Best Gardening Blogs

Best Gardening Blogs

Perusing online blogs about an activity we love has become a hobby in and of itself in the past few years. Even for those that love to also get out and participate in their favorite activities in real life, online blogs have become an unbeatable online source for gathering information about a topic you are interested in as well as finding well thought out, researched information about a subject that you simply don’t have time to complete yourself.

Blogs have become an online resource that many of us depend on, and gardeners are able to look to dependable gardening themed blogs to glean new information in a compact location such as a blog – if only they know where to look.

Finding the best gardening blog can be like finding a needle in a haystack, so we are going to organize some of the best places to read up on all things gardening so you don’t have to search too far to find the style and topic that fits your interests and knowledge need-to-know categories.

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Best Gardening Blogs

General Gardening Information for the Newbie

First up, let’s look at blogs that are helpful to the new gardener. These blogs have easy to navigate how-to sections that anyone who does not yet have a green thumb will appreciate, but these sites are also chock full of information for even the seasoned gardener.

The Big Blog of Gardening is well organized site focused on organic gardening that even has a “Beginners” tab for those just getting started. Navigation is simple to follow, and the Big Blog even includes a Reviews section that is searchable for product and plant overviews.

The beautifully simple Home and Harrow blog has only three sections: Gardening, Plant Care, and Garden Care. It's unpretentious approach is appealing and makes this a good place to start for those with a new interest in all things green. Fairly new, this blog is one to watch as well.

Perfect for both the beginner and the expert, The Gardening Know How blog is full of practical, easy to find advice. With a whole section dedicated to those Getting Started, a novice gardener can easily access all the information needed to dive into the world of gardening. Three sites in one, the blog is one part with informative articles, but the other two sister sites focus on even more plant info on the main site as well as a whole page dedicated to Q&A about plants.

Created with the new gardener in mind, Home Garden Joy is a place to find all the resources you will need to get started. Author Jeanne’s writing is easy to read and is a warm and inviting hug for newbies that don’t know where to begin in their garden spaces. Simplistic without talking down to the uninitiated gardener, Home Garden Joy is a place to foster delight in even those with the brownest of thumbs.

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Best Gardening Blogs

Gardening for Food

Some gardens are created for their beauty, some for the love of plants, and yet others are for the serious business of growing and harvesting food for the dinner table. If you are serious about your gardening production, check out the blogs dedicated to helping you be as successful as possible in harvesting what you need.

The Survival Gardener is a perfect site for those who are earnestly growing food for consumption and need to know how to do it effectively and with the least amount of wasted effort. The hilarious Dave the Good’s site is a perfect combination of humor and how-to, and his site covers everything from getting started to recipes for your food, and everything in between.

While not focused solely on food gardening, Get Busy Gardening has a thorough section devoted to supporting the food focused gardener. With a large content area aimed at supporting gardening for food, you can learn to build a food-based garden as well as plant and harvest what you want to eat on Get Busy Gardening.

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Best Gardening Blogs

Gardening is Your Relaxing Activity

Digging around in the dirt and plotting and planning next year’s crop is therapeutic for many. Gardening is so popular because it not only produces gorgeous flowers and deliciously fresh food, but also provides a relaxing respite that creates a satisfying end result. A blog that focuses on the way gardening makes you feel is a great place to muse over this amazing side benefit of gardening.

The Garden Therapy blog is a gorgeously designed blog that literally began with the author’s gardening journey of healing from a debilitation illness. Many will relate to her experience, and the success and depth of the blogging and garden facts and information included here will resonates with the readers. The Garden Therapy is a must-read for any gardener on their own personal journey.

Life at No. 27 is a blog with a mission to improve lives. This site was created to support those struggling with mental health issues by focusing on gardening as a strengthening activity for all. This blog is part of a larger a self-help community, but with gardening strategies and grow guides alongside the support and educational tools.

Best Gardening Blogs

Gardening with a Side of Life

Let’s be real – most of the time our lives get in the way of what we want to accomplish, sometimes with amusing or intriguing results. These blogs not only focus on gardening how-to information, but also include other life lessons learned along the way.

The Anxious Gardener is a stunning site that takes you down many garden-adjacent paths while also showing the real side of life for the author. With striking photographs, the author also tells how the pathways of his life lead him in and around gardens both professionally and personally. A beautiful site with many nuggets to ponder about life and greenery.

You Grow Girl is a lively, colorful site with a focus on plants as well as shopping, food, and life lessons that all that relate in some way to gardening. A content-rich site, this blog has something for everyone. Inspiration abounds on this site, and even the pictures alone will be motivating to even the weekend gardener wannabe.

