Best Electric Snow Blowers

Best Electric Snow Blowers

Are you exhausted by the amount of snow that winter brings? Even if you have a short driveway, shoveling can be exhausting. That's especially true when the snow is heavy, icy, or slushy.

A snow blower can solve those problems. But how do you pick the right one?

We've taken a look at some of the best snow blowers on the market. These are our top picks.

Top 8: Best Electric Snow Blowers

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Snow Joe Brushless Snowblower

Snow Joe is well known for making tools that help people deal with snow, ice, and other winter weather. This cordless snow blower is a great option. It uses a single stage of operation, but you can adjust the speed based on your needs.

You can buy the snow blower alone, or you can buy a full kit. The kit also includes a battery and a charger. If you buy the tool alone, you'll need to purchase the battery separately.

The 2800 watt brushless motor is designed to maximize efficiency. It decreases vibrations from the noise, extends the life of the motor, increases the overall performance, and prevents potential overheating.

Also part of the model are two LED headlights. These illuminate the path in front of you when you remove snow during the night or during dark days. If you live in a northern climate, the headlights can be very helpful during the long nights.

The auger helps with driving the model. Instead of working against the ground, it pulls the model forward. This allows you to push the snow blower over more territory without tiring. If you're prone to fatigue, this is a great feature.

The auger is also capable of moving up to 16 entire tons of snow on a single charge. At the minimum speed, it can move a maximum of 12.5 tons on a single charge. The minimum speed allows for longer battery life when you're clearing lighter snows.


  • The brushless motor has a long life and efficient operation.
  • There are multiple settings to choose from, all of which can move more than 12 tons of snow with a single charge.
  • The front-mounted LED headlights allow you to see your path when you're clearing snow in the dark.


  • The tool-only version doesn't come with a battery or charger, so you'll either need to get the kit or purchase these components separately.

EGO Power+ Cordless Snow Blower

This cordless electric snow blower comes with a charger and two batteries included in the package. It has a 21-inch clearing path and weighs only 25 pounds, making it much easier to push through the snow.

Since there are two batteries, you get twice as much power as you would with a single-battery setup. The brushless motor is very efficient. You can clear eight inches of snow at a time, so it's good for most mild to moderate storms.

The chute is capable of throwing the snow up to 35 feet away, which is longer than most models. You can also choose between several different speeds depending on your needs.

The push-button start makes the machine very easy to use. So do the LED headlights, which increase visibility. You can fold the handle down to store the model compactly. The steel materials are weather-resistant and super durable, so you can expect the machine to last for multiple years.


  • The dual-battery setup provides enough power for the machine to take on mild to moderate snowfall.
  • The model can be stored compactly, and the LED headlights add convenience.
  • The steel components are super durable and resistant to damage from bad weather.


  • The design might not be powerful enough to take on huge snowdrifts or heavy slush.
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Husqvarna Two Stage Electric Snow Blower

This is the priciest option on our list, but it's also one of the most powerful. The power steering lets you maneuver even in icy and stormy conditions. You can also adjust the handles to match your ideal height, so it's easy to use no matter how tall you are.

The model is best used for people who need an industrial-grade snow blower that can clear large driveways, pathways, and even parking lots. One of the most valuable features is that there are adjustable skid shoes, which means you can use it on any surface.

Whether you're working on asphalt, concrete, grass, or wood, the blower will remove snow without damaging the ground. It is also designed to use in any type of snow, including wet and slushy conditions. You can remove up to 18 inches of snow at a time.

The handles can adjust into one of four positions depending on your height. The power steering and transmission allow for even smoother operation, which makes it ideal for those who struggle to push machines through tough snow.

The electric starter doesn't fail the same way a gas starter might. In addition, the model is equipped with LED headlights to illuminate your path in the dark.


  • The model can clear up to 18 inches of thick and wet snow at a time.
  • The two-stage system breaks up ice and snow chunks before throwing them away from the machine.
  • The handles can be adjusted to four different heights, so you can be comfortable regardless of how tall or short you are.


  • It's a significantly pricey option, especially if you don't deal with heavy and deep snows on a regular basis.

Project One Electric Snow Blower

This electric snow blower has a motor capable of generating 3000 rotations per minute. It is also capable of moving a whopping 800 pounds of snow per minute, or 25 tons every hour. You can use it on your walkway, patio, porch, driveway, and yard.

The steel auger is 20 inches wide and 10 inches deep. It clears through 10 inches of snow in a single pass, throwing the material up to 20 feet.

In addition, the model is outfitted with a directional chute that spins 180 degrees. This allows you to change the direction that the blown snow flies. It's an essential feature for anyone who needs to clear both sides of a driveway without the snow being blown back onto the pavement.

The steel auger blade has been covered with rubber. It is durable enough to last for long periods of time, while the rubber protects it from damaging the ground. You don't need to worry about scraping your patio tiles or uprooting your grass.

The design comes with a safety switch, which prevents the model from accidentally starting. It also stops the blade as soon as you release the handle.

All of the materials are impervious to cold, so you don't need to worry about it freezing in the winter. It also won't be damaged by cold weather. You shouldn't have any trouble starting the motor, even when the air is cool and dry.

