kits that are available, you shouldn’t have a difficult time finding pods for the vegetables, herbs, and flowers you want to grow.

Grow Lights

The grow lights are designed to simulate the correct, natural conditions that your plants need to grow. This is the best part of any AeroGarden since every model will come with grow lights that allow the plant to undergo photosynthesis.

The handy LED lighting grows light systems allow your AeroGarden to thrive without having to rely on the sun for your plants to grow. This means you don’t even have to place the indoor garden near a window or a sunny spot. All you have to do is make sure that the LED lighting system is powerful enough to get the job done. Plus, if you want to make the most out of the photosynthesis process for your plants, you can choose LED lights that offer a higher Watt rating.

Water Pump

A water pump is essential to prevent the growth of harmful organisms like algae. The water pump also automatically provides water to the seeds by circulating water over them. Depending on the pump, some are quieter as they operate than others. If you have a problem with noise, this can be a big consideration if you plan to place the AeroGarden in the same room where you sleep or like to relax.

Alert System

You will find that the higher-end AeroGarden units include an alarm system, which will notify you when it is time to add food or refill the tank.


Some of these hydroponic systems can take up a lot of space on your counter. The largest AeroGarden model measures about 18-inches and almost 12-inches deep. You will also need to make sure you have two-feel of clearance above the unit. Always consider the unit's dimensions when choosing an AeroGarden unit, particularly if you are ordering more than one.

The AeroGarden Sprout is a small model that is just large enough to grow a garden for one person. It won’t offer a lot of variety since the small units can only hold three pods at a time. If you are tight on space though, it’s a great choice.

If you want to grow enough vegetables for the whole family, you will want to look at the larger AeroGarden XL. This unit can give you enough lettuce so that your family can have salad pretty much every night during the week.

For those interested in growing different herbs and vegetables, look for models that can hold up to nine pods at the same time. Just make sure you have the space for it. You can also buy two small units and have one AeroGarden just for herbs and one for vegetables, but that tends to be more expensive than just buying one large model.


You can decide what you grow in your Aerogarden by choosing the right pod kits. You will get pod kits with your system, but you can always buy more and different types. The type of pod kit that comes with your AeroGarden just depends on which model you choose. And if you don’t like those, no worries. There are plenty of other seed pods on the market that you can order instead.

With over 150 different seed pods available, you have a wide variety of plants to choose from, however, keep in mind some are better choices than others. Here are a few plants that really do well in a hydroponic system like the AeroGarden:

  • Vegetables
  • Tomatoes including cherry and heirloom
  • Lettuce
  • Green beans
  • Chili peppers
  • Herbs
  • Gourmet herbs
  • Curly parsley
  • Tuscan Italian herbs
  • Pesto basil
  • South of the Border herbs
  • International herbs
  • Flowers
  • Lavenders
  • Cascading blooms
  • Scented blooms
  • English cottage
  • Mountain meadow
  • Incredible edibles

Also, if there isn’t a seed pod for the plant you want to grow, buy a “Grow Anything” seed pod that lets you plant whatever you want. All you have to do is supply the seeds for the “Grow Anything” seed pod and the AeroGarden will do the rest of the work.

Aerogarden FAQs

How Many Plants Can You Grow in an Aerogarden?

It really depends on the Aerogarden model that you buy. Some can hold three while others can hold up to 24. It really depends on how many plants you are interested in growing. Remember that with a larger amount of plants, you will need more space, which is a big consideration before you buy an AeroGarden.

Where Should Do You Put Aerogardens?

Providing everything a plant needs to grow, an Aerogarden can really be placed anywhere you have space indoors. Keep in mind that some of the models do make a little noise when the pump is running, so if this bothers you, you may want to keep the unit away from any bedrooms. Otherwise, consider the den, kitchen, or basement as a good location for your Aerogarden.

How expensive is it to run an AeroGarden?

It really depends on the model that you choose. The cost will vary a lot depending on electricity usage. So, the Sprout, which is the entry-level model, costs on average $.75 and uses 13 watts of electricity. The AeroGArden Farm, which is the higher-end model, costs over $7 a month and uses 126 watts of electricity. The average cost of an AeroGarden is $1.62 a month and uses 28 watts of electricity.

Is AeroGarden a hydroponic garden?

Yes, an AeroGaraden uses the same hydroponic methods to grow indoor plants. The similarity lays in the use of solvent nutrients and water for the plants to thrive. Both indoor systems do not use soil, but there is a difference in how the plants receive water and nutrition.

The plants are not suspended in the water in an aeroponic garden. The roots remain outside the water during the growth process. Foam sheets, plastic clips, and boards are used to keep the plants standing upright

A mist spray is used on the roots three to four times an hour to provide the food and moisture that the plants need. With a regular hydroponic system, clay pellets, gravel, and rock wool are where the plants are placed. With these elements, the plants will stand upright and stay intact, and the container is flooded with water followed by draining to give the roots nutrients.

What plants grow best in an AeroGarden?

You will have a ton of plants to choose from that can grow in an AeroGarden. Each day there are scientists modifying plants that make them indoor-growing friendly. You can grow flowers, peppers, tomatoes, and most vegetables. Plus, the systems also come with their own seed pod kits that let you grow different herbs and flowers.

Is an AeroGarden worth the trouble?

Easy to use, the AeroGarden is an indoor garden without any hassles that lets you grow vegetables, flowers, fruits, and herbs. All you have to do is clean the system and add water.

How does an Aerogarden work?

Using advanced technology, AeroGardens do not use soil in their pods. They only use soluble nutrients and water. Ensuring that water is rich in essential nutrients and oxygen, an AeroGarden allows plants to grow faster and have a better harvest. The entire process through germination is done automatically.

Final Verdict

AeroGardnes have revolutionized gardening. With the ability to grow vegetables and herbs inside, you can cultivate these plants over a six-month period during the winter, so you can enjoy freshly grown food all year long. Which AeroGarden is right for you depends on your needs and expectations. But, with the number and variety of AeroGardens on the market, you should have a problem finding the right one for your gardening needs.