If you are looking for a blog with non-traditional gardens, Alternative Eden will be your go-to blog. Started as site to take readers along on the journey of creating an exotic, tropical garden and koi pond, this blog has grown to include gardening-related travel as well as in-depth plant information. Follow along with the writers and their cats for a humorous take on a gardening blog from a few UK bespoke gardeners.

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Best Gardening Blogs

Many Viewpoints, One Blog

To hear many voices and viewpoints, we have found a few amazing blogs that give the reader multiple perspectives on gardening. While there are authors who consistently contribute to these blogs, they are also enriched by the voices of other experts regularly.

We all like to say our piece sometimes, and the Garden Rant is a place where expert gardeners have a chance to tackle a lot of fun or even controversial gardening topics. With 7 authors and countless other contributors, this blog is a great take on the public square where people can bring their concerns or rants directly to you. Filled with valuable topics, this interesting format for a gardening blog and one that is full of common garden challenges with expert opinions and suggestions on dealing with each issue.

The Garden Nerd is an organic focused blog with a sense of humor and a lot of expertise. With multiple platforms like podcasts, YouTube videos, and guest posts in addition to the in-depth gardening info included on The Garden Nerd, this is one rabbit hole you won’t mind going down as you learn more about gardening from the resident expert, Christy.

Best Gardening Blogs

Regional Gardening Blogs

While gardening needs change based on climates and seasons, these blogs are excellent options to look over for their regional expertise. Even if your green space is not in the same zone as the focus for one of these blogs, you will still be inspired to grow and cultivate your own plants after reading this sampling of regionally driven sites.

Once a nursery worker and backyard garden grower in South Carolina, The Citrus Guy blogger has now moved to the cooler climes of Maine. With years of traditional blogging on this site, you can really get a wonderful taste of a regional gardener and all of the amazing flora of the coastal regions represented on this site. The Citrus Guy is a down-home writer whose honesty and transparency is refreshing but still a great read for those who love to see what other gardeners are up to.

Started as a diary of a backyard gardener, the Its Not Work Its Gardening blog has grown into a reliable and relatable resource. Encouraging and real, this blog provides plenty of gardening tips from the writer’s St Louis area. We love that the blog includes a “Mistakes” area. Gardeners of all levels can see what has worked and what hasn’t, providing a running list of gardening no-no’s that you will be glad someone curated so you didn’t have to find them out on your own.

A beautifully written and photo-journaled blog, The Impatient Gardener is one to look to for inspiration. Based in Michigan and focused on the evolution of a home garden, this blog is full of excellent information along with beautiful pics and links to entertaining YouTube videos are included as well. The Impatient Gardener, Erin, is easy to read with her cheerful encouragement backed up by obvious experience as a gardening pro.

For Canadian gardeners or those who would love a peek into the outdoor spaces in Ontario, Three Dogs in a Garden is a welcome treat. With three contributors, this blog is not only informative about what plantings look like in colder climes but is also full of gardening inspiration with idea pages that are loaded with excellent ideas for every type of garden space. A whole section is dedicated to meeting the namesake pups, adding whimsy to the site. Fun feature: a handy button is included so you can easily pin your garden ideas to your Pinterest board directly from the site.

If you live in a cold weather environment or are looking for more gardening inspiration on how to tackle short-season gardening, then Cold Climate Gardening blog is just what you need. With tons of resources, videos, links to plant info, and even DIY projects, Cold Climate Gardening has something for every gardener who wants to create a successful garden in a cooler clime. Interesting Essays section brings to life voices that tell stories connected to gardening or the outdoors.

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Best Gardening Blogs

Gardening by Size

A few blogs can be categorized as focusing on gardens of a specific size or location. Whether it is a city garden or a suburban patio garden, advice and inspiration go a long way in conquering the gardening challenges that come with smaller spaces. Even the greenest of thumbs will find sage advice within these blogs centered on growing spaces of a limited size.

To learn more about growing food in a small space with a big health impact, The Micro Gardener is a wonderful resource to have bookmarked. This blog is all about edible gardens grown in containers or small spaces, making it a perfect learning spot for urban gardeners. The Micro Gardener provides helpful videos, an article library to easily find information, as well as small garden design inspiration page.

An English based blog, this site focuses on spaces “bigger than a courtyard but smaller than an acre.” Since many gardeners will be able to relate to these mid-sized garden challenges, The Middle Sized Garden is full of in-between sized inspiration that anyone with a green thumb can learn from. Check out the Things I Like section for garden themed tools, books, or supplies. The video link to the Middle Sized Garden’s YouTube channel is a great addition, and the videos are easily searchable to get even more information garden success in medium sized spaces.