As an electric model, maintenance is much easier than with a gas blower. You don't need to purchase oil or gas to run it. You also don't need to get any tune-ups.


  • The motor is capable of moving up to 800 pounds of snow every minute, so you can clear your driveway quickly.
  • The adjustable chute allows you to change the direction that the snow is being thrown in.
  • The durable blade is protected by rubber, so it will scoop up the snow without damaging the ground.


  • The clearing path isn't the widest, so it might not be the best for people with huge areas to clear.
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Heavy-Duty PowerSmart Snow Blower

This is one of the most heavy-duty options on the list. As such, it's also one of the most expensive. But it is a great option if you're dealing with heavy snows and want something with industrial power that doesn't have the toxic effects.

The machine comes with a powerful lithium battery pack with 80 volts of power. The motor can propel snow up to 35 feet, while the battery life can last up to 90 minutes on a single charge. There are also built-in LED lights that allow you to clear snow in the dark.

This model works by using a double-stage approach. The first stage breaks up tough snowdrifts and icy crusts, while the second actually removes the materials. You can use the blower on your driveway, sidewalk, or walkway.

The blower has a 24-inch clearing path, so it can take care of 2 feet of snow at a time. What's even more impressive is the 20-inch depth. That means it can remove 20 inches of snow at a time. If you live in a place that often gets more than 10 inches of snow, this can cut your work in half.

With that in mind, it's important to note that you won't need a height like this if you don't live in a place that gets intense snow storms.

The snow shovel panel makes it easier to control and maneuver the product. You can choose between four different forward speeds and one reverse mode. This adjusts the deflector so that you can control how far the snow is thrown. You can also change the direction that the snow is thrown.

The brushless motor requires very little maintenance. You never need to worry about tune-ups or malfunctions. It's very easy to start the motor.

There is also a safety feature that prevents the blower from starting accidentally. Upon releasing the handles, the impeller and spinning blade will both stop.

This model comes with a two-year manufacturer's warranty. The after-sales team is consistently available to help customers with any questions or concerns they might have. There is also a national network of technicians who can perform maintenance if necessary.


  • The battery provides up to 90 minutes of run time on a single charge, while the motor can throw snow up to 35 feet.
  • The two-stage mechanism breaks up ice and snow before throwing them, which prevents jamming.
  • The machine can clear up to 20 inches of snow at a time, so it's perfect for people in very snowy environments.


  • The 20 inch clearing height is only suitable for people who get very intense snowstorms.

Champion Power Equipment Electric Start Gas Snow Blower

If you're not opposed to a gas-powered option, this snow blower uses an electric startup mechanism. But it also has the traditional gas tank that many older machines use. Gas blowers tend to be more powerful in heavy snows than electric ones.

The electric starting mechanism eliminates some of the most irritating problems with gas blowers. You don't need to pull a cord or fuss with the machine. You also don't have to worry about the model misbehaving in chilly weather. All you need to do is push a button, and the engine starts right up.

You can choose from a stunning six different forward speeds, plus two reverse speeds. If you deal with a variety of different snow conditions, this variability is super helpful. You might use the slow speed after a light powder dusting, and the high speed after a serious slush storm.

In addition to being powerful, this design also has a 24-inch clearing width and a 21-inch height. It can remove almost two feet of snow in a single pass. For those who often deal with heavy snowfalls, this is a big deal.

The blower can throw snow up to 25 feet. There is a carbon steel auger that's capable of cutting through packed-down snow and crusts of ice.

Overall, the design is built for easy handling. It can also be stored easily when not in use.

Every purchase comes with a two-year limited warranty. You also get a lifetime of technical support from the company's customer service team.


  • The gas-powered motor is more powerful than a battery-powered motor, so it can cut more easily through hardened ice and heavy slush.
  • The clearing height is 21 inches, which means you can clear nearly two feet of snow at once.
  • There are eight different speeds to choose from - six forward, two reverse.
  • There are multiple convenience features including an electric push button start, a compact design, and a free lifetime of technical support with issues.


  • Gas-powered motors aren't great for the environment, and they require gasoline to run.
  • The clearing height will be too tall for people who don't often have heavy winter storms.
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Ryobi Electric Snow Blower

This model uses powerful brushless technology to scatter the snow. The clearing path is 21 inches, while the height is 13 inches, meaning that you can clear more than a foot of snow in a single pass. Using it is also super convenient and easy, since all you need to do is press a button.

The 180-degree swivel chute can be adjusted to whatever angle you need, so you can blow the snow wherever you want it. Snow can be thrown a maximum of 35 feet away.

You can also select different speeds. The faster speeds will chew through heavier snow more quickly, while the lower ones will allow for longer run time on a single battery.

The model comes with two high-capacity lithium batteries and has two active battery ports. This allows you to get double the run time that you would with a single-battery model.

Storage is also very neat and simple, thanks to the telescoping handle. Once you're done with your job, you can simply collapse the handle to fit the machine into a tight storage space.

Every purchase comes with a five-year warranty from the manufacturer. The company guarantees that you will see results for many years. There are also headlights to maximize your visibility in dark and stormy conditions.


  • The dual-battery setup allows you to get twice the runtime out of the model.
  • The motor can discharge snow 35 feet away in whatever direction you choose.
  • The design is super convenient, with a push-button start that's much easier to use than gas motors.


  • It may be a little too pricey if you don't have a large area that needs clearing.

PowerSmart 18-Inch Snow Blower

If the previous PowerSmart option was a little too heavy-duty for your particular needs, this might be a better choice for you. It has the same powerful technology, but it's a much more compact and affordable option.

This machine is designed to remove snow from medium driveways, walkways, and patios. The clearing path is 18 inches. That's not the widest on the market, but it is definitely sufficient for medium jobs.

The blower comes with a clearing depth of eight inches, so it's ideal for the majority of mild winter storms. It also has a chute that rotates 180 degrees, allowing you to set the removal angle. Snow can be thrown up to 30 feet, depending on its weight and the machine settings.

It's easy to start the blower thanks to the brushless motor. Maintenance is also very simple, since you don't have to worry about tune-ups. If you release the handles, the blade will automatically stop. There are also safety features that prevent you from starting the motor accidentally.

This product comes with a three-year warranty from the manufacturer. There is a customer service team available to help with any concerns or issues that might arise.


  • This is a more affordable option for people dealing with mild winter storms and moderate areas of cleanup.
  • The blower can be adjusted to whatever angle you want and propel snow up to 30 feet away.
  • The machine is super easy and convenient to use, requiring very little maintenance or setup.


  • The clearing depth is relatively shallow, and the model isn't powerful enough to break up serious crusts of ice.

Final Thoughts

For an affordable overall option, we recommend the Project One snow blower. This machine can throw snow 20 feet and handle 800 pounds of material per minute. It is also one of the most affordable options on the list.

For those in extremely snowy places, we recommend the heavy-duty PowerSmart blower. This model can clear up to 20 inches of snow in one pass. It is also capable of running for 90 minutes on just one charge.

If you like the performance of that model but need something a little less heavy-duty, the 18-inch PowerSmart model is a great choice. This employs a lot of the same technology, but it's built for use in smaller areas with less snow.

If you're dealing with extremely heavy and slushy snow, we recommend the Champion Power Equipment model. Instead of running on battery power, this design uses a gas tank. That allows it to generate more power and fling heavier snow away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an electric snow blower worth purchasing?

The biggest factor to consider is how much snow you get every year.

Maybe you get a few inches - nothing huge, but nothing you want to shovel, either. If that's the case, there may be a medium option between a snow blower and a manual shovel. You can look into snow throwers or power shovels. These tools require less maintenance and tend to be less expensive than snow blowers.

But if you get a lot of snow, a snow blower is a good investment. It will make shoveling your driveway a lot easier.

One thing to keep in mind is that snow blowers can only clear a certain amount of snow at once. Most can clear about 10 inches. If you're dealing with two feet of snow from a winter storm, you'll need to pass the blower over your driveway several times before you're done.

That's still a lot easier than shoveling, though!

What is the difference between a snow thrower and a snow blower?

Snow throwers and snow blowers are both electric tools that are used to clear snow from your driveway, pathways, deck, and other areas. However, the right one for you depends.

Snow throwers are made for people who don't get much snow, but who also can't or don't want to shovel. If you're concerned about hurting your back or your joints, a snow thrower might be the solution.

This tool is similarly-sized to a lawnmower. It works in small areas, like suburban driveways and very small yards. It won't work well for heavy-duty jobs.

Snow blowers are built for areas that get a lot of snow. They're capable of covering large areas, and they launch the snow much further. Most can handle at least eight inches of snow without a problem.

That said, snow blowers do need to be pushed like a push lawnmower. They can be difficult to wield, especially if the snow is thick or slushy.

A snow thrower is easier to move around. However, it's still not effective enough for people with long driveways.

Should I get an electric or gas snow blower?

Electric and gas snow blowers both have distinct advantages and disadvantages.

One advantage of electric blowers is that they're significantly better for the environment. And they're better for your health. You don't have to deal with chemical fumes or the potential for accidentally spilling gasoline during a refill.

Electric blowers also don't have the gas tank problems that gas blowers do. If any contaminating particles enter the gas tank, the entire machine might become jammed enough to need repairs. Gas blowers are also difficult to start, especially when the weather is bad.

That said, gas blowers are able to handle heavier and larger drifts than electric models. They may be easier to push after a massive winter storm.

Electric blowers are more convenient because they don't need to be refilled. They're also more reliable, since you don't need to take them to a professional for repair like you do with a gummed-up gas tank.

What type of snow blower is best for my snow?

When you mostly deal with powdery snow, an electric blower is a great choice. Electric models can work with a wide variety of different powders. They can also cut through thin ice crusts on top of the snow, but thicker crusts are a little more difficult.

Wet and slushy snow is a lot heavier. An electric snow blower probably won't be able to handle it. The material can get caught inside and jam the machine. If you often get slush storms, you're better off looking for a gas powered model with a powerful motor.